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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Writers and Storytellers
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  • Courting Blakness : Recalibrating Knowledge in the Sandstone University

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    Courting Blakness was a groundbreaking exhibition curated by UQ Adjunct Professor, Fiona Foley.

    Located in The University of Queensland’s Great Court between September 5-28 in 2014, the project brought together works in different media by Ryan Presley, Archie Moore, Natalie Harkin, Karla Dickens, Christian Thompson, Megan Cope, r e a, and Michael Cook.

    This AustLit website gathers all of the digital footprints of the exhibitions and surrounding events in order to allow this powerful experience to live on, becoming a part of the rich resources in the BlackWords project of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers and storytellers.