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  • Superromance Senior Editor Laurie Bauman announced that from February 1985 (Nos. 150-153) the four books published monthly in this series would be shortened "due to market research...guaranteeing a faster-paced story". (from frontmatter Sharon Brondos' A Magic Serenade - No.153)


y Temporary Wife Joan Kilby , Chatswood : Harlequin , 1999 Z1200769 1999 single work novel romance Ontario : Harlequin , 1999
y Secrets of the Outback Margaret Way , Chatswood : Harlequin Mills and Boon , 2002 Z1610520 2002 single work novel romance Jewel Bishop grew up in the Outback, and she feels defined by it. Then she makes a devastating discovery -- she's not who she thought she was. There are secrets in her past, and they affect her present life. Keefe Connellan becomes part of Jewel's life because he suspects that Travis Copeland, his much older business partner, is Jewel's real father. He suspects, too, that Jewel knows this and he wonders what she's looking for, what she wants. Money? Vengeance? Perhaps even justice for the father who was betrayed? Is Jewel Bishop deceiver or deceived? Whatever the truth, Keefe recognizes in her a strength and passion to match his own.... (Blurb) Chatswood : Harlequin Mills and Boon , 2002
y Home to Eden Margaret Way , Chatswood : Harlequin Mills and Boon , 2004 8825567 2004 single work novel romance

'Come to Koomera Crossing, deep in the Australian Outback. It's been more than a decade since Nicole Cavanagh's mother was found dead. But the people of Koomera Crossing are still talking about the rift that her death caused between the Cavanaghs and the McClellands- two powerful and formerly friendly families. Now Nicole has come home to the Outback determined to find out ttat the truth behind her mother's death. Who would have thought that her one ally would be McClelland? There's no one like Margaret Way when it comes to writing about Australia or the the passions of the human heart.' (Publication summary)

Chatswood : Harlequin Mills and Boon , 2004
y Homecoming Wife Joan Kilby , Chatswood : Harlequin Mills and Boon , 2004 Z1609941 2004 single work novel romance The return of the runaway bride... Ten years ago Nate Wilde's wife, Angela, left and never came back. Nate is now quite happy to spend his days on the rugged trails of Whistler, British Columbia. But when Angela returns to the resort town, the same old attraction flares to life between them. Nate realizes he never stopped loving Angela and hopes to change her mind about filing for divorce. They've both done a lot of growing up over the years and changed in ways neither expected. Will Nate be able to convince his wife to stay for good this time? (Blurb) Chatswood : Harlequin Mills and Boon , 2004
y The Australian Heiress Margaret Way , New York (City) Toronto : Harlequin , 1997 Z1500699 1997 single work novel romance Chatswood : Harlequin Mills and Boon , 1998
y The Australian Heiress Margaret Way , New York (City) Toronto : Harlequin , 1997 Z1500699 1997 single work novel romance New York (City) Toronto : Harlequin , 1997
y A Father's Place Joan Kilby , Chatswood : Harlequin , 1998 Z1200759 1998 single work novel romance New York (City) : Harlequin , 1998
y Spencer's Child Joan Kilby , New York (City) : Harlequin , 1999 Z1200764 1999 single work novel romance Ontario : Harlequin , 1999
y The Second Promise Joan Kilby , Toronto : Harlequin , 2001 Z1610470 2001 single work novel romance

'Promises, promises...

'Maeve Arden had promised to love forever, but the marriage failed. Now, five years later, Maeve has finally found peace–peace she's promised herself to keep. The last thing she wants is a new man in her life. Her joy comes from her work-designing landscape gardens.

'Will Beaumont hires Maeve to design his garden. He, too, isn't looking to have anyone else in his life–no matter how much she attracts him. He's just agreed to a platonic marriage with another woman–and it's a promise he intends to keep. But circumstances conspire to remind Will of a second promise he's made. The most important promise of them all...'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

Toronto : Harlequin , 2001
y The Cattle Baron Margaret Way , Chatswood : Harlequin Mills and Boon , 2001 Z1538262 2001 single work novel romance Toronto : Harlequin , 2001
y Child of His Heart Joan Kilby , Toronto : Harlequin , 2001 Z1538222 2001 single work novel romance He's raised a child who might not be his own. Does he have it in his heart to do it again? Fire chief Nick Dalton has a lot on his plate. He's had to move to a small town in Washington to get his twelve-going-on-twenty-year-old daughter away from the rough crowd she was hanging with in Los Angeles. He's also struggling with the knowledge his late wife imparted on her deathbed - their child might not be his biologically. Erin Hanson has returned to the small town she grew up in to come to terms with a failed romance, and Nick is just the kind of man to make her quickly forget her woes. But suddenly she has a more wrenching situation on her hands - she's pregnant with her ex-fiance's child. Erin knows Nick loves her. Now they both have to find out if he can love her baby, too. - back cover (Chatswood, 2002) Toronto : Harlequin , 2001
y Sarah's Baby Margaret Way , Chatswood : Harlequin Mills and Boon , 2003 Z1538569 2003 single work novel romance The McQueen's are the town's founding family, and Ruth McQueen is their current matriarch. She's a dangerous woman to cross, as Sarah Dempsey found out sixteen years ago. Pregnant and desperately in love with Ruth's adored grandson Kyall, Sarah stood up to Ruth - and was banished from the town. Now, all these years later, Sarah's a doctor, successful and highly regarded, but she's never forgotten Kyall or their baby. A baby Kyall didn't even know about. A baby girl who died shortly after birth ... or did she? - from back cover (Chatswood, 2003) Toronto New York (City) : Harlequin , 2003
y Family Matters Joan Kilby , Chatswood : Harlequin Mills and Boon , 2004 Z1609866 2004 single work novel romance Marc Wilde once prided himself on living up to his last name. He was a respected foreign war correspondent and former champion snowboarder, but his life took a brutal twist when a bomb blast in the Middle East landed him in a wheelchair with only a tentative chance of recovery. Frustrated and back at home in Whistler, Marc finds himself turning to drink to obliterate his shattered reality. That is until Fiona Gordon -- living with tragedy and responsibilities of her own -- helps him understand his future is wide open, full of light...and even love. As hard as he tries, Marc finds it's impossible to remain cynical around Fiona. But as the reality of his life sinks in, Marc must decide to choose life -- and overcome his greatest fear -- or risk losing Fiona forever. (Blurb) Chatswood : Harlequin Mills and Boon , 2004
y How to Trap a Parent Joan Kilby , Toronto : Harlequin , 2008 10199143 2008 single work novel romance

'Mills & Boon Blush series brings you moving, true-to-life romances. Jane Linden's high-school sweetheart Cole Roberts had given her a child and offered her the security of small-town life when all she had wanted were the bright lights and a movie career.

'Now the town's charismatic real estate agent is a single parent himself. Not only that, it's clear Cole wants to make up for lost time with his daughter - whether Jane likes it or not. The young love they remember seems to have burned itself out. Until their kids find a way to turn back the clock.' (Publication summary)

Toronto : Harlequin , 2008
y A Natural Father Sarah Mayberry , Toronto New York (City) : Harlequin , 2009 9252606 2009 single work novel romance

'What is she thinking? Being pregnant, single and expanding her business? No doubt about it, Lucy Basso's hands are full. As if that's not enough, hottie Dominic Bianco is showing more than a little interest in her. Even her impending motherhood doesn't seem to faze him. In fact, he's acting as tender and protective as if she were carrying his baby.But something seems to be keeping Dom from fully committing to her. If Lucy could only know what it is, she might understand. Or maybe she'd tell him it doesn't matter. Because she knows he's a good man and he'd make an ideal father.' (Publication summary)

Toronto New York (City) : Harlequin , 2009
y Home for the Holidays Sarah Mayberry , New York (City) Toronto : Harlequin , 2009 9252181 2009 single work novel romance

'Joe Lawson has a thing for his new neighbor Hannah Napier. As a single dad, he shouldn't be thinking what he is about her. Still, that doesn't stop them from getting close. And the way she connects with his kids, it's as if they're a family.Turns out it's too good to be true. Seems Hannah has plans that don't include staying in Melbourne. Joe won't stand between her and her dreams, even though letting her go is nearly impossible. The holidays are looking grim, with him and his kids missing Hannah like crazy. But it is the season of surprises, and Hannah may have one for them! ' (Publication summary)

New York (City) Toronto : Harlequin , 2009
y The Best Laid Plans Sarah Mayberry , Don Mills : Harlequin , 2010 9251321 2010 single work novel romance

'"Boundaries." The key to how corporate lawyer Alexandra Knight manages her busy life. However, lately all her precisely drawn lines are getting blurred. Blame it on her out-of-control biological clock that is ignoring her single status...and on Ethan Stone.Because her sexy, no-strings colleague has posed an outrageous solution to her dilemma–he'll be her baby daddy. This from the guy who avoids all commitment? Okay, so they're attracted to each other. Really, really attracted. But crossing the line from coworker to co-parent with Ethan could ruin Alex for all other men. After all, when you've had the best... ' (Publication summary)

Don Mills : Harlequin , 2010
y The Last Goodbye Sarah Mayberry , Toronto : Harlequin , 2011 9251452 2011 single work novel romance

'Ally Bishop knows the settling kind when she sees one. And Tyler Adamson is definitely one. Ordinarily this never-in-one-place-long girl would stay far, far away. Maybe it's the way he looks in jeans, or the way he looks at her, but suddenly Ally is breaking her own rules with dizzying speed. All that Australian temptation right next door...well, there's only so much resistance one girl can have.As she dives into a fling with Tyler, Ally assures herself she can maintain perspective. After all, he's only here long enough to care for his ailing father. That gives them a time limit, right? With each passing day, however, she falls for Tyler more. And soon she has the strongest urge to unpack her suitcase and stay a while.' (Publication summary)

Toronto : Harlequin , 2011
y With a Little Help Valerie Parv , New York (City) : Harlequin , 2011 Z1779683 2011 single work novel romance 'Raised in a family of physicians, chef Emma Jarrett has no interest in the long hours, large egos or constant on-call that come with a medical spouse. Thanks, but no thanks. Of course, that doesn't stop her matchmaking mother from parading a steady stream of eligible doctors in front of Emma. The latest is Nathan Hale--someone she shares a bit of history with. It was hard enough fighting temptation the first time. Does she really want a second dose of him? But when she needs his help...and he needs hers, can she really afford to turn him down? It may be that he's just what the doctor ordered!' (Trove record) New York (City) : Harlequin , 2011
y One Good Reason Sarah Mayberry , Toronto New York (City) : Harlequin , 2011 9251521 2011 single work novel romance

'It's time to move on...

'Any day now Jon Adamson will pack his bags and hit the road. After all, his intention was never to hang around Melbourne once he’d settled his late father’s affairs. Yet he hasn’t moved on. And it might have something to do with Gabby Wade. The not-so-big office manager with the really big attitude is making Jon’s days…interesting…engaging…fun. It’s impossible for him to resist her.

'But he knows himself—long-term commitments and cozy family dinners aren’t his style. If that’s what the future holds, why is he still here? And why is he spending all his days—and nights—with Gabby? Because maybe she’s the one reason strong enough to make him stay.

'What if you discovered that all you ever wanted were the things you’d left behind? (Publication summary)

Toronto New York (City) : Harlequin , 2011
y All They Need Sarah Mayberry , New York (City) Toronto : Harlequin , 2011 9251661 2011 single work novel romance

'After all Melanie Porter has been through recently, it's time to put her dreams first. And she starts by opening a vacation retreat outside of Melbourne. As she considers her next step, the unexpected happens. One of her guests–a friend–the "very" attractive Flynn Randall makes it clear he's in pursuit.Mel is definitely tempted. Who wouldn't be?

'But Flynn comes with strings that could derail her plans. First, he's part of the world she eagerly left behind. Second, he's ready for a commitment, while she's still embracing life on her own.

'A resolution seems impossible until Flynn proves that she's still in the driver's seat! (Publication summary)

New York (City) Toronto : Harlequin , 2011
y More Than One Night Sarah Mayberry , New York (City) Toronto : Harlequin Mills and Boon , 2012 6344688 2012 single work novel romance

'From bed to baby to…bliss?

'A chance encounter. A steamy night together. That's all Rhys Walker signs on for when Charlotte "Charlie" Long sashays across his path. Sure, maybe he catches a glimpse of forever in her eyes. But the brush-off note the gorgeous brunette leaves the next morning says it all, doesn't it? Time to move on.

'Rhys never expects that moving on actually means reconnecting with Charlie. Or that her big news changes everything. Becoming a father now, under these circumstances, never factored into his plans. Yet he's not as upset as he thought. Because now he has the opportunity to explore that glimpse of forever…and turn it into reality.' (Publisher's blurb)

New York (City) Toronto : Harlequin Mills and Boon , 2012
y Cassie's Grand Plan Emmie Dark , Toronto : Harlequin , 2012 9044162 2012 single work novel romance

'Cassie Hartman knows what she needs to do to get her life under control. First, she’ll get herself promoted. Then she’ll update her appearance. Steps three and four—marriage and family—well, those will have to wait.

'Then Ronan McGuire shows up. The too-sexy, too-polished business consultant has the power to derail Cassie’s plans before she’s even really started. If he doesn’t approve her promotion, she’ll be back to square one—and that’s not an option. Cassie needs to keep her focus on that first step, no matter how much Ronan tempts her to skip ahead to the third and fourth ones….'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

Toronto : Harlequin , 2012
y Within Reach Sarah Mayberry , Toronto New York (City) : Harlequin , 2012 9251271 2012 single work novel romance

'Being a single dad was never on Michael Young's agenda. Yet with the sudden loss of his wife, that's exactly the role he has. On his best days, he thinks he can handle it. On his worst... Luckily, family friend Angie Bartlett has his back, easily stepping in to help out.

'Lately, though, something has changed.

'Michael is noticing exactly how gorgeous Angie is, and how single she is. She's constantly in his thoughts and he feels an attraction he never expected. Does he dare disrupt the very good thing they have going? If they have a fling that goes nowhere, he stands to lose everything - including her. But if they make it work, he stands to gain everything!' (Publication summary)

Toronto New York (City) : Harlequin , 2012
y In His Eyes Emmie Dark , Toronto : Harlequin , 2012 9044225 2012 single work novel romance

'Hugh Lawson and Zoe Waters have a tangled history. But she left him ten years ago and he’s put her behind him. Except she’s here again–just when Hugh’s ready to make an offer for her family’s legendary vineyard. And her version of those long ago events is enough to make him question everything he thought he knew.

'Hugh can’t let the past destroy his plans for the future. Which means he has to unravel the truth. But as he does, he begins to realize that he may have been as responsible for what happened as Zoe. And that going back could be the only way to move forward.'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

Toronto : Harlequin , 2012
y Her Best Friend Sarah Mayberry , Toronto New York (City) : Harlequin , 2010 9250941 2010 single work novel romance

'What's a girl to do when she's secretly in love with a friend and he's married to someone else? She gets over it. That's what Amy Parker has done. Rather than lose her best bud Quinn Whitfield with an ill-timed, crazy confession of affection, she's taken the smart route. She's eased away from him. Just enough to get past the unrequited bits. And you know, it's working.Until the day Quinn announces he's now single. That's right. "He's single." And he wants to hang out. "With her." Get reconnected the way they used to be.

'Oh, this is so not good for Amy's equilibrium. Daily doses of Quinn remind her of everything she loves about him. But if he's free...and she's free...well, maybe the time has come for one of those crazy confessions. ' (Publication summary)

Toronto New York (City) : Harlequin , 2010
y Suddenly You Sarah Mayberry , Toronto : Harlequin , 2012 6896060 2012 single work novel romance

'The definition of a happy man?

'The guy who knows exactly what he wants and has it. That's Harry Porter. He's got the perfect job, the best buddies and no commitments beyond the next good time. It's the ideal life.

'Then he stops to help Pippa White when she's stranded by the side of the road. He's known—and liked—her for a while, but as the ex of a friend, she's entirely off-limits. And as fun as the banter with her is, Harry knows single moms are out of his league.

'So why all the excuses to see Pippa again…and again? And why can't he stop thinking about her? But most puzzling of all is how Harry suddenly wants to swap a night with the boys for one with only Pippa!'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

Toronto : Harlequin , 2012
y The Other Side of Us Sarah Mayberry , Ontario : Harlequin , 2013 Z1929823 2013 single work novel romance 'The making of a good neighbor

The best thing between Oliver Barrett and Mackenzie Williams is a fence. Ever since Oliver's new-neighbor gestures were met with unfriendly responses, he's decided to keep his distance. After all, he's in this seaside town to get his life on track again. That doesn't include working hard to get on Mackenzie's good side-no matter how intriguing she may be.

His intentions are put to the test, however, when his dog becomes infatuated with hers. The two crafty canines do their best to break down the barriers between the properties. And where the dogs go...well, the humans must follow It doesn't take long for a powerful attraction to build between Oliver and Mackenzie. They soon discover that the worst of first impressions can lead to the best possible outcomes....' (Publisher's blurb)
Ontario : Harlequin , 2013
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