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First Nations of the North-East

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  • Who and Where are the Yugara People?

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    Yugara land (AIATSIS code E23, also Jagara and Yuggera, and sometimes including Turubul [AIATSIS code E86]) runs from Moreton Bay to Toowomba, including Brisbane and Ipswich, and one of the groups who are the traditional custodians of the land on which Brisbane is built.

    AustLit records:

    Jeanie Bell: community linguist who has worked on the revival and maintenance of Aboriginal languages for many years.

    Kamarra Bell-Wykes: playwright, best known for her work with the Ilbijerri Theatre Company.

    Shannon Ruska: singer, dancer, and Elder, who has worked extensively in community-based respite organisations.

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    Note: AIATSIS notes that the relationship between Yugara and Turubul is not clear. AUSTLANG treats Jagara, Turubul, Guwar, Jandai, and Yugarabal 'as closely related languages although they might be better treated as closely related dialects'.

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