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Cirrus Student Manual
A Guide to Using the Cirrus System and to Writing in the Digital Environment
(Status : Public)
Coordinated by Cirrus
  • If you're having trouble with an aspect of Cirrus, it's possible that others have too. Check this section to see some of the most commonly asked questions.

  • Why Can't I Access Cirrus?

    Make absolutely sure that you're accessing Cirrus and not AustLit.

    Although Cirrus is powered by AustLit, the two websites do not overlap, and your Cirrus membership will not work on AustLit. Make sure that you are accessing this link:

  • Why Won't My Image Upload?

    The system won't upload images over a certain size.

    If the Cirrus system won't upload an image, it's usually a matter of scale. Cirrus will re-size your images for you, but is not equipped to take images over a certain size. We recommend sizing images to a maximum width of 700dpi (pixels per inch) before attempting to upload them.

    Occasionally, the system will reject a file despite it being an acceptable size and accepted format. If your file seems okay otherwise, try saving a .jepg as a .png (or vice versa), and see if it will upload in the new format.

  • Why Can't I Edit My Work?

    The page must be in editing mode before you can edit your work.

    If you're trying to edit text for an annotation assignment or in your exhibition, you'll need to make sure that the work is in editing mode first.

    To put your work in editing mode, click the My Cirrus button in the top right-hand corner of the screen, and select 'Editing Mode' from the drop-down menu.

  • Why Can't I Add Another Tile Set?

    Only one tile set can be included per tab.

    If you've already added a tile set to the tab you're working on, you won't be able to add another, and the option will no longer appear when you click + Page Component. You can, however, create a new tab and add a tile set to that.

  • Why Isn't My Video / Audio Embedded?

    Video and audio won't embed without the correct 'embed' link.

    To embed a video or audio file, you must make sure that you use the specific 'embed' link provided by the file-sharing site. This link contains the necessary code for embedding the video. If your video won't embed, check that you're using the embed link, and not the basic URL.

    If sharing through embedding has not been enabled for the file, you will not be able to embed it on Cirrus.

  • Why Won't My Work Download as a PDF? (Getting a Blank Screen)

    Check that you don't have stray 'junk' HTML in your work.

    If you try to download your work as a PDF and instead get a blank page, it is most likely a problem with incorrect HTML somewhere on your exhibition. The most common example of this is people using angle brackets instead of round brackets. The system will interpret any angle brackets as HTML, which will cause issues if they are used in another context. The problem will also occur if one of your links is incomplete or invalid.

    Check your work carefully, but if you can't see the problem, contact Cirrus staff for assistance.

  • Why Won't My Work Download as a PDF? (Not Seeing the PDF Download Option)

    Make sure that you have your exhibition in public mode.

    The 'Download as PDF' option will only appear in the drop-down menu when your work is in public mode, not when it is in editing mode. Make sure your work is in public mode before trying to download it as a PDF.