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Australian Magazines of the Twentieth Century
An Australian Book History and Print Culture Project
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    This is a collection of bio-historical entries on the history and progress of approximately 100 Australian magazines and journals. Titles range from well-known magazines such as Meanjin, Southerly and Westerly to endeavours such as The Austrovert, Birth, and Book Lover. See the Full List of Magazines under the contents link.

    A good example is the entry on The University of Queensland's Arts Faculty stalwart, Hecate. Or you could read about Harry Tatlock Miller, the editor of the short-lived but exquisite literary and arts magazine Manuscripts. Find out who was behind Barjai and Angry Penguins. You can find out the history of the long-lived The Bulletin, first published in 1880.

  • In 2003, AustLit, with Australian Research Council assistance, funded a special research project to map the history, span, editorship and content of these magazines.

    Under the leadership of Professor David Carter and Kerry Kilner and through the persistent research of Dr Roger Osborne, a fascinating picture emerged of the activities and achievements, the highs and lows, the relationships and fallings-out of some of Australia's most interesting agents for change in the growth and recognition of Australia's literary and artistic culture as manifested in the magazines.

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