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How to Search AustLit

  • Finding works within other works

    This component can be used to interrogate contents of a container work (such as a newspaper or a selected work of poetry). This is most likely to be used in combination searches to determine the nature of the content.

    Type the title of a container work (newspaper, journal, magazine, anthology, series, etc.) into the 'Source name' box.

    Type in a year (1834) or a range of years (1830-1839) for 'Source date'.

    'Source type' allows you to choose from the range of work types available. Choosing 'anthology' with 2011 in the date field would result, for example, in a list of anthologies published in 2011.

  • Below see a search that would bring up all the reviews in Meanjin in 1961. These reults may answer questions about who Meanjin's reviewers were, what they were reviewing of the publications that year, or what form of publications were reviewed.

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