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Esben Storm Esben Storm i(A70975 works by)
Born: Established: 26 May 1950
Scandinavia, Western Europe, Europe,
; Died: Ceased: 28 Mar 2011 Sydney, New South Wales,
Gender: Male
Arrived in Australia: 1958
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1 form y separately published work icon Kick Lina Kastoumis , Esben Storm , Adam Bowen , Kris Mrksa , Anh Do , Thao Nguyen , Zaheda Ghani , ( dir. Esben Storm ) Australia : Storm Productions SBS Independent Horsebridge Productions Limited High Point Films and Television , 2007 Z1893799 2007 series - publisher film/TV

'They came from worlds apart to live together to find love on Wog Street. Miki Mavros, a 26-year-old Greek, alternative arty type, is on a serious losing streak and has to retreat back home to Wog Street. There she meets Doctor Joe, a 25 year old Maori with a straight girlfriend and a yuppie dream. Miki and Joe are living proof that opposites attract. Will Miki answer the call of the road or will she be able to commit to the love she gradually discovers in the old neighbourhood?'

Source: Australian Television Information Archive. (Sighted: 11/10/2012)

1 form y separately published work icon Subterano Esben Storm , ( dir. Esben Storm ) Australia : Becker Entertainment , 2003 Z1864399 2003 single work film/TV horror science fiction

Trapped in a dangerous underground (both literally and metaphorically) game, the players must find a way to protect themselves not only from one another but also from the game's dangerous, remote-controlled, robot players.

1 The Big Burp Sue Amoddio , Esben Storm , 2000 single work short story children's
— Appears in: Round the Twist : Series Three, Book One 2000; (p. 1-44)
1 1 y separately published work icon Round the Twist : Series Three, Book One Esben Storm , Sue Amoddio , Ray Boseley , Chris Anastassiades , Sydney : HarperCollins Australia , 2000 Z1470785 2000 selected work short story children's Contains: 'The Big Burp' by Esben Storm and Sue Amoddio, 'The Whirling Derfish' and 'The Ice-Cream Man Cometh' by Ray Boseley, and 'The Nirandathal Beast' by Chris Anastassiades.
1 The Tears of Innocence Esben Storm , Sue Amoddio , 2000 single work short story children's
— Appears in: Round the Twist : Series 3, Book 2 2000; (p. 98-140)
1 Toy Love Esben Storm , Sue Amoddio , 2000 single work short story children's
— Appears in: Round the Twist : Series 3, Book 2 2000; (p. 53-97)
1 The Origins of Round the Twist Esben Storm , Patricia Edgar , 2000 single work criticism
— Appears in: Round the Twist : Series 3, Book 2 2000; (p. vii-x) Round the Twist : Series Three, Book One 2000; (p. vii-x)
Discussion of the children's television series, Round the Twist.
1 y separately published work icon Round the Twist : Series 3, Book 2 Esben Storm , Sue Amoddio , Chris Anastassiades , Ray Boseley , Pymble : Angus and Robertson , 2000 Z1470551 2000 selected work short story children's
1 form y separately published work icon Pig's Breakfast Chris Anastassiades , Ray Boseley , Cameron Clarke , Kym Goldsworthy , Robert Greenberg , Geoff Kelso , John Lind , Kevin Nemeth , David Ogilvy , Mark Shirrefs , John Thomson , Steve J. Spears , Phil Thomson , Rhett Walton , Lynda Gibson , Holly Lyons , Clare Madsen , Meg Mappin , John Thomson , Chris Anastassiades , Mark Shirrefs , ( dir. Ralph Strasser et. al. )agent Sydney : Southern Star Entertainment Nine Network , 1999-2000 Z1854416 1999-2000 series - publisher film/TV humour children's science fiction

When Rodney and Jessica witness two aliens crash landing on Earth, they undertake to protect them by roping them into joining the world's most unsuccessful children's television program, Kid's Breakfast (nicknamed Pig's Breakfast). Disguised as characters on the program, Grob and Meeba (and their pilot Queegle) are forbidden to reveal their real identities: the media believe them to be eccentric actors who prefer to stay in character (and costume). But the situation is complicated by the fact that the crashed spaceship was a school bus, and Grob and Meeba, although genuine aliens, are also genuine teenagers.

1 1 form y separately published work icon Crash Zone Chris Anastassiades , Shane Brennan , Philip Dalkin , Max Dann , Anthony Morris , Kevin Nemeth , Jeff Peck , Pino Amenta , Susan MacGillicuddy , ( dir. Pino Amenta et. al. )agent Melbourne : Australian Children's Television Foundation , 1999-2001 Z1847201 1999-2001 series - publisher film/TV children's science fiction

The president of Catalyst software company hires five high-school whiz-kids to help save her failing business.

The program's interest in artifical intelligence, the Internet, and the video-game industry was comparatively unusual for the time. As with other Australian Children's Television Foundation programs, the focus was on the child protagonists, all Melbourne high-school students with a keen interest in video gaming, who are recruited as games testers by Alexandra Davis, president of Catalyst, in the hopes that they will be able to revitalise her failing business.

Produced in association with the Disney Channel, Crash Zone was successful in Canada and the United Kingdom, as well as Australia.

1 form y separately published work icon Li'l Elvis Jones and the Truckstoppers Chris Anastassiades , John Armstrong , Ray Boseley , Robert Greenberg , Mark Hopkins , Gina Roncoli , Esben Storm , Cameron Clarke , Pepe Trevor , Kevin Nemeth , Peter Viska , Esben Storm , Chris Anastassiades , ( dir. Robbert Smit et. al. )agent Australia : Viskatoons Australian Children's Television Foundation , 1997-1998 Z1893706 1997-1998 series - publisher film/TV children's

Thrown out of a gold Cadillac in a guitar case one night (strongly suggesting that he is the illegitimate child of Elvis Presley, as well as casting Presley in a rather unfortunate light), Li'l Elvis is raised by Grace and Len, fervent Elvis fans who run an outback diner in the small town of Wannapoo. The problems arise when the world's 'nicest billionaire' W.C. Moore decides to turn Wannapoo into a 1950s' theme town called Li'l Memphis. Every day, L'il Elvis and his Truckstoppers play sets that knock the audience dead, but L'il Elvis secretly wishes he could be a normal kid. But if they stop playing, the tourists stop coming, and Moore calls in everyone's outstanding loans ...

1 form y separately published work icon The Genie from Down Under Philip Dalkin , Louise Fox , Christine Madafferi , Steve J. Spears , Esben Storm , Jeremy Swan , Mandy Hampson , ( dir. Brendan Maher et. al. )agent Australia United Kingdom (UK) : Australian Children's Television Foundation British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Australian Broadcasting Corporation , 1996-1998 Z1845856 1996-1998 series - publisher film/TV children's fantasy humour

A young English girl, Penelope Townes, finds an opal pendant in her attic and, in playing with it, releases two Australian genies (father Bruce and son Baz). When Penelope inherits a property in Australia, the genies are delighted to be able to return home. But they are still under Penelope's control and subject to her whims–a situation complicated by Penelope's neighbour, Otto von Meister, insisting that the opal is really his by rights and by Bruce falling in love with Penelope's mother, Lady Diana.

1 form y separately published work icon The Bob Morrison Show Pino Amenta , Philip Dalkin , Alan Hardy , Jon Stephens , Stig Wemyss , Jan Sardi , Kate Langbroek , Anthony Morris , Philip Dalkin , Galia Hardy , Alan Hardy , ( dir. Mark DeFriest et. al. )agent Australia : Telltale Films Nine Network , 1994 Z1886929 1994 series - publisher film/TV humour fantasy

'Life in the suburbs as seen through the eyes of the family dog.'

Source: Screen Australia

1 6 form y separately published work icon Blue Heelers Tony Morphett , Hal McElroy , Seven Network (publisher), Tony Morphett , Ysabelle Dean , Howard Griffiths , Ted Roberts , Greg Haddrick , Graeme Koetsveld , Anne Brooksbank , John Upton , Peter A. Kinloch , Tim Gooding , Ray Harding , Everett de Roche , Judith Colquhoun , Patrick Edgeworth , Justin Glockerla , Stephen Measday , Sue Hore , Alan Hopgood , John Lord , Rachel Lewis , John Coulter , Hugh Stuckey , Peter Gawler , David Allen , Cassandra Carter , Michaeley O'Brien , Fred Clarke , Margaret Plumb , John Wood , Leon Saunders , Wal Saunders , Russell Hagg , Ruth Field , Shane Brennan , Max Singer , Michael Winter , David Phillips , John Banas , Jennifer Rowe , David William Boutland , Annie Beach , David Worthington , Peter Dick , Robert Harris , Louise Crane , Chris Phillips , David Marsh , Jenny Lewis , Rick Held , Kathie Armstrong , Emma Honey , Bill Garner , Beverley Evans , Anthony Ellis , Mary McCormick , David Anthony , Carol Williams , Matthew Williams , Paul Davies , Craig Wilkins , Roger Dunn , Mary Graham , Harry Jordan , Geraldine Pilkington , Caroline Stanton , Grace Morris , Piers Hobson , Lyn Ogilvy , Deborah Parsons , Bob Cameron , Brian Bell , Kelly Lefever , Karin Altmann , Coral Drouyn , Jon Stephens , Marieke Hardy , Michael Brindley , Harriet Smith , Jo Merle , Chris Corbett , Tom Hegarty , Abe Pogos , Petra Graf , Anne Melville , Julie O'Brien , Peter Hepworth , Rob George , Jane Allen , Noel Maloney , Michael Voigt , Maureen Sherlock , Alison Nisselle , Elizabeth Coleman , John Ridley , Stuart Page , Jeff Truman , Rohan Trollope , Vicki Madden , Forrest Redlich , Jo Kasch , James Dunbar , Kylie Needham , Samantha Winston , ( dir. Mark Callan et. al. )agent 1994 Sydney Australia : Hal McElroy Southern Star Seven Network , 1994-2006 Z1367353 1994 series - publisher film/TV crime

A character-based television drama series about the lives of police officers in the fictitious Australian country town of Mt Thomas, this series began with the arrival of Constable Maggie Doyle (Lisa McCune) to the Mt Thomas station in the episode 'A Woman's Place'. Doyle and avuncular station boss Senior Sergeant Tom Croydon (John Wood) were the core characters of the series until the departure of Lisa McCune.

Immensely popular for a decade, Blue Heelers was cancelled in 2006 after thirteen seasons. The announcement was front-page news in Australia's major newspapers including The Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney's Daily Telegraph, The Herald Sun and The Age in Melbourne, and Brisbane's Courier Mail.

On June 8, 2006 Ross Warneke wrote in The Age:

'It's over and, to be perfectly blunt, there's no use lamenting the demise of Blue Heelers any more. When the final movie-length episode aired on Channel Seven on Sunday night, 1.5 million Australians tuned in, a figure that was big enough to give the show a win in its timeslot but nowhere near big enough to pay the sort of tribute that this writer believes Heelers deserved after more than 500 episodes.It is unlikely there will be anything like it again. At almost $500,000 an hour, shows such as Blue Heelers are quickly becoming the dinosaurs of Australian TV.'

1 form y separately published work icon Deadly Esben Storm , Richard Moir , Ranald Allan , ( dir. Esben Storm ) Australia : Moirstorm Productions , 1991 Z1893676 1991 single work film/TV crime

'After a shoot-out goes wrong, rule-bending Sydney undercover cop Tony Burke (Jerome Elders) is banished to the outback town of Yabbabri to tidy up a controversial investigation into the death in police custody of an aboriginal [sic] man. The boys at the local cop shop are confident there’s nothing to see. Local Indigenous community elders long ago stopped expecting them to do anything. Yet Bourke might be a rule-bender, but a not a rule-breaker; he senses a cover-up, and his loyalties shift from the force and fellow officers to the dead boy’s family. Esben Storm’s entry in the 1980s cycle of Australian neo-noir thrillers effectively borrowed elements of the crime writings of Arthur Upfield and Peter Corris, and from Australian cinema’s outback Gothic tradition, via smart illusions to Wake in Fright and especially via Frank Gallacher’s chilling performance as Sergeant Thornton. However it’s most timely point of reference was to the national community outrage swirling around the 1987-91 Royal Commission on Aboriginal Deaths in Custody.'

Source: NFSA Calendar ( (Sighted: 11/10/2012)

1 5 form y separately published work icon Round the Twist Paul Jennings , Esben Storm , Ray Boseley , Louise Fox , Robert Greenberg , Christine Madafferi , Chris Anastassiades , Seven Network (publisher), ( dir. Esben Storm et. al. )agent 1990 Fitzroy Australia : Seven Network Australian Children's Television Foundation , 1989-2001 Z1730103 1990 series - publisher film/TV children's fantasy

Tony Twist and his three children (thirteen-year-old twins Pete and Linda and nine-year-old Bronson) move to an old lighthouse on the rugged Australian coast. They soon discover that the lighthouse and the outhouse are haunted.

1 form y separately published work icon The Big Wish Steve J. Spears , ( dir. Esben Storm ) 1990 Z989501 1990 single work film/TV children's young adult fantasy humour

'Prince Wilton from the Enchanted Realm of the Faeries has been sent to Earth to dispose of seven wishes in the human world before sundown. If Prince Wilton doesn't give away these wishes, the Faeries will lose their powers. Fortunately he meets Christopher Walter Pratt (C.W.) who believes in him and his wishes. C.W doesn't realise, however, that the last wish lasts forever.'

Source: Australian Television Information Archive ( Sighted: 10/11/2011

1 form y separately published work icon Devil's Hill David Phillips , ( dir. Esben Storm ) Tasmania : Australian Broadcasting Corporation Australian Children's Television Foundation , 1988 Z991821 1988 single work film/TV children's Some children on a Tasmanian farm explore the bush in a hunt for a missing cow, finding not only the cow and its new calf but also some Tasmanian devils.
1 form y separately published work icon The Other Facts of Life Morris Gleitzman , ( dir. Esben Storm ) 1985 1985 Z1167400 1985 single work film/TV young adult

Twelve-year-old Ben Guthrie appears to have a good life. His family are well off and his father is a successful and ambitious butcher. However, there are some things that Ben doesn't understand. His father attempts to explain the facts of life, but Ben is more interested in the bigger life picture, such as why some people are starving. When both his parents fail to provide answers, Ben begins an inspired crusade to make the world right. He becomes a neighbourhood nuisance and an embarrassment to his family, constantly and publicly challenging their values. His parents seek the help of friends and experts, to no avail. When Ben meets Esme, an elderly animal liberationist, and they end up in the hands of the police, his parents resort to faking family illnesses to distract Ben from the larger troubles of the world. But it is not until his work-obsessed father suffers a genuine heart attack that Ben is able to focus his energies on a problem he can do something about: helping his family.

(Source: Australian Screen)

1 form y separately published work icon Stanley Stanley : Every Home Should Have One Esben Storm , Andrew Gaty , ( dir. Esben Storm ) Australia : Benley Films Seven Keys , 1984 Z1893636 1984 single work film/TV humour

The cossetted son of a rich businessman, fearing that his family plan to commit him to a psychiatric institution (again), runs away from hom in search of a 'normal' family and the attempt to live a middle-class life.