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  • Major Publishers

    AustLit ensures that all relevant works by publishers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories are indexed and described in AustLit. Please contact us if you identify any gaps of coverage. 

  • Black Ink Press (2001 - 2012)

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    Black Ink Press

    Black Ink Press was a community-based Indigenous writing, illustrating and publishing project based in Townsville, North Queensland; an arm of the Yalga-binbi Institute for Community Development. 

    Black Ink Press has been inactive since c.2012.

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  • Magabala Books (Broome, 1987-)

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    Founded in Broome in the Kimberly region of Western Australia in 1987, Magabala Books is an Indigenous Australian publishing house. Its first book was Glenyse Ward's Wandering Girl (1988), which sold over 5,000 copies within two months; in addition British rights were sold to Virago Press. In 1990, Magabala became an independent Aboriginal corporation, managed by an all-Aboriginal management committee comprising local people and others with publishing experience.

    Magabala 'publishes works by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander authors and editors, provides advice and publishing services and invites manuscripts.

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  • Keeaira Press (Southport, Qld. 1996-)

    Keeaira Press is small publishing house established by Micheal Aird in 1996. Its primary interest was recording aspects of Aboriginal history and culture and many of their publications have a strong photographic content. Source: (Sighted 08/06/2007).
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  • IAD Press (Mparntwe, 1972-)

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    IAD Press is the publishing arm of the Institute for Aboriginal Development. It was established 1972, is Mparntwe (Alice Springs), on the traditional lands of the Arrernte people. IAD Press publishes writing and artwork by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, including poetry, biographies, histories, fiction and children's books.

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  • Other publishers

    UQ Press Fremantle Press Working Title Press

    Works published by University of Queensland Press that appear in BlackWords

    Works published by Fremantle Press that appear in BlackWords

    Works published by Working Title Press that appear in BlackWords

  • Dhuuluu-Yala=To Talk Straight : Publishing Indigenous Literature

    Dhuuluu-Yala by Dr Anita Heiss discusses the history of defining Aboriginality in Australia and the experience of being Aboriginal. Both these factors have impacted on the production of Aboriginal writing within the wider context of Indigenous writing. The author also focuses on Indigenous publishing in other countries and how best to market and publish Aboriginal literature.

    Links on this page are to material excerpted from:

    Dhuuluu-Yala=To Talk Straight : Publishing Indigenous Literature (see AustLit record) by Anita Heiss (Canberra, Australian Capital Territory : Aboriginal Studies Press, 2003).

    Each item is reproduced with the generous permission of the publisher.

    Extracts available to read:

    Footnotes from the original publication are included at the end of each extract. Unless otherwise indicated, quotes from Jackie Huggins, Jeanie Bell, Lisa Bellear, Cathie Craigie, Melissa Lucashenko, Sandra Phillips and Herb Wharton are sourced from the following personal interviews conducted by Anita Heiss:

    • Jackie Huggins, personal interview, 10 December 1997.
    • Jeanie Bell, personal interview, 15 January 1998.
    • Lisa Bellear, personal interview, 5 June 1997.
    • Cathie Craigie, personal interview, 9 October 1997.
    • Melissa Lucashenko, personal interview, 30 January 1998.
    • Sandra Phillips, personal interview, 5 June 1997.
    • Herb Wharton, personal interview, 10 December 1997.
    • Sam Cook, email to the author, 2 October 1999

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