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Everett de Roche Everett de Roche i(A132589 works by)
Born: Established: 12 Jul 1946
United States of America (USA),
; Died: Ceased: 2 Apr 2014

Gender: Male
Arrived in Australia: 1968
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1 form y separately published work icon Nine Miles Down Everett de Roche , Anthony Waller , ( dir. Anthony Waller ) United States of America (USA) : Seven Arts Pictures , 2009 Z1866920 2009 single work film/TV horror science fiction thriller

Security patrolman Thomas Jackman battles through a sandstrom to find out why all contact with a drilling station has been lost. Built for gas exploration and then abandoned, the station has been taken over by a multi-national research team intent on drilling as deeply as possible into the Earth's crust. But why have all the scientists disappeared? All, that is, but one female survivor ...

The film is a British, American, Hungarian, and Australian co-production, credited to production companies Silverback Films, Gone to Hell, A-Mark Entertainment, Cometstone Pictures, Instinctive Film, Parallel Media, and Picture Media, but distrubuted worldwide by Seven Arts Pictures.

1 form y separately published work icon K9 Shayne Armstrong , S. P. Krause , Tim Pye , Ian McFadyen , Deborah Parsons , Everett de Roche , Graeme Farmer , Dave Warner , Chris Roache , John O'Brien , Anthony Morris , Lindsay James , Jim Noble , Jason Bourque , Bob Baker , Paul Tams , ( dir. David Caesar et. al. )agent Australia United Kingdom (UK) : Network Ten Disney XD , 2009-2010 Z1622411 2009-2010 series - publisher film/TV children's science fiction

This British/Australian co-production comedy/adventure series spins off the character of the robotic dog K9 from the British television series Doctor Who. Because the programme is not a BBC production, it cannot make direct references to Doctor Who. Similarly, K9 was radically redesigned for this show, because although Bob Baker (creator of K9 and co-creator of the original character) owns the character rights to K9, the BBC owns the rights to the original character design.

The concept for K9 was developed by Australian writers Shane Krause and Shayne Armstrong, who also serve as primary writers for the programme. Other Australian writers involved in the show include Queensland-based writer Jim Noble and comedian Ian McFadyen.

The programme is filmed and produced in Brisbane, Australia, but set in near-future London.

1 1 form y separately published work icon Long Weekend Nature's Grave Everett de Roche , ( dir. Jamie Blanks ) Victoria : Southern Arc Films , 2008 Z1864604 2008 single work film/TV horror

'A married couple take a camping trip to a remote beach to heal their savagely wounded relationship, but prove as destructive and lethal to the world around them as they are to themselves. Mother Nature has a dark side' (Source: Screen Australia. Sighted: 1/6/2012).

1 2 form y separately published work icon Storm Warning Everett de Roche , ( dir. Jamie Blanks ) Australia : Resolution Independent Storm Warning Productions , 2006 Z1883297 2006 single work film/TV horror thriller

'Artist Pia and her lawyer husband Rob become lost when the engine of their boat fails and they drift off course and into a world of pain.'

Source: Screen Australia. (Sighted: 29/8/2012)

1 form y separately published work icon Two Twisted Everett de Roche , Nicholas Parsons , Michael E. Adams , Michael Brown , David Chidlow , M. Pink Christofalo , Tony D'Aquino , Michael Gillett , Peter Ivan , Ian Iveson , Matthew Macknamara , James Robertson , Kelly Schilling , ( dir. Tim Bullock et. al. )agent Australia : Nine Network , 2006 Z1845781 2006 series - publisher film/TV horror fantasy science fiction

A follow-up to Twisted Tales, Two Twisted was another anthology-style program, presenting short, dark narratives, each with a surprise ending. The producers put out a call for emerging script-writing, choosing the fourteen final scripts from the initial pool of applicants, then selecting a mixture of emerging and established directors, each of whom had four days to shoot their episode and a further four days to edit it.

Source: Wikipedia ( Sighted: 1/3/2012.

1 form y separately published work icon A Date with Doctor D Everett de Roche , ( dir. Paul Middleditch ) Australia : Nine Network , 2006 8125238 2006 single work film/TV
1 form y separately published work icon Parallax Lynn Bayonas , Everett de Roche , Coral Drouyn , Ron Elliott , Annie Fox , Meg Mappin , Annie Beach , Sue-Ellen Block , Victor Gentile , Piers Hobson , Paul Douglas Barron , ( dir. Mark DeFriest et. al. )agent Western Australia : Great Western Entertainment , 2004 Z1844427 2004 series - publisher film/TV science fiction children's

Fourteen-year-old Ben discovers that his seemingly staid country town of Werrinup, Western Australia, is actually the gateway to a number of parallel dimensions--where things are almost but not quite like his own world. Once he becomes aware of the parallel worlds, he also becomes aware that they are under threat, and he has to help protect them.

Parallax was created and produced by Paul D. Barron, who is also responsible for such programs as Wormwood, Stormworld, and Ship to Shore.

1 form y separately published work icon Visitors Everett de Roche , ( dir. Richard Franklin ) Australia : Bayside Pictures , 2003 Z1864354 2003 single work film/TV horror

Attempting to become the first woman to succeed in circumnavigating the world solo, Georgia Perry becomes becalmed in her 44-foot sloop. As the days pass, her hallucinations become indistinguishable from reality. But if these are actually hallucinations, how are they leaving physical marks on her body?

1 form y separately published work icon The Saddle Club Graeme Farmer , John Reeves , Sam Carroll , Jutta Goetze , Shirley Pierce , Piers Hobson , Annie Beach , Kris Mrksa , Ian David , Everett de Roche , Helen Steel , Chris Roache , Giula Sandler , Gwenda Marsh , Barbara Bishop , Piers Hobson , ( dir. Arnie Custo et. al. )agent Australia Canada : Australian Broadcasting Corporation Nine Network Crawford Productions Protocol Entertainment , 2001-2009 Z1881784 2001-2009 series - publisher film/TV children's

A Canadian-Australian co-production.

'Amid the excitement and thrill of the horse world growing up seems harder than ever … Stevie, Carole and Lisa are strong, dynamic young women. Each has very distinct and personal dreams for the future. All have one thing in common - a passion for horses. In forming the Saddle Club the girls promise to remain loyal to each other no matter what, but that promise may not prove to be as easy to keep as they think.'

Source: Australian Television Information Archive. (Sighted: 20/8/2013)

1 form y separately published work icon Cybergirl Barbara Bishop , Everett de Roche , Peter A. Kinloch , David Phillips , Charlie Strachan , Helen MacWhirter , Annie Fox , ( dir. Mark DeFriest et. al. )agent Australia : Jonathan M. Shiff Productions , 2001-2002 Z1842760 2001-2002 series - publisher film/TV science fiction children's

A prototype cybernetic human from a distant planet crash-lands on Earth in order to explore the species from which she was developed. To move safely around the city, she disguises herself as the human cousin of a local boy. But two evil replicants are sent after her.

In positioning this program for the media, Jonathan M. Shiff emphasised both similarities to and differences from his previous programs:

'With CYBERGIRL, I set out asking myself how to create a series which has a teenage girl as a principal lead star, in a hip and modern way for the 21st century. Whereas OCEAN GIRL dealt with environmental themes, CYBERGIRL deals with the balance between humans and technology. In a world where millions of our audience are comfortable with the Internet, I thought it would be fun to have our hero as a walking computer!'

Indeed, Shiff placed great emphasis on his choice of a young female protagonist:

'I believe it has been many years since young children had a female superhero - the last was probably WONDER WOMAN. The recent trend for children, especially girls, to identify with characters like CHARLIE'S ANGELS indicates a strong desire for them to see themselves in the media as quite proactive, intelligent and strong, whilst still being emotionally sensitive'.

Source: Cybergirl media kit: (Sighted: 17/2/2012)

1 form y separately published work icon Thunderstone Barbara Bishop , Lois Booton , Annie Fox , Marieke Hardy , Everett de Roche , Roger Dunn , Michael Joshua , Peter A. Kinloch , Helen MacWhirter , Alison Nisselle , David Phillips , Jenny Sharp , Victoria Osbourne , ( dir. Colin Budds et. al. )agent Australia : Jonathan M. Shiff Productions , 1999-2000 Z1847286 1999-2000 series - publisher film/TV children's young adult science fiction

Set on a post-apocalyptic Earth, Thunderstone follows Noah Daniels who, with his family, lives in the underground colony of North Col, after all life on the surface of the Earth is destroyed by the impact of the Nemesis Comet. Fascinated with the holographic animals that the North Col colonists use to teach their children about the Earth's extinct species, Noah is accidentally transported forward in time, to the colony of Haven. 'Thunderstone' is the name given to the remnants of the Nemesis Comet, which allow Noah to travel through time.

Season one involves Noah's travels through time, in company with Arushka (a nomadic girl from Haven), in an attempt to repopulate the Earth with animals. Season two revolves around Noah's attempts to completely destroy the Nemesis Comet before it strikes the Earth, thereby preventing the apocalypse. Season three involves Noah's experiments in wormhole technology, his plans to set up a space colony, and the attempts of guerillas from the future to assassinate Noah before he can (allegedly) murder his own parents.

Season one has been released in its entirety on DVD, but neither season two nor season three have been made commerically available.

1 form y separately published work icon Stingers Grace Morris , Howard Griffiths , Peter A. Kinloch , Paul Davies , Jock Blair , Vicki Madden , Mac Gudgeon , Roger Simpson , Jo Martino , Sue Hore , David William Boutland , Sally Webb , Margaret Wilson , Denise Morgan , Daniel Krige , Martin McKenna , Jeff Truman , Everett de Roche , Stu Sutcliffe , Adam Todd , Tom Hegarty , Simon McDonald , Chris Hawkshaw , Cliff Green , Abe Pogos , Guy Wilding , Max Dann , David Hannam , Magda Pyke , Marcia Gardner , Shane Brennan , Philip Dalkin , Peter Gawler , Anthony Watt , John Banas , Graeme Koetsveld , Michaeley O'Brien , Chris Corbett , Tim Gooding , Shelley Birse , Matt Ford , Samantha Winston , John Reeves , John Ridley , David Bates , Sam De Brito , Meg Mappin , Jane Allen , ( dir. Julian McSwiney et. al. )agent Australia : Beyond Simpson Le Mesurier Nine Network , 1998-2004 6031565 1998 series - publisher film/TV crime detective

'Inspired by true events, Stingers reveals the shadowy and ambiguous world of undercover cops — people with covert lives and constantly changing identities. They are police who defeat crime from within the criminal world — always without a badge and frequently without protection. The series follows the lives of the operatives as they befriend and betray those on the other side of the law. For these select few, it is a deadly way of life.The undercover cops of Stingers are a unique breed. They must juggle their own lives — love, laughter, family and humanity — with the tension of the criminal personas they adopt in their passion for justice.'

Source: Australian Television Information Archive. (Sighted: 7/6/2013)

1 form y separately published work icon Good Guys, Bad Guys Roger Simpson , Nine Network (publisher), Graeme Koetsveld , Mac Gudgeon , Mathew Bate , Everett de Roche , Ray Boseley , Bill Garner , Chris Hawkshaw , Roger Simpson , Tony McDonald , Shane Brennan , Peter Gawler , Chris Middendorp , Deborah Parsons , Elizabeth Coleman , Graham Hartley , Steve Moriarty , Vincent Gil , Neville Brown , Charlie Strachan , Shanti Gudgeon , Peter Hepworth , ( dir. Brendan Maher et. al. )agent 1997 Australia : Beyond Simpson Le Mesurier Nine Network , 1997-1998 Z1367327 1997 series - publisher film/TV crime

An edgy and off-beat crime series that relies heavily on humour, contemporary music, and a touch of the bizarre, centring on the character of Elvis Maginnis. An ex-cop from the wrong side of the tracks, Maginnis now runs his own dry-cleaning business but still finds himself drawn into the shady side of life.

1 form y separately published work icon Medivac Adrenalin Junkies Tony Cavanaugh , Everett de Roche , Greg Millin , Adam Todd , Marcia Gardner , Susan MacGillicuddy , Peter McPhee , Peter A. Kinloch , Matt Ford , Anthony Morris , Graham Hartley , Garrett Russell , Keith Aberdein , John Coulter , Tim Pye , John Concannon , Denise Morgan , ( dir. Geoffrey Bennett et. al. )agent Brisbane : Liberty and Beyond Network Ten , 1996-1998 7288690 1996 series - publisher film/TV

'Staff in an emergency department of a large Australian hospital have become addicted to the adrenalin rush they experience while dealing with life and death emergencies.'

Source: Screen Australia.

1 form y separately published work icon Flipper The New Adventures of Flipper Shane Brennan , Sam Carroll , Elizabeth Coleman , Max Dann , Everett de Roche , Annie Fox , Graham Hartley , Peter A. Kinloch , Jason Herbison , Christopher Lee , Susan MacGillicuddy , Greg Millin , Deborah Parsons , Anne Brooksbank , Sue Hore , Yuki Asano , Philip Dalkin , ( dir. Donald Crombie et. al. )agent Australia United States of America (USA) : Tribune Entertainment Village Roadshow Samuel Goldwyn Company , 1995-2000 Z1881834 1995-2000 series - publisher film/TV children's

An American/Australian co-production, this series was a revival of the original 1964 - 1967 series Flipper.

The show's production is sharply divided between seasons one and two on one side and seasons three and four on the other.

Seasons one and two aired in first-run syndication in the US, as American television networks turned away from funding comparatively expensive one-hour dramas in the late 1980s and 1990s. These two seasons were made in Australia and took advantage of local directors and other crew, but, notably, the script-writers were exclusively American (as far as they have been traced).

For seasons three and four, Flipper left first-run syndication and aired in the US on the new network PAX TV (now Ion Television). These two seasons were also made in Australia and directed by Australians, but for the first time, they also used Australian script-writers: of the writers who have been traced for seasons three and four, all of the season three writers and the majority of the season four writers are Australian.

For full information on the script-writers, see the list of episodes on the film details page of this record.

1 form y separately published work icon Ocean Girl Barbara Bishop , Shane Brennan , Colin Budds , Ian Coughlan , Everett de Roche , Annie Fox , Graham Hartley , Peter Hepworth , Peter A. Kinloch , Helen MacWhirter , Maureen McCarthy , Alison Nisselle , David Phillips , Carole Wilkinson , Linden Wilkinson , Jenny Sharp , Lois Booton , Judith Colquhoun , Kate Henderson , Michael Joshua , Neil Luxmoore , ( dir. Colin Budds et. al. )agent Australia : Jonathan M. Shiff Productions , 1994-1998 Z1844402 1994-1998 series - publisher film/TV science fiction children's

Ocean Girl follows the adventures of Jason and Brett Bates, who move with their mother (a reasearch scientist studying whale song) to an underwater research station near Port Douglas. There, they accidentally meet Neri, a young girl with super-human strength, the ability to breathe underwater, and an affinity for communicating with whales. As the series progresses through four seasons, the Bateses (and the audience) learn more about Neri's arrival on Earth, her home planet, and the ecosystem of their own home planet.

Ocean Girl, one of the earliest productions to come out of Jonathan M. Shiff Productions, is creator Jonathan Shiff's first science-fiction program; his name has subsequently become synonymous with children's science-fiction and fantasy television programs, through such shows as Cybergirl and H2O.

Ocean Girl is ecological science fiction, in that it uses the genre of science fiction to explore the consequences of exploiting Earth's resources. For example, as the program progresses, Dr Dianne Bates (mother of protagonists Jason and Brett) shifts from her early role as cetologist to a more active role as environmental protectionist, in response to the increasing threat of building large underwater constructions in the delicate ecosystem around ORCA. Similarly, season four shows the devastating effects of a 'Red Virus' on the oceans of Neri's home world.

1 6 form y separately published work icon Blue Heelers Tony Morphett , Hal McElroy , Seven Network (publisher), Tony Morphett , Ysabelle Dean , Howard Griffiths , Ted Roberts , Greg Haddrick , Graeme Koetsveld , Anne Brooksbank , John Upton , Peter A. Kinloch , Tim Gooding , Ray Harding , Everett de Roche , Judith Colquhoun , Patrick Edgeworth , Justin Glockerla , Stephen Measday , Sue Hore , Alan Hopgood , John Lord , Rachel Lewis , John Coulter , Hugh Stuckey , Peter Gawler , David Allen , Cassandra Carter , Michaeley O'Brien , Fred Clarke , Margaret Plumb , John Wood , Leon Saunders , Wal Saunders , Russell Hagg , Ruth Field , Shane Brennan , Max Singer , Michael Winter , David Phillips , John Banas , Jennifer Rowe , David William Boutland , Annie Beach , David Worthington , Peter Dick , Robert Harris , Louise Crane , Chris Phillips , David Marsh , Jenny Lewis , Rick Held , Kathie Armstrong , Emma Honey , Bill Garner , Beverley Evans , Anthony Ellis , Mary McCormick , David Anthony , Carol Williams , Matthew Williams , Paul Davies , Craig Wilkins , Roger Dunn , Mary Graham , Harry Jordan , Geraldine Pilkington , Caroline Stanton , Grace Morris , Piers Hobson , Lyn Ogilvy , Deborah Parsons , Bob Cameron , Brian Bell , Kelly Lefever , Karin Altmann , Coral Drouyn , Jon Stephens , Marieke Hardy , Michael Brindley , Harriet Smith , Jo Merle , Chris Corbett , Tom Hegarty , Abe Pogos , Petra Graf , Anne Melville , Julie O'Brien , Peter Hepworth , Rob George , Jane Allen , Noel Maloney , Michael Voigt , Maureen Sherlock , Alison Nisselle , Elizabeth Coleman , John Ridley , Stuart Page , Jeff Truman , Rohan Trollope , Vicki Madden , Forrest Redlich , Jo Kasch , James Dunbar , Kylie Needham , Samantha Winston , ( dir. Mark Callan et. al. )agent 1994 Sydney Australia : Hal McElroy Southern Star Seven Network , 1994-2006 Z1367353 1994 series - publisher film/TV crime

A character-based television drama series about the lives of police officers in the fictitious Australian country town of Mt Thomas, this series began with the arrival of Constable Maggie Doyle (Lisa McCune) to the Mt Thomas station in the episode 'A Woman's Place'. Doyle and avuncular station boss Senior Sergeant Tom Croydon (John Wood) were the core characters of the series until the departure of Lisa McCune.

Immensely popular for a decade, Blue Heelers was cancelled in 2006 after thirteen seasons. The announcement was front-page news in Australia's major newspapers including The Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney's Daily Telegraph, The Herald Sun and The Age in Melbourne, and Brisbane's Courier Mail.

On June 8, 2006 Ross Warneke wrote in The Age:

'It's over and, to be perfectly blunt, there's no use lamenting the demise of Blue Heelers any more. When the final movie-length episode aired on Channel Seven on Sunday night, 1.5 million Australians tuned in, a figure that was big enough to give the show a win in its timeslot but nowhere near big enough to pay the sort of tribute that this writer believes Heelers deserved after more than 500 episodes.It is unlikely there will be anything like it again. At almost $500,000 an hour, shows such as Blue Heelers are quickly becoming the dinosaurs of Australian TV.'

1 form y separately published work icon The Feds : Seduction Everett de Roche , ( dir. George Ogilvie ) Melbourne : Crawford Productions Nine Network , 1994 6058022 1994 single work film/TV crime detective

'The Australian wife of a notorious Colombian drug dealer wants to return home and testify against her husband. It is up to Dave Griffin and Jo Moody to get Brandy Blanco out of Mexico, back to Australia and into the witness box. The drug dealer will go to any lengths to keep his wife out of court.'

Source: Australian Television Information Archive. (Sighted: 17/6/2013)

2 form y separately published work icon Ship to Shore John Rapsey , Glenda Hambly , Mary Morris , Everett de Roche , Jon Stephens , John Cundill , Judi McCrossin , David Phillips , Craig Wilkins , Geoffrey Nottage , Barbara Bishop , David Marsh , Peter A. Kinloch , Lynn Bayonas , Patrick Edgeworth , Sheila Sibley , Graham Foreman , Anthony Ellis , Stephen Measday , Ysabelle Dean , Nicholas Flanagan , Ron Elliott , Alison Nisselle , Trevor Todd , Sarah Smith , Philip Jeng Kane , ABC Television (publisher), Nine Network (publisher), ( dir. Karl Zwicky et. al. )agent Perth Australia : Barron Entertainment ABC Television Nine Network , 1993-1996 Z845012 1993 series - publisher film/TV children's adventure

Children's adventure television series about children who live on fictional Circe Island, a fishing community and communications base off the coast of Western Australia. The first series featured episodes in which the children outwitted adults, particularly the character Hermes Endakis. The series later emphasised environmental issues, particularly in the second series, where the children try to stop a big corporation from destroying their island.

1 5 form y separately published work icon Banjo Paterson's 'The Man from Snowy River' Snowy River: The McGregor Saga Nine Network (publisher), Peter Schreck , Peter A. Kinloch , Ted Roberts , Everett de Roche , David Phillips , Leon Saunders , Tony Morphett , Judith Colquhoun , Russell Hagg , Shane Brennan , Denny Lawrence , Patrick Edgeworth , Jan Sardi , Neil Luxmoore , Denise Morgan , Peter Gawler , Stuart Wood , Jutta Goetze , Jock Blair , Anthony Ellis , David Allen , ( dir. Tim Burstall et. al. )agent 1993 Australia : Nine Network , 1993-1996 Z400448 1993 series - publisher film/TV

Inspired by A. B. Paterson's classic poem and set in a fictional Snowy Mountains township called Paterson's Ridge, this turn-of-the-nineteenth-century adventure concerns wealthy cattle-station owner and widower Matt McGregor and his three children, Colin (the town preacher), Rob (played by Guy Pearce), and Danni (the tomboyish youngest daughter). Unresolved sexual tension comes in the shape of Matt's independent, free-spirited childhood friend, the recently widowed Kathleen O'Neil, who returns to Paterson's Ridge with her son after having spent many years in England.