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1 form y separately published work icon Cops and Robbers Adam Todd , ( dir. Julian McSwiney ) Australia : Beyond Simpson Le Mesurier Nine Network , 2004 6035620 2004 single work film/TV crime

'Church is hamstrung when an illegal poker game he's involved in is run through by a gang of crooks — among them, his colleague, Leo Flynn who is working undercover with armed robber Damien Broadbent. Back at PHQ, Flynn comes clean to Church and hands back part of the haul (an expensive engagement ring) on one proviso — the cops can't pressure Broadbent for their booty as it could blow his cover and put his life at risk. Church agrees, but when Anna Trukan finds the ring, she believes Church is offering his hand in marriage. Without the heart to tell her otherwise, and with Broadbent demanding that Flynn gets the ring back, Church is pulled from all sides.'

Source: Australian Television Information Archive. (Sighted: 11/6/2013)

1 form y separately published work icon Legacy of the Silver Shadow Chris Anastassiades , Ray Boseley , Philip Dalkin , Robert Greenberg , Susan MacGillicuddy , Christine Madafferi , Stephen Bates , Cameron Clarke , David De Vries , Ray Boseley , Chris Anastassiades , ( dir. Ray Boseley et. al. )agent Fitzroy : Australian Children's Television Foundation , 2002 Z1844126 2002 series - publisher film/TV science fiction children's

Four children stumble into the secret underground lair of a long-dead super-hero, the Silver Shadow. Defeated (and killed) by his arch-nemesis, The Crab, in the 1950s, the Silver Shadow lives on as a digital recording in his base's computer. Just as he convinces the four to take up his role as the city's defender, The Crab, now an old man in a retirement village, trains his grand-daughter to be his own successor.

As with other programs produced by the Australian Children's Television Foundation (ACTF), Legacy of the Silver Shadow concentrated strongly on questions of self-identity, peer pressure and conformity, and individualism.

Australian Screen includes some clips from Legacy of the Silver Shadow: (Sighted: 23/2/2012). The program is also available on DVD via the ACTF.

1 form y separately published work icon Thunderstone Barbara Bishop , Lois Booton , Annie Fox , Marieke Hardy , Everett de Roche , Roger Dunn , Michael Joshua , Peter A. Kinloch , Helen MacWhirter , Alison Nisselle , David Phillips , Jenny Sharp , Victoria Osbourne , ( dir. Colin Budds et. al. )agent Australia : Jonathan M. Shiff Productions , 1999-2000 Z1847286 1999-2000 series - publisher film/TV children's young adult science fiction

Set on a post-apocalyptic Earth, Thunderstone follows Noah Daniels who, with his family, lives in the underground colony of North Col, after all life on the surface of the Earth is destroyed by the impact of the Nemesis Comet. Fascinated with the holographic animals that the North Col colonists use to teach their children about the Earth's extinct species, Noah is accidentally transported forward in time, to the colony of Haven. 'Thunderstone' is the name given to the remnants of the Nemesis Comet, which allow Noah to travel through time.

Season one involves Noah's travels through time, in company with Arushka (a nomadic girl from Haven), in an attempt to repopulate the Earth with animals. Season two revolves around Noah's attempts to completely destroy the Nemesis Comet before it strikes the Earth, thereby preventing the apocalypse. Season three involves Noah's experiments in wormhole technology, his plans to set up a space colony, and the attempts of guerillas from the future to assassinate Noah before he can (allegedly) murder his own parents.

Season one has been released in its entirety on DVD, but neither season two nor season three have been made commerically available.

1 1 form y separately published work icon Crash Zone Chris Anastassiades , Shane Brennan , Philip Dalkin , Max Dann , Anthony Morris , Kevin Nemeth , Jeff Peck , Pino Amenta , Susan MacGillicuddy , ( dir. Pino Amenta et. al. )agent Melbourne : Australian Children's Television Foundation , 1999-2001 Z1847201 1999-2001 series - publisher film/TV children's science fiction

The president of Catalyst software company hires five high-school whiz-kids to help save her failing business.

The program's interest in artifical intelligence, the Internet, and the video-game industry was comparatively unusual for the time. As with other Australian Children's Television Foundation programs, the focus was on the child protagonists, all Melbourne high-school students with a keen interest in video gaming, who are recruited as games testers by Alexandra Davis, president of Catalyst, in the hopes that they will be able to revitalise her failing business.

Produced in association with the Disney Channel, Crash Zone was successful in Canada and the United Kingdom, as well as Australia.

1 form y separately published work icon Stingers Grace Morris , Howard Griffiths , Peter A. Kinloch , Paul Davies , Jock Blair , Vicki Madden , Mac Gudgeon , Roger Simpson , Jo Martino , Sue Hore , David William Boutland , Sally Webb , Margaret Wilson , Denise Morgan , Daniel Krige , Martin McKenna , Jeff Truman , Everett de Roche , Stu Sutcliffe , Adam Todd , Tom Hegarty , Simon McDonald , Chris Hawkshaw , Cliff Green , Abe Pogos , Guy Wilding , Max Dann , David Hannam , Magda Pyke , Marcia Gardner , Shane Brennan , Philip Dalkin , Peter Gawler , Anthony Watt , John Banas , Graeme Koetsveld , Michaeley O'Brien , Chris Corbett , Tim Gooding , Shelley Birse , Matt Ford , Samantha Winston , John Reeves , John Ridley , David Bates , Sam De Brito , Meg Mappin , Jane Allen , ( dir. Julian McSwiney et. al. )agent Australia : Beyond Simpson Le Mesurier Nine Network , 1998-2004 6031565 1998 series - publisher film/TV crime detective

'Inspired by true events, Stingers reveals the shadowy and ambiguous world of undercover cops — people with covert lives and constantly changing identities. They are police who defeat crime from within the criminal world — always without a badge and frequently without protection. The series follows the lives of the operatives as they befriend and betray those on the other side of the law. For these select few, it is a deadly way of life.The undercover cops of Stingers are a unique breed. They must juggle their own lives — love, laughter, family and humanity — with the tension of the criminal personas they adopt in their passion for justice.'

Source: Australian Television Information Archive. (Sighted: 7/6/2013)

1 form y separately published work icon Murder Call Andrew Kelly , Sally Webb , Daniel Krige , Chris Hawkshaw , Denise Morgan , Kristen Dunphy , Shelley Birse , Ted Roberts , Cathy Strickland , David Phillips , Rick Maier , Margaret Morgan , Louise Crane , Peter Gawler , Deborah Parsons , Robyn Sinclair , Katherine Thomson , Sue Hore , Christine McCourt , Margaret Wilson , Charlie Strachan , ( dir. Richard Sarell et. al. )agent Australia : Hal McElroy Southern Star Nine Network , 1997-2000 Z1934401 1997-2000 series - publisher film/TV crime detective thriller

'Murder is the ultimate crime. It touches the lives of ordinary people, casting its long shadow over the glossy cityscape and glamorous haunts of the sprawling metropolis. For homicide detectives Steve Hayden and Tessa Vance, solving a murder is a journey from darkness into light. An urgent, vicious confrontation with evil, a walk through the devil's own world.

'Tessa and Steve are the elite new face of homicide. She is young and brilliant, he is logical. She is instinctive, he goes by the book. She's complicated, he's down to earth. Together this powerful partnership must confront and overcome the intrigue, fear and shattered lives which murder leaves in its wake.'

Source: McElroy All Media ( (Sighted: 19/4/2013)

The authors above are those credited as script-writers for the series. A number of other authors were also credited with 'story': Jennifer Rowe is the most frequently credited, but other authors credited with 'story' are Leanne Williams, Duncan Ball, Kel Richards, Jenny Pausacker, Kerry Greenwood, Richard Hall, Peter Gawler, John Banas, Jean Bedford, Karen Petersen, and Helen Robinson.

1 form y separately published work icon Medivac Adrenalin Junkies Tony Cavanaugh , Everett de Roche , Greg Millin , Adam Todd , Marcia Gardner , Susan MacGillicuddy , Peter McPhee , Peter A. Kinloch , Matt Ford , Anthony Morris , Graham Hartley , Garrett Russell , Keith Aberdein , John Coulter , Tim Pye , John Concannon , Denise Morgan , ( dir. Geoffrey Bennett et. al. )agent Brisbane : Liberty and Beyond Network Ten , 1996-1998 7288690 1996 series - publisher film/TV

'Staff in an emergency department of a large Australian hospital have become addicted to the adrenalin rush they experience while dealing with life and death emergencies.'

Source: Screen Australia.

1 form y separately published work icon Mercury Sonia Borg , John Cundill , Glenda Hambly , David Rapsey , Deborah Parsons , Bill Garner , Sue Hore , Cliff Green , Cliff Green , ( dir. Kate Woods et. al. )agent Australia : Australian Broadcasting Corporation , 1996 Z1889211 1996 series - publisher film/TV

'Set in a newspaper, MERCURY looks at the lives of journalists and their relationships with the paper and each other.'

Source: Screen Australia.

1 form y separately published work icon Correlli Peter A. Kinloch , Christine McCourt , Annie Beach , Martin McKenna , Arianna Bosi , ( dir. Tony Tilse et. al. )agent Australia : Australian Broadcasting Corporation , 1995 6018549 1995 series - publisher film/TV crime

'A 10-part series about the prison psychologist Louisa Correlli who has recently begun working in the male prison, Blackstream. The series deals with her experiences in dealing with the inmates and staff of the prison. In particular, it deals with her relationship with one of her clients, a prisoner by the name of Jones.'

Source: Screen Australia. (Sighted: 4/6/2013)

1 form y separately published work icon Janus Criminal Justice Alison Nisselle , Cliff Green , Tony McDonald , Deborah Parsons , Deb Cox , Sue Hore , Joanna Murray-Smith , Graham Hartley , Barbara Bishop , Jutta Goetze , Annie Beach , Graeme Koetsveld , Michael Harvey , John Cundill , Alison Nisselle , Tony McDonald , ( dir. Michael Carson et. al. )agent Melbourne : Australian Broadcasting Corporation , 1994-1995 Z1937319 1994-1995 series - publisher film/TV crime

'It's a story about justice...and the corruption of justice. JANUS is about the lawyers, police, judges and magistrates who work with a very imperfect system. The focus of our story will be the new Director of Public Prosecutions Officer, taking over the handling of all Committals for trial - the first sweeping changes recommended by the Janus Taskforce Committee.'

Source: Screen Australia. (Sighted: 3/5/2013)

1 1 form y separately published work icon Sky Trackers Ray Boseley , Nicola Woolmington , Cameron Clarke , Deb Cox , Jutta Goetze , Robert Greenberg , Mac Gudgeon , Peter Hepworth , Sue Hore , Susan MacGillicuddy , Christine Madafferi , Rick Maier , Stephen Measday , Steve J. Spears , Jeff Peck , Jan Sardi , Tony Morphett , Jeff Peck , ( dir. Mario Andreacchio et. al. )agent Melbourne : Australian Children's Television Foundation , 1994 Z1854458 1994 series - publisher film/TV children's young adult adventure science fiction

Science fiction in a stricter (and less speculative) sense, Sky Trackers followed the adventures of a group of scientists' children living in a remote space-tracking station in the Australian outback. The program had the romantic component common to young-adult programming (with blossoming romance between thirteen-year-old Nikki and fourteen-year-old Mike), but also focused on such topics as ambition, future careers, and scholastic achievement.

1 6 form y separately published work icon Blue Heelers Tony Morphett , Hal McElroy , Seven Network (publisher), Tony Morphett , Ysabelle Dean , Howard Griffiths , Ted Roberts , Greg Haddrick , Graeme Koetsveld , Anne Brooksbank , John Upton , Peter A. Kinloch , Tim Gooding , Ray Harding , Everett de Roche , Judith Colquhoun , Patrick Edgeworth , Justin Glockerla , Stephen Measday , Sue Hore , Alan Hopgood , John Lord , Rachel Lewis , John Coulter , Hugh Stuckey , Peter Gawler , David Allen , Cassandra Carter , Michaeley O'Brien , Fred Clarke , Margaret Plumb , John Wood , Leon Saunders , Wal Saunders , Russell Hagg , Ruth Field , Shane Brennan , Max Singer , Michael Winter , David Phillips , John Banas , Jennifer Rowe , David William Boutland , Annie Beach , David Worthington , Peter Dick , Robert Harris , Louise Crane , Chris Phillips , David Marsh , Jenny Lewis , Rick Held , Kathie Armstrong , Emma Honey , Bill Garner , Beverley Evans , Anthony Ellis , Mary McCormick , David Anthony , Carol Williams , Matthew Williams , Paul Davies , Craig Wilkins , Roger Dunn , Mary Graham , Harry Jordan , Geraldine Pilkington , Caroline Stanton , Grace Morris , Piers Hobson , Lyn Ogilvy , Deborah Parsons , Bob Cameron , Brian Bell , Kelly Lefever , Karin Altmann , Coral Drouyn , Jon Stephens , Marieke Hardy , Michael Brindley , Harriet Smith , Jo Merle , Chris Corbett , Tom Hegarty , Abe Pogos , Petra Graf , Anne Melville , Julie O'Brien , Peter Hepworth , Rob George , Jane Allen , Noel Maloney , Michael Voigt , Maureen Sherlock , Alison Nisselle , Elizabeth Coleman , John Ridley , Stuart Page , Jeff Truman , Rohan Trollope , Vicki Madden , Forrest Redlich , Jo Kasch , James Dunbar , Kylie Needham , Samantha Winston , ( dir. Mark Callan et. al. )agent 1994 Sydney Australia : Hal McElroy Southern Star Seven Network , 1994-2006 Z1367353 1994 series - publisher film/TV crime

A character-based television drama series about the lives of police officers in the fictitious Australian country town of Mt Thomas, this series began with the arrival of Constable Maggie Doyle (Lisa McCune) to the Mt Thomas station in the episode 'A Woman's Place'. Doyle and avuncular station boss Senior Sergeant Tom Croydon (John Wood) were the core characters of the series until the departure of Lisa McCune.

Immensely popular for a decade, Blue Heelers was cancelled in 2006 after thirteen seasons. The announcement was front-page news in Australia's major newspapers including The Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney's Daily Telegraph, The Herald Sun and The Age in Melbourne, and Brisbane's Courier Mail.

On June 8, 2006 Ross Warneke wrote in The Age:

'It's over and, to be perfectly blunt, there's no use lamenting the demise of Blue Heelers any more. When the final movie-length episode aired on Channel Seven on Sunday night, 1.5 million Australians tuned in, a figure that was big enough to give the show a win in its timeslot but nowhere near big enough to pay the sort of tribute that this writer believes Heelers deserved after more than 500 episodes.It is unlikely there will be anything like it again. At almost $500,000 an hour, shows such as Blue Heelers are quickly becoming the dinosaurs of Australian TV.'

1 5 form y separately published work icon Banjo Paterson's 'The Man from Snowy River' Snowy River: The McGregor Saga Nine Network (publisher), Peter Schreck , Peter A. Kinloch , Ted Roberts , Everett de Roche , David Phillips , Leon Saunders , Tony Morphett , Judith Colquhoun , Russell Hagg , Shane Brennan , Denny Lawrence , Patrick Edgeworth , Jan Sardi , Neil Luxmoore , Denise Morgan , Peter Gawler , Stuart Wood , Jutta Goetze , Jock Blair , Anthony Ellis , David Allen , ( dir. Tim Burstall et. al. )agent 1993 Australia : Nine Network , 1993-1996 Z400448 1993 series - publisher film/TV

Inspired by A. B. Paterson's classic poem and set in a fictional Snowy Mountains township called Paterson's Ridge, this turn-of-the-nineteenth-century adventure concerns wealthy cattle-station owner and widower Matt McGregor and his three children, Colin (the town preacher), Rob (played by Guy Pearce), and Danni (the tomboyish youngest daughter). Unresolved sexual tension comes in the shape of Matt's independent, free-spirited childhood friend, the recently widowed Kathleen O'Neil, who returns to Paterson's Ridge with her son after having spent many years in England.

1 form y separately published work icon Phoenix Alison Nisselle , Tony McDonald , Alison Nisselle , Graham Hartley , Annie Beach , John Reeves , Cassandra Carter , Denise Morgan , Cliff Green , Phillip Roberts , Jan Sardi , Deborah Parsons , Michael Harvey , ( dir. Michael Carson et. al. )agent Melbourne : Australian Broadcasting Corporation , 1992-1993 Z1937404 1992-1993 series - publisher film/TV crime

'A hard-edged, gritty drama about the tense and claustrophobic world of a Major Crime Task Force set up to solve an urban terrorist bombing, a Task Force which brings together a crew of idiosyncratic, competitive characters over a knife edged maximum stressed two months. PHOENIX is no traditional cop shop or crime story. Its characters are not clean, super hero cops, just real police whose attitudes can be shocking and whose humour is grim and black.'

Source: Screen Australia. (Sighted: 3/5/2013)

1 form y separately published work icon Embassy John Reeves , Ian Bradley , Shane Brennan , Marcus Cole , Jan Sardi , Ann Turner , John Cundill , Barbara Bishop , Anne Lucas , Denise Morgan , Kate Woods , Ted Roberts , Cliff Green , David Worthington , Alan Hardy , ( dir. Mark Callan et. al. )agent Australia : Reg Grundy Enterprises Australian Broadcasting Corporation , 1990-1992 7237190 1990 series - publisher film/TV

'Drama series set in and around an Australian embassy in the fictional Islamic country of Ragaan, where day to day diplomacy is the stuff of danger and news headlines rather than privilege and cocktails.'

Source: Screen Australia. (Sighted: 10/4/2014)

1 form y separately published work icon E Street Forrest Redlich , Linden Wilkinson , Carol Williams , Sally Webb , Tim Pye , Caroline Stanton , Hugh Stuckey , John Upton , David William Boutland , Michael Cove , Mary Dagmar-Davies , Grant Fraser , Tom Galbraith , Graeme Koetsveld , Nicholas Langton , David Marsh , Forrest Redlich , Leon Saunders , David Phillips , Tom Hegarty , David Allen , Alexa Wyatt , John Banas , Louise Crane , Serge Lazareff , Rick Maier , Christine McCourt , Greg Millin , Craig Wilkins , Steve J. Spears , Chris Covington , Sammy Ringer , ( dir. Rod Hardy et. al. )agent Network Ten Westside Film & Television , 1989-1993 7210561 1989 series - publisher film/TV

A one-hour soap opera focusing on life in a gritty inner-city suburb.

1 form y separately published work icon City West Colin Free , Cliff Green , ( dir. Brian Faull et. al. )agent Sydney : Ferryman Television Productions , 1984 Z1817391 1984 series - publisher film/TV

According to Moran, in his Guide to Australian TV Series, City West was 'the first multilingual drama series produced in Australia. With some dialogue in English, the series variously had different dramatic characters speaking Greek, Italian, Serbo-Croatian, Polish and Russian subtitled in English.'

The program was set in a legal aid office (part of a migrant community centre) in the western suburbs of Sydney, and focused strongly on the real difficulties facing migrants living in the outer suburbs, including, according to Moran, 'unscrupulous car dealers, illegal social security operations, industrial disputes among migrant workers and the problems facing newly arrived migrants in adjusting to their new homeland.'

The desire for a multi-ethnic cast caused some problems for the producers. Moran says, 'Faced with the relative lack of ethnic actors and actresses in the mainstream film and television industry, the producers went to different ethnic theatre groups to find migrants to populate different episodes.'

2 5 form y separately published work icon A Country Practice Graeme Ellis , Anne Brooksbank , Hugh Stuckey , David William Boutland , Moya Wood , Leon Saunders , Luis Bayonas , James Davern , Roger Dunn , David Sale , Peter A. Kinloch , Keith Thompson , Chris Thomson , Tony Morphett , Denise Morgan , Christine McCourt , Gwenda Marsh , David Allen , Christine Schofield , Ro Hume , Galia Hardy , Marcus Cooney , Beverley Phillips , Don J. Townshend , Margaret Mitchell , Michael Aitkens , Patricia Johnson , Sheila Sibley , Margaret Kelly , Judith Colquhoun , Agi Schreck , Mary Wright , John Graham , Ted Roberts , Michael Brindley , Forrest Redlich , Anthony Wheeler , Michael Freundt , Russell E. Webb , Bill Searle , Cliff Green , Foveaux Kirby , Helen Steel , Howard Griffiths , Suzanne Hawley , Terry Larsen , Serge Lazareff , Helen Boyd , Carol Williams , David Worthington , Ray Harding , Bevan Lee , Stephen Measday , Patrea Smallacombe , Shane Brennan , Betty Quin , Graeme Koetsveld , Tim Pye , Jenny Sharp , Bob Herbert , Tom Galbraith , Alister Webb , David Phillips , Andrew Kennedy , Craig Wilkins , Grant Fraser , Sally Webb , Caroline Stanton , Chris Roache , Geoff Newton , David Marsh , Colin Free , Thomas Mitchell , Brett Mitchell , Steve J. Spears , Louise Crane , Ian David , Robyn Sinclair , Micky Bennett , Linden Wilkinson , Terry Fogarty , Michael Cove , Patrick Flanagan , Peter Neale , Peter Lavelle , Julieanne Stewart , Sally Irwin , John Hanlon , David Henry , Jenni Kubler , Jo Barcelon , John Misto , Katherine Thomson , Neville Brown , Margaret Morgan , Susan Bower , Sean Nash , John Lonie , Paul Spinks , Christifor McTrustry , Andrew Kelly , Charlie Strachan , Susan Bower , James Balian , Peter Dann , Michael Harvey , Jerome Ehlers , Jo Horsburgh , Jeff Truman , Rod Rees , Peter Gawler , Linda Aronson , Catherine Millar , Lynn Bayonas , James Davern , ( dir. Igor Auzins et. al. )agent Sydney Australia : JNP Films Seven Network , 1981-1993 Z1699739 1981-1994 series - publisher film/TV

Set in a small, fictional, New South Wales country town called Wandin Valley, A Country Practice focused on the staffs of the town's medical practice and local hospital and on the families of the doctors, nurses, and patients. Many of the episodes also featured guest characters (frequently patients served by the practice) through whom various social and medical problems were explored. Although often considered a soap opera, the series was not built around an open-ended narrative; instead, the two one-hour episodes screened per week formed a self-contained narrative block, though many of the storylines were developed as sub-plots for several episodes before becoming the focus of a particular week's storyline. While the focus was on topical issues such as youth unemployment, suicide, drug addiction, HIV/AIDS, and terminal illness, the program did sometimes explore culturally sensitive issues, including, for example, the Aboriginal community and their place in modern Australian society.

Among the show's principal characters were Dr Terence Elliott, local policeman Sergeant Frank Gilroy, Esme Watson, Shirley Dean Gilroy, Bob Hatfield, Vernon 'Cookie' Locke, and Matron Margaret 'Maggie' Sloan. In addition to its regularly rotating cast of characters, A Country Practice also had a cast of semi-regulars who would make appearances as the storylines permitted. Interestingly, while the series initially targeted the adult and older youth demographic, it became increasingly popular with children over the years.