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  • Publication Details

    To find works first published in a year or range of years, use "First known date". For example, Stradbroke Dreamtime was first published in 1972, so adding 1972 to this field will show this as a result. The first known date field allows ranges of dates, for example 1970-1975.

    To find works that have been published in a certain year, use the "Date of publication" field. For example, Stradbroke Dreamtime was republished in 1999, so adding 1999 to this field will yield this text as a result, where this value would not have yielded this text if it was placed in the "First known date" field. This field also allows date ranges, but if used in conjunction with the "Place of publication" and/or "Publisher" fields, the results may contain works where these fields are not all found within the same versions.

  • Peer reviewed

    Checking the peer-reviewed checkbox will find all peer-reviewed journals, and their issues, and any content contained in these issues. For example, we could search to see which David Malouf poems have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

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