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Cirrus Student Manual
A Guide to Using the Cirrus System and to Writing in the Digital Environment
(Status : Public)
Coordinated by Cirrus
  • Annotation Assignments

    Some of your assignments through Cirrus might require you to annotate texts or images selected by your course coordinator, or to upload texts or images to be annotated by yourself or by your peers. This section of the manual will guide you through completing annotation assignments.

    Annotation assignments are accessed from the assignments tab on your course page.

    Assignments where the convenor has uploaded the text for you to annotate will look like this:

  • Assignments where you are required to upload your own text for annotation look like this:

  • The image annotation and text annotation assignments have some differences in how they are completed, but both begin from this page. For instructions on completing the assignments, see Completing a Text Annotation Assignment or Completing an Image Annotation Assignment.