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    BlackWords records information about the lives, careers, and works of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers and storytellers and the literary cultures and traditions that formed and influenced them. 

    BlackWords publishes research outcomes, full text, datasets, teaching material and curated content designed to share information and deepen knowledge and understanding.

    BlackWords is a vitally important part of the work the AustLit team does in delivering information and carefully curated content about storytelling in Australia.

    BlackWords is a deep and wide record of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander publications, mapping stories through a time when writing emerged as a practice of cultural significance.

    We cover all forms of creative writing, plus film, television, criticism and scholarship, both by and about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers and literary and storytelling cultures.

  • Please be aware...

    Please be aware that BlackWords contains images and information about people who have died.

    Users are also advised that AustLit contains information that may be culturally sensitive, including images of deceased persons. In addition, as a database that records information about Australian culture and history, AustLit, and the BlackWords material housed within it, contains terminology that reflects attitudes or language used at the time of publication that would be considered inappropriate today. 

  • Indigenous Literacy Foundation


    AustLit regularly partners with The University of Queensland's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Unit and UQ Library to raise money for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

    Keep an eye on AustLit's social media for more information about the annual book swaps.

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