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How to Search AustLit

  • Searching for things (criticism, plays, stories, poems, novels, films, scripted television, etc.)

    This search option searches on data about works or 'things created' by the people and organisations in AustLit. AustLit's foundation is its detailed and accurate bibliographic data. Accordingly, this data is rich and complex. This search option reflects that focus and complexity. It can be used in combination with any of the other searches to find, for instance, how many women had novels published in 1922.


    Use this to search for words in the main title and also in altered and translated titles.

    Publication Details

    Here you can search on the when, where, and who of publishing, search for translations, film (and TV) adaptations, serialisations, and particular issues of a journal.

    Go to Building Searches, Reading Results for more on Publication Details.

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