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How to Search AustLit

  • This component allows for searching on the first line of a poem, in abstracts and notes in work records, and finds (or discards) people other than authors.

    First line of poem: for poems without titles or if you remember the first line but not the title. Type in the line or a part of the line (e.g., type in: It was never late until).

    Abstract/ Note: Many AustLit records have abstracts. Abstracts for novels are often taken from the back cover of a book so characters' names are often entered here, for instance.

    Notes include dedications, epigraphs, and other format information. You can find how many dedications contain the exclamation 'phwoar', for instance, or, more loftily, which epigraphs quote Socrates.

    Creator role can be used to generate lists of creatives listed in AustLit who are not authors, including film and TV directors, illustrators, and composers. Choose a role from the drop down menu.

    Composition place searches for instances where the author has stated on the work where the piece was created.

    Start typing the name of the place and select from the choices presented from the gazette.

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