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2018 winner 'C' Classification form y separately published work icon Flawless Magda Wozniak , ( dir. Corrie Chen ) Australia : Matchbox Pictures Australian Broadcasting Corporation , 2017 14124009 2017 single work film/TV
2018 winner 'P' Classification form y separately published work icon Where's Aaron? Erica Glynn , Victoria : Ned Lander Media Australian Children's Television Foundation , 2017 14123698 2017 single work film/TV children's
2018 winner Telemovie or Miniseries of 4 Hours or Less Duration, Including Original and Adapted Works. form y separately published work icon Sunshine Matt Cameron , Elise McCredie , ( dir. Daina Reid ) Australia : Essential Media and Entertainment , 2017 10730914 2017 series - publisher film/TV crime

'When a privileged suburban teen is critically assaulted, the blame is quickly laid on a group of young men from Melbourne’s South Sudanese community – jeopardising the dreams of 18-year-old star basketballer Jacob Chagai. But the truth is never black and white.'

Source: Screen Australia.

2018 winner Serial form y separately published work icon Neighbours [Episode 7776] Sarah Walker , ( dir. Chris Adshead ) Australia : Reg Grundy Enterprises , 2018 14121445 2018 single work film/TV
2017 winner Telemovie or Miniseries (less than 4 hours' duration) form y separately published work icon Deep Water Kris Wyld , Kym Goldsworthy , ( dir. Shawn Seet ) Australia : Blackfella Films SBS , 2016 8570264 2016 series - publisher film/TV crime

'Up to 80 murders, 30 unsolved cases, thousands of assaults. In the 1980s and 1990s a murderous epidemic grips Sydney. The attackers are united by contempt. Their targets united by their sexual identity. All are gay. For the first time Deep Water presents the full account of the gay hate crime epidemic that bloodied Sydney’s coastline. It stirs up old cases in the hope that new evidence will rise to the surface and bring peace and justice to the loved ones left behind..'

Source: Screen Australia.

2017 winner Series or Mini-Series (more than 4 hours' duration) form y separately published work icon Alex Jacquelin Perske , ( dir. Glendyn Ivin ) Australia : Matchbox Pictures Australian Broadcasting Corporation , 2017 11402814 2017 single work film/TV
2017 winner Serial form y separately published work icon Home and Away [Episode 6510] Faith McKinnon , ( dir. Ian Gilmour ) Australia : Seven Network , 2016 11395680 2016 single work film/TV
2016 winner Serial form y separately published work icon Neighbours [Episode 7202] Jason Herbison , ( dir. Declan Eames ) Australia : Reg Grundy Enterprises FremantleMedia Australia , 2015 10270505 2015 single work film/TV
2016 winner Series form y separately published work icon Rake [Series 4, Episode 7] Andrew Knight , ( dir. Peter Duncan ) Australia : Australian Broadcasting Corporation , 2016 10253194 2016 single work film/TV
2015 winner Serial form y separately published work icon Home and Away [Episode 6057] Louise Crane , ( dir. Arnie Custo ) Australia : Seven Network , 2014 8888826 2014 single work film/TV
2015 joint winner Series form y separately published work icon The Governor's Pleasure Stuart Page , ( dir. Kevin Carlin ) Fremantle : FremantleMedia Australia Foxtel , 2015 8888784 2015 single work film/TV With episode 5.11 of Offspring.
2015 joint winner Series form y separately published work icon Offspring [Series 5, Episode 11] Michael Lucas , ( dir. Peter Salmon ) Australia : Southern Star John Edwards , 2014 8888740 2014 single work film/TV With episode 2.3 of Wentworth.
2014 winner Serial form y separately published work icon Neighbours [Episode 6857] The Shooting : Part Two Stephen Vagg , ( dir. Gary Conway ) Australia : FremantleMedia Australia , 2014 7801392 2014 single work film/TV

The second part of a two-part episode in which regular character Kate Ramsay is shot and killed.

2014 winner Comedy - Situation or Narrative form y separately published work icon Australia Day Phil Lloyd , Trent O'Donnell , ( dir. Trent O'Donnell ) Australia : Jungleboys , 2014 7800574 2014 single work film/TV

'It's been 12 months since we last saw the Moody family. Maree and Kevin have put the Moody home up for sale, outraging Sean. He's refusing to leave his house and is squatting in his old room. Dan and Cora have returned home from the UK and, in an attempt to impress Cora's family, Dan invites them to Uncle Terry's Australia Day BBQ.'

Source: Australian Television Information Archive.

2011 winner Television Serial form y separately published work icon R v Chandler Peter Duncan , ( dir. Jeffrey Walker ) Australia : ABC Television , 2010 Z1824629 2010 single work film/TV
2011 winner Serial form y separately published work icon Home and Away [Episode 5215] Cameron Welsh , ( dir. Geoffrey Nottage ) Sydney : Channel 7 , 2010 Z1822214 2010 single work film/TV

'The day of Bianca's wedding has arrived, Vittorio waits nervously at the alter as his stunning bride walks down the aisle towards him. They say their vows but Bianca hesitates for a moment and then tells Vittorio that she can't marry him. In front of all her friends and family she rushes back down the aisle and into the arms of her true love, Liam Murphy. In shock, Vittorio tries to drag Bianca away from Liam, but Romeo steps in and lands a punch that knocks him out cold. Bianca and Liam ride off into the sunset on his Harley Davidson. In the meantime, John and Gina save the day. Not being one to waste a good opportunity, John is prompted by Gina into telling everyone that there will still be a wedding today between himself and the beautiful Gina Austin. Colleen is quick to offer her services as Matron of Honour and Xavier happily steps in as best man. All seems to be going well until Xavier sees April's tear streaked face. She is being taken back to Europe by Joanne and has no idea if she will ever return to Summer Bay. There are more tears from Nicole when she confesses to Marilyn that she is pregnant to Penn Graham! Detective Robertson really spoils the party when he arrives with Graves to arrest Alf for Penn's murder. The residents of Summer Bay watch as Alf is taken away in handcuffs!'

Source: Home and Away homepage, (sighted 08/11/2011)

2010 winner Series form y separately published work icon The Man Who Fell to Earth Jacquelin Perske , ( dir. Jessica Hobbs ) 2010 Z1720680 2010 single work film/TV

'Uptight dentist Suzy Darling leaves her egotistical husband Steve and moves her children Elvis and Verity into a beautiful penthouse apartment to start a new life. She soon finds that the home is already occupied: by Henry, a strangely attired British man who has lost his memory. To make matters more mysterious, it soon becomes apparent that no one but Suzy can see him. Has the stress of her marriage breakdown caused Suzy to lose her mind? Or is there something more magical going on here?'

Source: 'Man Who Fell to Earth,' Australian Television Information Archive.

2009 winner Series form y separately published work icon Rush : Series One : Episode Four John O'Brien , Christopher Lee , ( dir. Erin White ) Australia : Southern Star John Edwards , 2008 Z1622231 2008 single work film/TV A prisoner escapes resulting in a hostage situation. Josh risks his life to protect Grace when she is assaulted.
2009 winner Serial form y separately published work icon Home and Away [Episode 4649] Sean Nash , ( dir. Rebecca Barry ) 2008 Sydney : Seven Network , 2008 Z1622185 2008 single work film/TV
2008 winner Children's Television form y separately published work icon Man Bites Dog Doug MacLeod , ( dir. Aaron Davies ) Australia : Media World Pictures , 2007 Z1523474 2007 single work film/TV children's humour

'The Dogstar goes through a microwave radiation anomaly and ends up the size of a tennis ball. It arrives at New Earth where, by a stunning coincidence, it ends up inside the very Robog that belongs to Mark and Greta Clark. As Zeke says, 'Stranger things have happened,' though he can't think what.

'Meanwhile, a damaged Valiant crash-lands on Old Earth and the kids meet up with Ramon Ridley who is still trying to clean up the planet. This is difficult because Bob Santino has been dumping all his toxic waste on Old Earth.'

Source: Media World Pictures website,
Sighted: 19/08/2008

2007 winner Series form y separately published work icon Cold Blooded Creatures Tony McNamara , ( dir. Ian Watson ) 2007 Z1425202 2007 single work film/TV
2006 winner form y separately published work icon Answered by Fire Katherine Thomson , Barbara Samuels , ( dir. Jessica Hobbs ) Australia Canada : Beyond Simpson Le Mesurier Terra Rossa Pictures Muse Entertainment Enterprises ABC Television Canadian Broadcasting Commission , 2006 Z1301883 2006 single work film/TV 'In 1999, after 24 years of forced occupation, East Timor won the right to vote for independence from Indonesia. The ballot would be supervised by the United Nations. The UN promised the East Timorese that they would stay after the vote, regardless of the outcome. It was a promise they couldn't keep. Australian policeman Mark Waldman, Canadian police officer and a young East Timorese translator named Ismenio Soares are brought together by the UN's fateful effort to give the Timorese a voice in their own future.' (Libraries Australia)
2005 winner Series form y separately published work icon A Different Planet Louise Fox , ( dir. Jessica Hobbs ) Australia : Channel W , 2005 Z1367427 2005 single work film/TV
2004 winner Mini-Series (Original) form y separately published work icon Marking Time John Doyle , ( dir. Cherie Nowlan ) Southern Star John Edwards , 2003 Z1077214 2003 series - publisher film/TV

'MARKING TIME tells the story of Hal, a small town boy who has just left high school. The world is at his feet. He falls in love with Randa, an Afghani refugee, in a year of momentous change - from the optimistic time of the Sydney Olympics up until the post-September 11 world of a scared and divided nation.'

Source: Screen Australia.

2001 winner Telemovie Original form y separately published work icon One Night the Moon John Romeril , Rachel Perkins , ( dir. Rachel Perkins ) Australia : Music Arts Dance Films Australian Broadcasting Corporation , 2001 Z935161 2001 single work film/TV (taught in 1 units)

A young girl goes missing within the Australian landscape and her father refuses to let an Aboriginal man, Albert, be included in the search party and utilise his 'tracking' skills. It is a decision that proves fatal. Months later, the child's mother approaches Albert to begin the tracking process that eventually leads her to her lost child.

2001 winner Telemovie Original form y separately published work icon The Secret Life of Us Judi McCrossin , Christopher Lee , ( dir. Lynn-Maree Danzey ) Sydney : Southern Star Entertainment , 2001 Z1620153 2001 single work film/TV

'The Secret Life of Us traces the lives of eight twenty-somethings sharing a Melbourne apartment block who are all looking for the same thing - love, sex, romance, success and anything else that's worth going after. The problem is they haven't worked out how to get it yet so they make it up as they go along.'

Source: Australian Television Information Archive ( (Sighted: 02/09/2009)

2001 winner Mini-Series Original form y separately published work icon Do or Die The Rubicon Christopher Lee , John Collee , ( dir. Rowan Woods ) Australia United Kingdom (UK) : Seven Network , 2001 Z1620146 2001 series - publisher film/TV detective crime

'While on a backpacking holiday in Australia, 21-year-old Gemma meets and falls in love with Michael Tyler, a fugitive posing as an undercover cop. Years later it is discovered that her 6-year-old son has leukaemia and must undergo treatment using the blood of a compatible donor. Gemma travels to Australia to find Tyler who has escaped from prison and unbeknown to Gemma the police use her to track him down.'

Source: Screen Australia. (Sighted: 14/6/2013)

1999 winner Best Episode of a TV Serial form y separately published work icon Breakers : Episode 241 Sean Nash , ( dir. Sean Nash ) Australia : Screentime , 1998 Z1362913 1998 single work film/TV
— Appears in: Top Shelf 2 : Five Outstanding Television Screenplays 2001; (p. 43-95)
1998 winner Best Episode for a TV Serial form y separately published work icon Home and Away [Episode 2282] Linda Stainton , ( dir. Tony Osicka ) Sydney : Seven Network , 1997 Z1362895 1997 single work film/TV
— Appears in: Top Shelf 2 : Five Outstanding Television Screenplays 2001; (p. 1-42)
1997 winner Best Episode of a TV Series Drama form y separately published work icon Reports of Damage and Loss John Banas , ( dir. Richard Sarell ) 1997 Z1362943 1997 single work film/TV detective crime
— Appears in: Top Shelf 2 : Five Outstanding Television Screenplays 2001; (p. 165-235)
Nick and Adam attempt to rescue a young girl from a flooded stormwater drain. Nick sends Adam for help while he holds the girl to stop her from being dragged away. However, Adam is delayed by a crisis involving the girl's sister and, worn down by exhaustion, Nick loses his grip on the girl. This episode is revealed in flashbacks when Nick and Adam return to the station and their colleagues piece together the story. Nick vents his frustration on Adam. Eventually the news comes in that one of the sisters lived and the other died. Nick and Adam start the healing process by going to inform the parents of their child's death.
Source: Australian Television Information Archive
1986 winner Best Tele-Movie Adaptation form y separately published work icon The Perfectionist David Williamson , ( dir. Chris Thomson ) Sydney : Pavilion Partners , 1985 Z966852 1985 single work film/TV

An incisive and humorous look at the problems in a two-career marriage, the story concerns Stuart, a perfectionist and male chauvinist, and his wife Barbara. When she re-enters the workforce and hires a male Scandinavian babysitter, the effects on the household are dramatic.

1985 winner Best Adaptation form y separately published work icon Man of Letters Alma De Groen , ( dir. Chris Thomson ) 1984 Australia : ABC Television , 1984 Z1066794 1984 single work film/TV

Professor Dorton Serry, an esteemed philosopher and lover of all women, is the type of man who likes to have complete control over his world and those in it. So how does he react when the women in his life step out of their allotted roles and challenge his prejudices and philosophies?

1984 winner Best Adaptation form y separately published work icon Conference-Ville Frank Moorhouse , ( dir. Julian Pringle ) Australia : ABC Television , 1984 Z1184890 1984 single work film/TV A group of delegates attend a week-long conference. A doctor is raped by another delegate. She keeps quiet about it for the sake of the success of the conference.
Source: NFSA Title No: 27222 Summary
1983 winner Adaptation form y separately published work icon 1915 Soldiers of the King Peter Yeldham , ABC Television (publisher), 1981 (Manuscript version)x402113 Z1684190 1981 series - publisher film/TV Two country boys enlist in the army and ship out to fight in World War I.
1983 winner Original form y separately published work icon Women of the Sun Sonia Borg , Hyllus Maris , ( dir. James Ricketson et. al. )agent 1982 St Kilda : Generation Films , 1982 Z1684559 1982 series - publisher film/TV historical fiction

A ground-breaking television series, Women of the Sun was, according to Moran in his Guide to Australian TV Series, born out of co-writer Sonia Borg's desire for a more balanced televisual representation of Indigenous Australians: 'Angry at the plight of Aborigines, she was concerned that many scriptwriters could conceive of Aboriginal women only as prostitutes.' To counter this tendency, she contemplated a series that showed Australian history from the perspective of Aboriginal women, a project for which she sought the colloboration of sociologist and social worker Hyllus Maris.

Because, as Moran notes, it 'portrayed the history of Aboriginal people since the incursion of the whites, focusing on the relations between blacks and whites over the previous 200 years', Women of the Sun 'was a direct counter to the various official histories in preparation for the Bicentennial celebrations in 1988'.

Women of the Sun is divided into four parts, each of which focuses on a different woman in a different period of history.

'Alinta the Flame' (set in the 1820s) shows the interaction between the two cultures as an Indigenous Australian tribe (the Nyari) nurse back to health two English convicts whom they find washed up on the beach, only to find the new settlers increasingly encroaching on Nyari lands--a process that ends in the annihilation of the entire tribe, barring Alinta and her young daughter.

'Maydina the Shadow' (set in the 1890s) follows Maydina, abducted and abused by a group of seal-hunters, from whom she eventually escapes with her daughter Biri (who is of mixed Indigenous Australian and European heritage). Taken in by Mrs McPhee, head of a church mission, Maydina is separated from her child and sent into service for the church. When she falls in love with an Indigenous Australian man and attempts to leave with him and Biri to return to a traditional lifestyle, Mrs McPhee has them pursued by troopers, who kill Maydina's lover and remove Biri from her care.

'Nerida Anderson' (set in 1939) focuses on the Cumeroongunga Walkout, showing the deterioration in conditions on the reserve through the eyes of Nerida Anderson, raised on the reserve and returning there after a period working in the city as a book-keeper. Her attempts to foster improvement on the reserve are greeted angrily by the reserve manager, who attempts to have Nerida and her family tried for treason; ultimately, Nerida incites a successful walkout.

'Lo-Arna' (set in the 1980s) focuses on 18-year-old Ann Cutler's discovery that she is not of French Polynesian descent as she believed, but actually the biological daughter of her adoptive father and Alice Wilson, an Indigenous Australian woman from a nearby town, prompting her to reconsider her relationship with her adoptive parents and with her own identity.

Moran notes of the series as a whole that 'Although each of the four episodes of Women of the Sun is self-contained, nevertheless, taken together the episodes powerfully suggest what 200 years of white contact has done to Aboriginal society'.

1982 winner Best Television Adaptation form y separately published work icon Jonah Eleanor Witcombe , ( dir. Eric Tayler ) 1982 Australia : Australian Broadcasting Commission , 1982 Z869032 1982 series - publisher film/TV

A young boy living on the streets at the turn of the twentieth century decides to make something of his life. The Australian Women's Weekly describes the program as 'detailing the rise of a hunchbacked 1900s larrikin gang leader from the gutter to the respectability of owning a shoe emporium' (Wed. 24 June 1981, p.118S).

For a detailed, episode-by-episode synopsis, see Film Details.

1976 winner form y separately published work icon Heads I Win, Tails You Lose Cliff Green , Howard Griffiths , ( dir. Oscar Whitbread ) Australia : ABC Television Paradine Productions , 1976 7186947 1976 single work film/TV

Episode one of the adaptation of Frank Hardy's novel.

1975 joint winner Play form y separately published work icon Lindsay's Boy Ted Roberts , ( dir. Frank Arnold ) Sydney : ABC Television , 1974 Z1864104 1974 single work film/TV

'World War II soldier Jim Lindsay tries to restore family rapport with his resentful motherless son, Kevin.'


[Television guide], The Canberra Times, 4 July 1974, p.13

1974 winner Best Screenplay Adaptation form y separately published work icon Seven Little Australians Eleanor Witcombe , ABC Television (publisher), ( dir. Ron Way ) Sydney : ABC Television , 1973 Z972389 1973 series - publisher film/TV children's young adult historical fiction

A ten-part television mini-series adapted from the 1894 novel Seven Little Australians by Ethel Turner (q.v.). Set in Sydney in the 1890s, the stories concern Captain Woolcot, an English widower with seven children, who has recently married again. The family lives in their large home 'Misrule,' which lies along the banks of the Parramatta River. As an officer in the New South Wales Regiment, Woolcot attempts to implement regimental discipline but is constantly harassed and embarrassed by the antics of his seven mischievous children: Meg, Pip, Judy, Nell, Bunty, Baby, and 'The General.' Since he is unable to control them, it is his new wife who invariably takes on all the trials of bringing up the children, with the most difficult child being the ring-leader Helen, commonly known as Judy.

1974 winner Comedy y separately published work icon And the Big Men Fly Alan Hopgood , 1963 1963 (Manuscript version)x400991 Z441080 1963 single work drama humour
1970 winner Play form y separately published work icon Fiends of the Family Pat Flower , ( dir. Oscar Whitbread ) Melbourne : ABC Television , 1968 Z1821210 1968 single work film/TV crime

Three middle-aged sisters are repressed by their mother, but how long can this last?

1968 winner form y separately published work icon Target, Smokehouse James Workman , ( dir. Wilf Buckler ) Sydney : ABC Television , 1967 Z1805883 1967 single work film/TV

'In an inner Sydney suburb a notorious opium den continues its flagrant operation, and Chief Insp. Ted Hallam is requested by the Minister to eradicate it at all costs. When an informant is murdered, Customs Special Branch and the police move in on the den in a joint operation.'

Source: Storey, Don. Classic Australian Television. (Sighted 13/9/11)