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  • History

    AustLit's consortium of scholars and librarians from Australian universities and the National Library of Australia was formed in 1999 with two main purposes:

    1. to house a range of existing research and bibliographical projects relating to Australia's literary and print-culture history

    2. to build the technical and intellectual infrastructure necessary to support further scholarship in the field.

    Funding and Support

    Since AustLit's beginnings, the Australian Research Council has provided generous support through its Linkage, Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities schemes. This support helped us develop AustLit's information architecture and the database content, full text, and website interface. Internal research and infrastructure grants awarded to researchers from participating universities have supplemented this funding.

    Since AustLit's establishment, its Research Projects have supported and continue to support projects that are funded by ARC Discovery and Fellowship grants, and grants from the former Australian Learning and Teaching Council, now the Office for Learning and Teaching.

    Subscription income has supported the continued updating of the database with information on contemporary primary and secondary publications, and up-to-date information on Australian authors, organisations, awards, and other events.

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