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Children’s Literature Digital Resources
A Full Text Repository of Early Australian Children's Literature
Compiled by Amy Cross, Cherie Allan, Michelle Dicinoski & Kerry Mallan.

(Status : Public)
Coordinated by AACLAP & CLDR Editors
  • Introducing CLDR: Children's Literature Digital Resources

  • Children's Literature Digital Resources, or, CLDR is a full text digital repository of Australian children’s literature from 1830 to 1945. Users can read online the complete texts of a selection of early Australian children’s literature, both popular and rare.

    Over 500 texts can be read online, complete with their original illustrations and marginalia. While the CLDR is an invaluable tool for researchers of Australian children's literature, it is also an enjoyable resource for readers.

  • The aims of the project were to:

    – establish an important digital facility for research, teaching, and information provision around Australian children’s literature

    – provide access to a wide range of high-quality full-text data, both primary and secondary resources

    – provide access to essential library and research information infrastructure and facilities for established and emerging researchers in the fields of Humanities and Education

    – enable research while preserving important heritage material.

    Now, the completed project can be used as a valuable research tool by students, schools, researchers, and academics across a range of disciplines.

  • Types of Resources

    Digitised items include children’s and young adult fiction, poetry, short stories, and picture books. There is also a small collection of related full text critical articles that were digitised as part of the project.

    Authors of primary sources include Irene Cheyne, E. W. Cole, Richard Rowe, Lillian M. Pyke, and Dorothy Wall.

    Secondary sources include critical works by Clare Bradford, Heather Scutter, Kerry White, Sharyn Pearce, and Marcie Muir.

    Read more about Children's Literature Digital Resources and its aims in 'Present and Active: Digital Publishing in a Post-Print Age' by Professors Kerry Mallan and Annette Patterson.

  • Citation

    Children's Literature Digital Resources is a separately published work within AustLit.

    AustLit: The Australian Literature Resource 2004-

    Cataloguing-in-Publication Details

    Children's Literature Digital Resources (CLDR)


    Includes index.

    ISBN - 978-0-9750867-8-0

    1. Children's fiction, Australian – Bibliography.

    2. Children's fiction, Australian – History and criticism

    3. Children's fiction, Australian – Collections

    I. Mallan, Kerry. II. Patterson, Annette. III. Borchert, Martin. IV. Young, Carolyn


    Mallan, Kerry, Annette Patterson, Martin Borchert and Carolyn Young. (2008-2011) Children's Literature Digital Resources. St Lucia, Qld: AustLit/The University of Queensland.

  • Acknowledgements

    Children's Literature Digital Resources was funded by the Australian Research Council through Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) grants from 2008 to 2010.

    CLDR forms a key outcome of the AustLit Children's Literature Research Project and contributes a significant number of resources to the AustLit Full Text collection. Led by Queensland University of Technology in partnership with The University of Queensland and the University of Sydney, the project digitised a selection of early Australian children's literature, both popular and rare.

    Many of the items selected for digitisation were kindly supplied by the National Library of Australia, while others were from the library collections of the State Library of Victoria, Monash University, The University of Queensland, Deakin University, and Queensland University of Technology.


    Chief Investigators

    — Professor Kerry Mallan (QUT) 2008-2011  | Carolyn Young (QUT) 2008

    Martin Borchert (QUT) 2009-2011  |  Prof. Annette Patterson (QUT) 2008-2010

    Project Manager

    Amy Cross (QUT) 2008-2011  

    Research Assistants

    — Dr Michelle Dicinoski (UQ/QUT) 2010-2011 |  Dr Cherie Allan (QUT) 2009-2011

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