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  • Personal Data (AustLit Users)

    Any personal data entered in the AustLit website will never be shared with any third party unless required to do so by law.

    Email alerts can be opted out of using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any alert email. You will have the option to unsubscribe from alerts for a particular author you are following or to unsubscribe from all alerts.

    Individual subscribers can retrieve all information kept by AustLit by emailing All information about individual subscribers can be deleted on request.

  • Author Information

    AustLit gathers information on the authors listed in our database from a range of public sources, including library catalogues, author websites, biographies in print publications, and others. We focus on material relating to the authors' careers and publications, but may include personal information such as heritage or birthdates.

    Please contact us with any queries about author biographies.

    AustLit does not have the contact details of authors listed on our website.

  • Copyright

    Content generated for the AustLit website (including online exhibitions and essays) remains the property of AustLit under Australian copyright law. AustLit permits the downloading and transmission of content for research purposes.

    AustLit does not own the copyright or the production rights to third-party works whose bibliographical details are listed in the database. AustLit does not republish in-copyright work, but often links to original work published in digital format on other websites.

  • Usage Statistics

    AustLit collects statistics on subscriber usage. This information is available to the subscriber. This data contains the type of record/page viewed in AustLit. Where the subscriber is an institution, AustLit does collect data pertaining to individuals utilising the subscription.

  • Google Analytics

    AustLit no longer uses Google Analytics to gather statistics about the usage of its website.

  • Other cookies and tracking

    AustLit uses cookies for keeping the viewer logged in and for storing preferences. Subscribers that use IP recognition can use AustLit with cookies disabled, but other subscribers will need cookies enabled to log in to AustLit.

    Some AustLit web pages may also contain embedded content from non-AustLit sites, such as videos, maps, and audio. This content may contain cookies from the originating site. Please refer to the original site for their privacy policies.

  • Emails

    AustLit retains copies of emails sent to the AustLit email account in accordance with The University of Queensland's Record Management Policy. We do not otherwise record or share email addresses of correspondents.

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