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Australian Book History
Australian Book History and Print Culture

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    Australian Book History and Print Culture recognises and encourages research into the composition, publication, distribution and reading of Australian literature.

    In recent years, book history has emerged as a significant field of study, growing out of the solid foundations of bibliography and textual criticism. Interest in the field has supported a number of publications, most significantly the three-volume History of the Book in Australia and the Academy Editions of Australian Literature series.

    Australian Book History and Print Culture's aim is to collect more detailed information on publishers, sellers and readers of Australian literature than is already delivered through AustLit.

    Australian Magazines and Banned in Australia already provide detailed information about specific developments in Australian print culture. The addition of further book history information will significantly contribute to research, teaching and learning.

    Included in Australian Book History and Print Culture are the following projects:

    • America Publishes Australia: Australian Books and American Publishers, 1890-2005
    • Australian Magazines
    • Banned in Australia
    • Hidden Treasures of the Mitchell Library: Sydney Periodicals, 1895-1930
    • Publishers of Australian Literature

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