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First Nations of the North-East

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  • Who and Where are the Biri / Birri Gubba People?

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    Biri-Gubba Juru (AIATSIS code E56) are people of north Queensland.

    AustLit records:

    Samuel Wagan Watson: award-winning poet, narrator, and storyteller, whose works are taught in universities across Australia.

    Sam Watson: activist, writer, lecturer, and storyteller, Sam Watson has written novels, plays, and films.

    Jackie Huggins: activist and academic, who was written widely on issues of concern to Indigenous communities, and worked extensively on issues of reconciliation, social justice, and women's issues.

    Cathy Freeman: Olympic-level athlete, who retired in 2003 and published her autobiography in the same year.

    Boori Pryor: formerly the joint inaugural Australian Children's Laureate and storyteller.

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