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1 y separately published work icon That is TOO Wrong! An Anthology of Offbeat Horror Jan-Andrew Henderson (editor), Edinburgh : Black Hart Entertainment , 2022 24916949 2022 anthology short story

'Another collection of horror tales featuring award winners Rob McClure Smith (Black Springs Crime Fiction Prize. The Scotsman Orange Short Story Prize), Pauline Yates (Australian Horror Writers Association Short Story Competition), David Wesley Hill (Golden Bridge Award), Justin Hunter (Crown Wood International Film Festival. WPRN.TV Screenplay Competition. 13 Film and Screenplay). and Jan-Andrew Henderson (Royal Mail Award. Doncaster Book Prize).

'It also uncovers a host of other writers whose dark thoughts have been dragged, kicking and screaming, into the light.

'Demon with a foot fetish?


'Stoners versus bear?


'Man haunted by breasts?

'Yeah. We went there.'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

1 y separately published work icon Tribute : A Showcase Anthology Jan-Andrew Henderson (editor), Edinburgh : Black Hart Entertainment , 2021 24314153 2021 anthology short story

'Fantasy. Crime. Romance. Monsters. Science Fiction. Comedy. Eighteen eclectic stories by Australian authors, from completely new talents to award winners. A mix of diverse genres and styles means there will be something for every reader to enjoy.

'But this anthology is more than just a showcase. It's a tribute to bestselling author Aiki Flintheart (1973 - 2021) who was instrumental in helping almost every contributor, in one way or another.

'Fittingly, it also contains her last story.'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

1 y separately published work icon My Royal Mile Adventure Jan-Andrew Henderson , Jan-Andrew Henderson (illustrator), Edinburgh : Black Hart Entertainment , 2021 23669962 2021 single work picture book children's

'Follow the comical adventures of Harper, Scarlet and their family as they explore Edinburgh's historic Royal Mile and get up to all sorts of mischief.

'A unique souvenir of the city for both children and adults.'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

1 y separately published work icon Father Figure Jan-Andrew Henderson , Edinburgh : Black Hart Entertainment , 2020 21449343 2020 single work novel horror

'The road to Hell is paved with good intentions...

'A ghost tour company ‘invents’ a poltergeist to boost sales.
'At least, that what the guides think.
'Or are they being manipulated by a real entity?
'One that has been altering the course of history for centuries.

'Ben Scott runs a struggling ghost tour company, running graveyard walks.  In an effort to boost sales he hires two strangers, hanging out in the graveyard. Donny Marigold is a fantasist, claiming to see ghosts and Daisy Lenin a near autistic runaway, who blossoms in her new role. They pretend to be a poltergeist and ‘attack’ customers, with great success - until assaults begin to happen on their own and people vanish in the cemetery.

'Donny becomes convinced the graveyard harbours a real entity and begins to uncover evidence that it has influenced world events, using people as varied as Mary Shelley, Robert Louis Stevenson, Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin and David Hume.  He also falls for a ghost named Grizzle, who claims her husband, a vicious mercenary during the 30 years war in Germany, holds the clue to the entity’s origin.  Meanwhile a disparate group of people are drawn into the graveyard’s orbit for what seem to be different reasons.

'‘Doc’ Menzies, recently freed from prison for maiming his wife.  An alcoholic ambulance driver on charges of manslaughter.  A medical salesman from Ohio.  An ugly pole dancer.  A gang of junkies.  Ben’s tour guides. 

'But Ben, Donny and Daisy have each been hiding secrets. As their lies unravel, they discover everyone is caught in the snare of a sinister ‘Father Figure’.    ​

'Their attempts to finally put things right, leads to a horrifying showdown in the graveyard - and the terrible realization that they are their own worst enemies.

'The road to hell is, indeed, paved with good intentions.'

Source : publisher's blurb

1 y separately published work icon Carnage Jan-Andrew Henderson , Edinburgh : Black Hart Entertainment , 2020 21449189 2020 single work novel young adult

'We're all animals now...

'Fifteen teens are trapped in a zoo where the animals have mysteriously gotten loose. Smarter and stronger than they should be, they’re working together to kill humans.

'It’s going to be carnage 

'One morning, the animals mysteriously get free at Edinburgh Zoo. Smarter than should be possible, they are working together to kill everyone. One group of teenagers have survived, waiting for a rescue that isn’t coming, for the military have falsely blamed the disaster on a virus engineered by terrorists and quarantined the area. They intend to wait until the creatures have dispatched anyone who could contradict their story before going in. 

'The teens must work out what the army are hiding, then set out on a nightmare journey to escape over the far wall, hunted by the creatures and a Special Forces Unit.

'Most won’t make it.​

'But if they don’t try, humanity faces extinction.'

Source : publisher's blurb

1 y separately published work icon A Town Called Library Jan-Andrew Henderson , Edinburgh : Black Hart Entertainment , 2020 21449058 2020 single work novel science fiction young adult

'Once Upon a Time... It was The End'

'Four giant underground Forts were meant to repopulate a plague ravaged planet, until one went rogue and enslaved the survivors. Now, after two centuries, there is finally a pocket of resistance. A community of book obsessed farmers, led by a disabled outlaw and seven mysterious teenagers, with an insane battle plan. All holed up in a town called Library.

'The Le Mans Bug decimated the human race. Only the Forts were safe.

'Four underground, technologically advanced underground complexes, filled with those who could afford passage. There, they would be put into suspended animation until the virus faded and they could repopulate the globe.

'It never happened.

'Fort Virginia went rogue and disabled the other complexes. Then they enslaved the few survivors, who were scrabbling to live in small farming communities.

'200 years later, seven teenagers finally awaken in Fort New York and set out on a dangerous journey of exploration. They eventually reach a ramshackle town called Library. The inhabitants are mutants (or Dregs), who take on the lives of characters from novels, in an attempt to preserve history.

'The teens persuade the reluctant Dregs to fight back, insisting they have a plan.

'And so begins a strategy of bluff and double bluff, as they engineer a complex plan to defeat Fort Virginia. However, no matter how much they even the odds, a few hundred disabled farmers still end up facing an army of 2,000 soldiers.

'But Library has a weapon the enemy can't comprehend.'


1 y separately published work icon Goners Jan-Andrew Henderson , Edinburgh : Black Hart Entertainment , 2019 19572816 2019 single work novel science fiction

'New Hebrides is the last habitable place on earth. A technological haven created by the visionary Alan Carver, the island rode out the end of humanity by setting itself adrift in time – though Carver died before he could reach it. After a century of isolation, however, New Hebrides is running out of resources, its population kept in the dark about their impending doom.

'Seven rebellious teenagers, or Goners, are exiled to the mainland and discover why nobody can leave the island. They find themselves stranded 200 million years in the past, facing an environment too inhospitable to survive. Led by the bully who betrayed them to the authorities, the group flee east in a stolen amphibious carrier, passing through time barriers and arriving at successive eras of human history. It’s an adventure at sees them encounter dinosaurs, other exiles who have become cannibals, the ice age, Neanderthals, a Highland warrior and a western lynch mob. They give man the gift of fire, cause the Battle of Little Big Horn, rob a bank and taste Pizza for the first time.

'Circumnavigating the globe, the Goners eventually encounter both Alan Carver and the ‘Great Chaos’ - the catastrophe that destroyed their world.

'And neither are what they were led to believe…'

(Source: publisher's blurb)