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Untapped : The Australian Literary Heritage Project

(Status : Public)
  • An AustLit digital exhibition in support of Untapped.

  • About Untapped

    Most Australian books are out-of-print and unavailable for purchase or library loan. These works include local and national histories, biographies and memoirs, beloved children’s titles – and even winners of glittering literary prizes such as the Miles Franklin Literary Award.

    Supported by funding from state and territory libraries, philanthropists and the Australian Research Council, Untapped is identifying Australia’s most significant lost books, digitising them, and promoting them to new generations of readers. As well as providing access to lost books and a new source of revenue for their writers, the Untapped collaboration is supporting new research into the economic value of authors’ reversion rights and book promotion by libraries, and the relationship between library lending and digital book sales. The results will feed into public policy discussions about how we can better support Australian authors, readers and culture.

    See for more information, including a full list of project partners and rediscovered books.

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  • About this Exhibition

    This exhibition complements the Untapped project's website and purpose: just as Untapped works 'to identify Australia’s lost literary treasures and bring them back to life', AustLit works to record the publication history of Australian works, helping to prevent them from becoming lost in their entirety.

    This exhibition, then, sits in the intersection between Untapped and AustLit, tying the new editions of recovered literary treasures to the record of their publication history.

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