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  • Dorothy Blewett. Photo by Wolfgang Sievers. ca. 1948.

  • Randolph Stow: Bolton, A. T. (1985). Portrait of Randolph Stow, Essex, U.K., 1985 Retrieved June 6, 2017, from

  • Helen Garner: Bolton, A. T. (1988). Portraits of Helen Garner, Carlton, Vic. 1988 Retrieved June 6, 2017, from

  • Upfield, Arthur W & Lafayette Studios (Perth, W.A.). Collection of photographs by Arthur Upfield of the 'Murchison Bones Case' scene, and a portrait Retrieved June 6, 2017, from

  • Peter Porter: Bolton, A. T. (1985). Portrait of Peter Porter, London, 1985 Retrieved June 6, 2017, from

  • Bees, Ikuntji/Haast’s Bluff, Central Australian. Photo by Victor Buneul.

  • Central Australia. Photo by Kerry Kilner, 2016.

  • Louise Lovely: Louise Carbasse, photographed by Rudolph Buchner, ca.1913. No known copyright restrictions. Courtesy of the Mitchell Library.

  • Spaceship:

  • The Spieler: (Alan Hale and Clyde Cook)

  • Little Miss Anzac: Little Miss Anzac: the True Story of An Australian Doll, Ada H. Holman, ca.1917. Illustrated by Nelle Rodd.

  • Stout Fellows: Stout Fellows : Chum, Angelina Wallaby, Um-Pig and Flip, Dorothy Wall, 1936.

  • Thorny Devil, Larapinta Trail, Central Australia. Photo by Victor Buneul. 2016.

  • Steampunk: Helen Kerly’s flying goggles, held at Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

  • Players: Grant Cartwright, James Bell, Stuart Halusz and Julia Blake in the Black Swan State Theatre Company production of National Interest, May 2012, Gary Marsh Photography

  • Literature of Tasmania: John Glover, ‘Hobart Town, taken from the garden where I lived’, 1832. Public domain. Reproduced courtesy of the State Library of New South Wales.

  • Contemporary Settler Literature: Resources for Students and Teachers: Sears' Studios, 'Bird's-eye view of Domed Reading Room, Public Library Victoria', 1950.

  • Children’s Literature Digital Resources: Dorothy Wall, 'Blinky Bill joins the army', 1940.

  • World War I in Australian Literary Culture: 'Come on Aussies...', illustration by M. Napier Waller, Scattered War Leaves, 1972.

  • The Interrogation of Ashala: Wolf Ambelin Kwaymullina , Newtown : Walker Books Australia , 2012.

  • Leaf Tail(/austlit/page/C394617): Narelle Oliver, Illustrator: Narelle Oliver, 1989.

  • 254

    14th Street Theatre: 14th_Street_Theatre_MET_DP241865.jpg

  • Miranda - The Tempest:

  • Phyllopteryx taeniolatus (Common Seadragon), F. E. Clarke

  • Darklands Trilogy series: Anthony Eaton, 2005.

  • Forgan Smith Building, University of Queensland, St Lucia, September 1955,

  • David Unaipon, Frontpiece of Legendary Tales of the Australian Aborigine, 1924

  • 1967 Australian referendum

  • Sunset over Adelaide, South Australia. Photo by John Coppi, 1992.

  • Courting Blakness, 14 Queensland Nations, Archie Moore

  • Evening on Kabi Kabi country, Photo by Kerry Kilner, 2016

  • Bringing them Home Report, 1997

  • Beach on Ofu in the National Park Courtesy of the National Park Service

  • NASA/GSFC/METI/ERSDAC/JAROS, and U.S./Japan ASTER Science Team
  • RMIT University,

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