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The Blood Votes
Teaching Conscription: World War One Debates.
Coordinated by Blood Votes
  • Introduction



    This exhibition has been designed in fulfulment of a 2015-2016 Queensland Anzac Centenary grants program initially proposed by Dr Geoff Ginn, Associate Professor Rob Pensalfini and Ms Rebecca Hurst. 

    The purpose of the grant was to re-visit the conscription debates through an innovative fusion of historical research and dramatic theatre.  Research has been conducted investigating various aspects of the debates, examples being the role of women, the impact of various movements and even an in depth case study of the "egging" of the then Prime Minister William Morris Hughes. 

    Further, as part of the conditions of the grant, a theatrical play has been produced and recorded.  The plays title "The Blood Votes" has been developed by Michael Futcher.  One striking feature of this script is its use of direct quotations of historical speeches and other various historical incidents, which brings with it an educational value.

    Here you will find an introduction to people or groups of note, the historical backdrop of the referendums and various "voices" that were pro or anti conscription.

    In addition to the overview of the conscription debates, you will be able to click on other tabs to see an interactive timeline with important dates and content, a teachers resource package to help facilitate an education experience for Year 9 students learning history and lastly a tab for in depth further discussion on the topic of conscription. 

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