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Gender: Female
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1 Death and the Maiden Sylvia Kelso , 2017 single work novella fantasy
— Appears in: Maidens & Magic 2017;
1 y separately published work icon Dragonfly Sylvia Kelso , Rockville : Wildside Press , 2017 19873356 2017 single work novel fantasy

'Hunting Darkness...

'Chaeris is the hope of her family and her community, a potential Seer, child and yet companion of Amberlight's reborn mystery, the qherrique.

'Therkon is crown prince and defender of a damaged empire, seeking answers to storms that wreck trade and fling ashore refugees from the distant Archipelago. And with them, word of a menace that still has no name.

'Over land, over sea, through unexpected perils and amid unlooked-for friendship, they find themselves driven to a deadly meeting in the ruined Isles, under a darkness that threatens to destroy them -- and who can See a dawn beyond?

'"Kelso brings us more unexpected, complex character development in a world to match." -- Lois McMaster Bujold'

(Source: publisher's blurb)

1 Due Care And Attention Sylvia Kelso , 2015 single work short story
— Appears in: Cranky Ladies of History 2015; (p. 9-26)
1 y separately published work icon Spring in Geneva Sylvia Kelso , Seattle : Aqueduct Press , 2013 10498421 2013 single work novella science fiction

'Mary Shelley, a young banker's son, and William, an excessively tall man with a ''lividly hued visage, watery eyes, and blackened lips within a straggling beard,'' pit their wits and derring-do against Lord Byron, master of steampunk technology, and his thuggish minions.

'' beloved Percy's ardor bore him to lengths I could not go. There were plans, between him and Byron, that I could not condone. I nerved myself to protest: you may conceive how difficult, against such visions, such intellects. When protest failed, I forced myself to act.''She took her hand quickly from my arm and drew out a handkerchief. I paced beside her, managing not to exceed my position as mere listener, until she recovered herself. ''Then I was forced to depart, in haste, and to choose between discovery, outcry, wrath perhaps, retribution and my child.''

–from Spring in Geneva '

Source : Publisher's Blurb

1 At Sunset Sylvia Kelso , 2012 single work short story science fiction fantasy
— Appears in: Luna Space Quarterly , no. 11 2012;
1 y separately published work icon The Solitaire Ghost Sylvia Kelso , Waterville : Five Star , 2011 Z1865233 2011 single work novel science fiction

'Dorian Wild has a car, a good apartment, a junior partnership in a law firm, and a solid relationship. Then a seeming ghost walks out of an elevator floor, and rebalances a miner's panning dish on top of her head.

'Suddenly Dorian Wild also has danger, tragedy, mystery, break-ins, mayhem, an unscrupulous megacorp on her trail, and a whole new concept of reality. Especially when it involves a nineteenth-century Irish activist called Jimmy Keenighan, who has ended up in her time and place for reasons neither of them understands. Except that the whole tangle of gold-mines old and new, dangers past and present, time-shifts, deceit and violence, centers on the town of Blackston, with its once rich and still potential goldfields, and the great mine called the Solitaire. Perhaps, somewhere amongt the mysteries, there maybe another ghost: a shadow, a question, a possibility called Solitaire Two.

'The Solitaire Ghost is a fast-moving combination of suspense and time-romance, played out in an Australian setting. The story knits together the historical past and the twenty-first century present, and discovers many common elements, especially around the ever-disturbing presence of gold.'

Sourcde: Publisher's blurb.

1 y separately published work icon The Time Seam Sylvia Kelso , Waterville : Five Star , 2011 Z1865225 2011 single work novel science fiction
1 y separately published work icon Blackston Gold Sylvia Kelso , 2011 10171568 2011 series - author novel
1 'The Cretaceous Border : Writing Non-Realist Fiction in North Queensland' Sylvia Kelso , 2010 single work criticism
— Appears in: Etropic : Electronic Journal of Studies in the Tropics , no. 9 2010;
'This article combines the voice of an academic with that of a writer/author who is also a native of North Queensland, and one who, less commonly, publishes non-realist, or speculative fiction. This area, now often called specific in Australia, covers the genres of science fiction, or SF, fantasy, and horror. Here I will examine the way in which the three forms' generic protocols and markets can intersect with the establishment of a North Queensland writer's regional and/or gendered voice.' (Author's abstract)
1 y separately published work icon Source Sylvia Kelso , Grimes : Jupiter Gardens Press , 2010 10174201 2010 single work novel fantasy

After their shattering departure from Amberlight, Telluir House has begun to rebuild in the mountain village of Iskarda – but even there, River politics remain a threat. When Tellurith and her consort receive the precious yet harrowing gift of a possible new form of the qherrique, only one solution offers protection for Iskarda and the qherrique both: leave Iskarda. Find the River’s Source.

Source: Publisher's Blurb

1 y separately published work icon Three Observations and a Dialogue : Round And About SF Sylvia Kelso , Seattle : Aqueduct Press , 2009 Z1938626 2009 selected work criticism 'After WisCon 20, Sylvia Kelso engaged Lois McMaster Bujold in a rich, snappy correspondence about Bujold's Vorkosigan novels. "You ... remark that '[my] post-modern despair is not [your] emergency' over the failure of feminism to transform SF," she wrote to Bujold. "My postmodern despair OUGHT to be your emergency, buen'amiga, because one of the reasons you are being ignored is that ... you don't fit the male canon either in the community or the critical industry; so unless you catch their eyes with a sand-blaster like The Left Hand of Darkness, the male academics are also gonna find you invisible..."

That correspondence became Letterspace: In the Chinks Between Published Fiction and Published Criticism, which is published here. Also included are Third Person Peculiar: Reading between Academic and SF-Community Positions in (Feminist) Sf, a critical essay discussing the intricacies of an Australian feminist scholar writing about science fiction; Tales of Earth: Terraforming in Recent Women's Sf," which considers colonialism in science fiction by women; and Loud Achievements: Lois McMaster Bujold's Science Fiction through 1997, which closely examines Bujold's Vorkosigan novels. (Publisher's blurb)
1 The Sharp Shooter Sylvia Kelso , 2009 single work short story science fiction
— Appears in: New Ceres Nights 2009; (p. 170-193)
1 1 y separately published work icon Riversend Sylvia Kelso , Rockville : Juno , 2009 Z1572423 2009 single work novel fantasy Fighting doubt and convention, beset with great challenge and facing profound change, Tellurith of Amberlight leads her displaced House to a new beginning and a different life in Iskarda--a life that includes men and women as equals. But the traditionalist Iskardans are outraged by Tellurith's policies and appalled by her love for two husbands: Alkhes--the rough, dark Outlander who brought Amberlight its doom--and golden Sarth, epitome of the urbane men of the Amberlight Towers. To achieve Tellurith's dream, both must re-shape their lives. All three must journey to Dhasdein's imperial capital of Riversend and face deadly menace and perilous machination before they can hope to see the dream achieved.
1 The Cretaceous Border Sylvia Kelso , 2008 single work short story science fiction
— Appears in: Neverlands and Otherwheres 2008; (p. 24-39)
Alternate universe manifestations in a North Queensland backyard.
1 y separately published work icon The Red Country Sylvia Kelso , Waterville : Five Star , 2008 Z1577599 2008 single work novel fantasy 'The wild, harsh, beautiful, fragile desert of Hethria faces an imperial invasion. Two people might save it, but only if they can change themselves'. Source: bookseller's website.
1 y separately published work icon Amberlight Sylvia Kelso , Rockville : Juno , 2007 Z1548991 2007 single work novel fantasy Because an oracle tells her that he must not die, Tellurith, the Head of a great ruling House, retrieves a battered outlander left for dead in the streets of the legendary city of Amberlight. Although stripped of his memory the man may know of a threat to Amberlight's unique possession: the motherlodes of the qherrique; the pearl-rock that gives the Riverworld rulers their most powerful tool. Tangled in intrigue, insurrection and brutal warfare, it takes a cataclysmic upheaval for Tellurith and the stranger to begin to understand the more-than-human mystery that first brought them together.
1 y separately published work icon The Moving Water Sylvia Kelso , Waterville : Five Star , 2007 Z1454726 2007 single work novel fantasy The empire of Assharral is wealthy, peaceful and secure, its ten provinces stretching over deserts, plains and mountains, eight races shielded under its roof. The empress of Assharral is powerful beyond resistance, beautiful beyond flaw, immortal beyond the threat of age. As she dreams beside her fountain, it seems nothing can ever change. Until a stranger enters Assharral, a landless, penniless vagabond - a vagabond who knows how she has enspelled the empire, whose very presence will fling Assharral into the throes of bitter conflict, battle, and destruction: and then, into ultimate change.
1 y separately published work icon Riverworld Sylvia Kelso , 2007-2010 10146433 2007 series - author novel
1 y separately published work icon Rihannar Chronicles Sylvia Kelso , 2005 2005- Z1454723 2005 series - author novel fantasy
1 2 y separately published work icon Everran's Bane Sylvia Kelso , Waterville : Five Star , 2005 Z1203196 2005 single work novel fantasy The kingdom of Everran is dying, razed by a dragon that came out of nowhere to burn its oil groves and devastate its vineyards and kill its folk. Soldiers cannot stop the dragon. There is no help in Everran's neighbors, and none in legend or history. Why has the dragon come? What does the dragon know? King Beryx and his hearthbard Harran set out to find answers from a legendary mage when every other resort has failed.