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  • How do I search BlackWords?

    Keyword searches can be conducted on every page in AustLit and BlackWords by simply clicking on the word ‘search’ in the top right hand corner of the page.

    Simply type a word or phrase and hit 'Enter'. The database will return a list of records containing that word or phrase.

    To learn how to conduct more complex searches, for example 'Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women novelists in a particular period' - read on...

    Or, experienced users can go directly to Advanced Search 

  • Keyword Searches in BlackWords

    Search BlackWords by author name, heritage, birth and death dates, titles and types of works, publication dates, as well as by publisher.

    Use the Keyword Search (at the top of every page) to find author or work records when you know what or who you are looking for. Or, use the AustLit Advanced Search form to undertake more complex searches such as finding all works for children's by Aboriginal writers published in 2016.

    Examples of popular searches:

    Noted and identified storytellers.

    Winners of the David Unaipon Award.

    Autobiographies by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.

    Autobiographies by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men

    Autobiographies and biographies of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sporting stars.

    Films by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander film-makers.

    Television shows written by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander script-writers.

    Works with Reconciliation as a subject.

    Children's Picture Books in BlackWords

    BlackWords provides:

    – biographical records for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers and storytellers

    – records for published and unpublished works of creative writing and storytelling

    – information about publishers, theatre groups, and other cultural groups

    – information on works relating to Indigenous cultures or literatures

    – collections of full text

    The slideshow below walks you through how to search for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers and works.

  • How to Search for Works in Language

    BlackWords records published works by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in language, bi-lingual texts, and translations of BlackWords texts into international languages.

    As of 2019, recorded in AustLit there are:

    - over 1800 works in an Indigenous language

    For example, episodes of Our Bedtime Stories in Arrernte, or films like Yulubidyi : Until the End (2018)

    - nearly 300 Australian English works that have been translated into an Indigenous language

    - 240 BlackWords texts that have been translated into an international language

    For example: Kim Scott's Benang: From the Heart has been translated into French, Dutch and Chinese.

    To search for works in language go to the Advanced Search page. Open Publication details, and type in your language in the language field, e.g. Yolngu. Also selected 'Translation' above the language option if you are interested in works that are translated into Yolgnu, rather than first published in Yolgnu.

    If you have a translation from your language group that you would like to share, please email it to us.

  • How to Find Teaching Resources about BlackWords

    There are a number of ways to find useful teaching resources for BlackWords in AustLit:

    Visit 'Teaching with BlackWords' webpages to discover classroom ideas, lesson plans, professional development opportunities, and tips to expand your knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander storytelling.

    Search for BlackWords records with linked search results, via the Advanced Search page. Simply select 'BlackWords' under the Projects tab, and then select 'Teaching resources available' from 'Work' on the right hand side. You can explore the results with additional filters. Or, simply view the search results here.  

    Explore the BlackWords homepage to discover additional resources, research projects, essays, author interviews an more! 

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