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1 2 form y separately published work icon SeaChange : Paradise Reclaimed Deb Cox , Elizabeth Coleman , Jo Martino , Michael Miller , Jaime Browne , Ian Meadows , Josh Mapleston , Sam Carroll , ( dir. Wayne Blair et. al. )agent Australia : Every Cloud Productions Seachange Reimagined ITV Studios Australia , 2019 17487273 2019 series - publisher film/TV

'Twenty years on – when Laura Gibson returns to the beachside paradise of Pearl Bay to attend the birth of her estranged daughter’s baby – rising seas levels, community cover-ups and some very stormy weather conspire to convince her this town now needs her as much as she needs it.'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

1 form y separately published work icon The Deep Tom Taylor , David Evans , Philip Dalkin , Lawrence Leung , Justine Gillmer , Kate McCartney , John Armstrong , Daniel Hall , Sam Carroll , Ray Boseley , Thomas Duncan-Watt , R. A. Spratt , Cleon Prineas , ( dir. Trent Carlson ) Australia Canada : Nerd Corps Entertainment A Stark Production , 2015-2019 7810230 2015 series - publisher film/TV science fiction children's

Animated series about the Nekton family, deep-sea explorers.

For a full list of episodes and authors, see Film Details.

1 form y separately published work icon The Worst Year of My Life–Again Mark Brotherhood , Brendan Luno , Sam Carroll , Kirsty Fisher , Peter Mattessi , ( dir. Pino Amenta et. al. )agent Australia : Worst Year Productions Pty Ltd , 2013 Z1917855 2013 single work film/TV children's fantasy 'When Alex King goes to bed on the eve of his 15th birthday, he's relieved that the last disastrous year is finally over. But when he wakes up, time has reset itself and he's going to have to relive the worst year of his life all over again.' (Source: Screen Australia)
1 form y separately published work icon Mako Mermaids Mako : Island of Secrets Michael Joshua , Max Dann , Chris Roache , Sam Carroll , Anthony Morris , Simon Butters , Justine Gillmer , Mark Shirrefs , Carine Chai , Gareth Calverley , Margaret Wilson , Chris Hawkshaw , ( dir. Grant Brown et. al. )agent Australia : Jonathan M. Shiff Productions , 2013-2014 6897015 2013 series - publisher film/TV young adult fantasy

'When fifteen year-old Zac goes camping on Mako Island, he has no idea his every move is being monitored by real-life mermaids Sirena, Nixie and Lyla, whose job it is to ward off trespassers. When he comes into contact with the magical waters of the Moon Pool on the night of a full moon, Zac is given a taste of Mako's powers, waking the next day to discover he has been granted fin-like feet and the power to control water…causing all sorts of trouble for Sirena, Nixie and Lyla.'

Source: Screen Australia. (Sighted: 10/1/2014)

1 24 form y separately published work icon House Husbands Ellie Beaumont , Nicholas Coghlan , Ellie Beaumont , Michael Miller , Drew Proffitt , Christine Bartlett , Matt Ford , Leon Ford , Fin Edquist , Kirsty Fisher , Keith Thompson , Tim Pye , Kelly Lefever , Timothy Lee , Jane Morton , Meaghan Smith , Trent Roberts , Jo Martino , Sam Carroll , Ian Meadows , Josh Mapleston , Sam Meikle , ( dir. Geoff Bennett et. al. )agent 2012 Australia : Nine Network Playmaker Media , 2012-2017 Z1882378 2012 series - publisher film/TV

'[This] series centres on four young families with one thing in common: the men are in charge of raising the kids.

'It's the beginning of a new school year and recently retired Lewis (Gary Sweet) finds himself in the unfamiliar role of stay-at-home dad to Tilda, his daughter with nurse Gemma (Julia Morris).

'Gemma works at the hospital with her best friend Abi (Natalie Saleeba) whose husband Mark (Rhys Muldoon) is juggling a return to part-time work and looking after five-year-old Poppy.

'Mark's brother-in-law Kane (Gyton Grantley) is in a relationship with Tom (Tim Campbell), raising Tom's orphaned niece Stella.

'When dropping their daughters off on the first day of school, the three men meet Justin (Firass Dirani), a former AFL star who, thanks to his bad boy ways, has seen his career and family walk out the door. He is now facing the fight of his life to win custody of his twin boys Zac and Jacob and eight-month-old daughter Angie.

'Finding themselves severely outnumbered by all the mothers at the school drop-off zone, the four men band together and help each other along as they face the challenges of raising a young family.'

Source: Channel Nine website ( (Sighted: 17/10/2012)

1 form y separately published work icon The Woodlies John Armstrong , Sam Carroll , Philip Dalkin , Rob George , Kym Goldsworthy , Robert Greenberg , Lisa Hoppe , Alexa Moses , Peter Neale , Maureen Sherlock , Sue Wicks , David Evans , Cleon Prineas , ( dir. Alexs Stadermann ) Australia Germany : Flying Bark Productions Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen Channel 7 , 2012 Z1854291 2012 series - publisher film/TV children's fantasy

'Funny, fast and furry - the WOODLIES are kobolds (small troll-like creatures) that are nuttier than a squirrel's lunch, on a mission to protect their forest from Uglies (the Woodlies call all humans Uglies) and get their paws on the greatest stash of food they can find!

'Big job when you're not much bigger than a squirrel ...

'Fearless FIREHEAD, gentle SEVENPOINTS and Curious NINEEYES are a mischievous crew with two rules. Rule number one? Never be seen by Uglies. Rule number 2? Never be seen by Uglies while stealing their food or sabotaging their weird Ugly plans.

'But when streetwise MIA and her nature-loving dad WELLIE take over a run-down campsite nearby, they bring with them disasters in the form of clumsy campers, greedy developers and a mean cat with a real taste for Woodlies!

'Think that's bad? A gang of renegade Woodlies known as the SWAMP RATS, led by WHITETAIL and his obnoxious cronies - FOULTOE and GNARLYBUTT, are determined to take over the forest and all the food in it. And they're not about to let a bunch of do-gooder Tree Saps get in their way ...

'As if that's not enough, nature itself serves up a menu of freezing blizzards, searing droughts and loads of creatures ready to make the Woodlies their next main course!

'So when NineEyes breaks the number one rule and becomes friends with Mia, it seems like things couldn't get any worse. Is this the end for the Woodlies?

'One thing's for sure... life's about to get a whole lot more interesting!'

Source: Flying Bark Productions ( Sighted: 12/4/2012

1 form y separately published work icon Lightning Point Alien Surf Girls David Hannam , Anthony Morris , Simon Butters , Sam Carroll , Max Dann , Chris Roache , Carine Chai , ( dir. Colin Budds et. al. )agent Australia : Jonathan M. Shiff Productions Channel 10 , 2012 Z1854154 2012 series - publisher film/TV children's young adult science fiction

Two teenage aliens from a barren planet, Zoey and Kiki, take a forbidden trip to Earth, desperate to see its oceans for themselves. Landing in the small seaside town of Lightning Point, they befriend local girl Amber Mitchell and learn to surf. But their short trip to Earth starts to look permanent when their spaceship explodes. From this point, Zoey and Kiki must keep their secret from the locals, try to find a way home, and work out the secret past of Brandon Benedict--while worrying about boyfriends and surfing competitions.

1 2 form y separately published work icon Conspiracy 365 Michelle Offen , Kristen Dunphy , Michael Miller , Kris Wyld , Michael Brindley , Mark Shirrefs , Julie Lacy , Sam Carroll , Shanti Gudgeon , ( dir. Paul Goldman et. al. )agent 2012 Australia : Circa Entertainment , 2012 Z1828106 2012 series - publisher film/TV children's crime mystery

'Conspiracy 365 is the story of a year in the life of teenager Cal Ormond, who is forced to go on the run and become a fugitive as he searches for the truth behind a deadly family secret.'

Source: Australian Television Information Archive (Sighted: 5/4/2013)

1 form y separately published work icon Dead Gorgeous Sam Carroll , Sarah Rosetti , Toby Davies , Kirstie Falkous , Gerard Foster , Chris Pell , Holly Phillips , Emma Reeves , Peter Templeman , Barbara Slade , ( dir. Stephen Johnson et. al. )agent Melbourne United Kingdom (UK) : Burberry Productions Coolabi Productions , 2010 Z1842790 2010 series - publisher film/TV children's fantasy

Three sisters die in a sudden and catastrophic carriage accident. Frustrated that they've been robbed of their full lives, they petition for a second chance--only to find themselves returning 150 years after their death, their old home now a boarding school. Not only must they become accustomed to modern life, but they mustn't let anyone know that they're 'living' ghosts.

Dead Gorgeous was created by British-born script-writer Barbara Slade, who already had a long work history with children's programming in both the U.K. and the U.S.A. Originally commissioned by Nickelodeon UK (who chose not to pick up the series after viewing the pilot), the series was ultimately made with the involvement of several broadcasters and production companies in both the U.K. and in Australia.

The series was filmed in Australia, and both directors were Australian. However, the majority of the script-writers (who, between them, produced the majority of scripts) were British: Australian script-writers Sam Carroll, Peter Templeman, and Sarah Rosetti contributed scripts to the program.

1 4 form y separately published work icon Dance Academy Samantha Strauss , Joanna Werner , ABC Television (publisher), Greg Waters , David Hannam , Sam Carroll , Liz Doran , Sarah Lambert , Alicia Walsh , Emily Ballou , Kirsty Fisher , Josh Mapleston , Keith Thompson , Max Dann , David Ogilvy , Michael Miller , Samantha Strauss , Deborah Parsons , Matt Ford , Ellie Beaumont , Roger Monk , Shanti Gudgeon , Melina Marchetta , Holly Phillips , Courtney Wise , ( dir. Ian Watson et. al. )agent 2010-2013 Australia Melbourne : ABC Television Werner Film Productions , 2010- Z1732091 2010 series - publisher film/TV children's

A co-Australian and German television series, Dance Academy revolves around Tara Webster, a young woman who has grown up on property in outback Australia all the while dreaming of becoming a dancer. When she makes it into the National Academy of Dance, Tara realises that her life is about to change forever. As the series progresses, she also comes to realise that she is not alone in this journey.

1 form y separately published work icon Snake Tales Brendan Luno , Anthony Watt , Alix Beane , Sam Carroll , Doug MacLeod , Mark Shirrefs , Kris Mrksa , ( dir. Daniel Nettheim et. al. )agent Australia : Westside Film & Television Nine Network , 2009 Z1881830 2009 series - publisher film/TV young adult fantasy

Two girls from opposite sides of the world are forced to learn to live together on a snake farm in a remote and possibly mystical area of the Australian outback. Though superficially the program is a 'clash of cultures' narrative in which the British Skye and the Australian Tiger have to come to terms with one another and with their life on the snake farm, it incorporates such fantastic elements as the breeding of brand new species of snakes, snakes suddenly growing to enormous size, and teenage werewolves.

1 form y separately published work icon Legend of Enyo David Witt , Stephen Measday , Philip Dalkin , Naomi Janzen , Sam Carroll , Anthony Morris , Paul Bennett , Greg Millin , Kym Goldsworthy , Tony Morphett , Michael Joshua , Max Dann , ( dir. Kevin Wotton et. al. )agent Australia : Flying Bark Productions , 2009-2010 Z1880336 2009-2010 series - publisher film/TV fantasy children's

'Against a new and exciting backdrop of prehistoric beasts and shamanism, a clever and talented 12-year-old boy named Enyo, who is learning to understand the language of animals, reads hidden messages and 'sees' glimpses of the future, will take us on a spectacular journey of fantasy, fun and wild adventure.'

Source: Screen Australia. (Sighted: 16/8/2012)

1 form y separately published work icon CJ the DJ Stu Connolly , Robert Adams , John Armstrong , Sam Carroll , Mark Gravas , Doug MacLeod , Cleon Prineas , Gina Roncoli , R. A. Spratt , ( dir. Mark Gravas ) 2009 Australia : Kapow Pictures Vision Animation , 2009-2010 Z1622102 2009 series - publisher film/TV children's

At thirteen CJ is already a hot DJ - the only trouble is most of her gigs are in her own bedroom. She can spin discs like no-one else, mix and scratch tracks like a pro - but in the deader than dead end of town where she lives, almost nobody wants to know. With her spiky hair and spikier attitude, CJ is little Miss Alternative struggling in a sea of normality - but there's no way she's going to let that get her down.

Source: Screen Australia record.

1 form y separately published work icon The Elephant Princess Chris Anastassiades , Simon Butters , Sam Carroll , Philip Dalkin , Max Dann , Lally Katz , Joss King , Anthony Morris , Chris Roache , Jonathan M. Shiff Productions (publisher), ( dir. Grant Brown et. al. )agent Australia : Jonathan M. Shiff Productions , 2008-2009 Z1656784 2008-2009 series - publisher film/TV children's adventure fantasy

Alexandra Wilson is a normal girl living in an average suburb. She can sing brilliantly (she's a songwriter at heart). She's funny and driven. Alex's band is her life, and her band-mates, expressive Amanda Tucci and realist JB Deekes, are her closest friends. There's also Marcus, their lead guitarist: he's a year older, and, well, rather attractive. Alex has two grounded parents, Anita and Jim, and one very centre-stage younger sister, Zoe. Life is very normal. But ...

Since birth, Alex has caused a succession of strange, somewhat magical events. Fortunately, she's been able to conceal, ignore, or deny them all. But then Kuru, a young man dressed in exotic robes, and Anala, a decorated adult elephant who has a tendency to vanish now and again, arrive on Alex's doorstep. Kuru explains that Alex is actually Princess Liliuokalani Parasha Khaled Persphone Amanirenas of Manjipoor.

Alex is not so sure about that! But the magical effects she seems to cause have recently blossomed. It's scary. Alex asks Kuru and Anala to leave, but they won't go anywhere. They are under the royal command of Omar, Chief Advisor to the former Queen Nefari, to bring the princess home to rule.

Manjipoor is an exotic, mystical kingdom that exists very close to our world--but not in it. The nation was born six hundred years ago when 'gifted' people (sorcerers, oracles, and witches) fled persecution and created their own territory, and later, for their protection, moved it to a parallel location by magical means!

Kuru's mission is made easier when Alex's parents accept him as an 'exchange student' and he is invited to stay at their home. He does his best to fit in at Alex's school. Alex keeps her identity as a princess a secret from everybody but Amanda and JB, but it's an ongoing problem concealing a wilful, sometimes-invisible elephant in her backyard.

Omar's recent revelation of the existence of Manjipoor's secret princess shocks and threatens Vashan, the last royal relative in a conflicted and dying dynasty, who fully expected to rule. Aided by his skilful servant Diva, Vashan acts--first subtly, then overtly--to prevent his cousin Alex from claiming her inheritance.

Back in 'The Old World'--our world--Kuru's persistence with Alex starts to have an effect. Alex begins to practise and accept her magic--and it often goes awry. It's not easy being a teenager with magical powers! Alex uses her magic to rectify some very teenage-related issues, as well as to bend the occasional rule, but she draws the line at using magic in her music or for the band. They've got to prove they're good enough without it!

Following an encounter in Manjipoor where Alex learns some of the history of her real mother, Queen Nefari, and is introduced first hand to Vashan's enmity, she awakens to the strong qualities developing inside her and the need for her in Manjipoor as a princess.

Simultaneously, Alex, Amanda, Marcus, and JB improve as a band. They get gigs, and Alex's confidence as a singer increases. Alex finds the pull between both worlds conflicting. When Vashan becomes increasingly bold in his endeavours to undermine and overtake Alex, his actions precipitate a series of stunning revelations affecting the lives of Alex, Kuru, Anala, and Omar and the future of Manjipoor. Alex finds she must make a choice about where her real destiny lies ...

Source: Jonathan M Shiff Productions website,
Sighted: 15/12/2009

1 4 form y separately published work icon Pearlie Wendy Harmer , Stu Connolly , Sam Carroll , R. A. Spratt , ( dir. Michael Zarb et. al. )agent Australia Canada : Sticky Pictures Nelvana , 2008-2011 Z1632277 2008 series - publisher film/TV children's fantasy

Pearllie is a fashionable urban fairy, appointed by Fairy HQ to take care of Jubilee Park, an oasis of green in the middle of a bustling city. Though her intentions are always good, Pearlie somehow manages to get things very, very wrong.

1 2 form y separately published work icon Rush Southern Star John Edwards (publisher), Christopher Lee , Todd Boland , Adam Todd , Alice Bell , Samantha Winston , Justin Monjo , Leon Ford , Jessica Redenbach , Andrew Prowse , Sam Carroll , John Ridley , Jeff Truman , Keith Thompson , Louise Fox , Tony McNamara , Kris Mrksa , Michelle Offen , John O'Brien , Tim Alexander , Shelley Birse , Kylie Needham , Steve Rodgers , Rene Zandweld , Meaghan Rodriguez , Todd Winston , David Caesar , Jonathan Gavin , Tim Dylan Lee , Vanessa Bates , Michael Boland , Ben Chessell , Raquel Stevens , ( dir. Andrew Prowse et. al. )agent 2008 Australia : Southern Star John Edwards Network Ten , 2008-2011 Z1622238 2008 series - publisher film/TV crime

'... a contemporary action drama series set in a critical incident police unit, providing an insider's view of police under pressure. Our heroes are a mobile squad trained to be smarter, tactically superior and technologically advantaged.'

Source: Australian Television website, (sighted 08/09/2009)

1 form y separately published work icon Pirate Islands : The Lost Treasure of Fiji Chris Anastassiades , Simon Butters , Sam Carroll , Philip Dalkin , Max Dann , Kirsty Fisher , David Hannam , Joss King , Anthony Morris , Chris Roache , ( dir. Grant Brown ) Australia : Jonathan M. Shiff Productions , 2007 Z1856914 2007 series - publisher film/TV young adult children's fantasy science fiction

A sequel to Pirate Islands, The Lost Treasure of Fiji send three children--Tyler, Kirra, and Alison--from Fiji, where they are attending the launch of a new computer game, to the tropical Pirate Islands, where they face the swaggering Blackheart, his untrustworthy second-in-command Lily, and various other dangers. As in the first series, the protagonists must solve the game from within in order to exit back to the real world.

Like Pirate Islands, The Lost Treasure of Fiji was never released in its entirely on DVD in Australia, the US, or the UK. Unlike Pirate Islands, it was also never released as a cutdown film version.

1 1 form y separately published work icon Mortified Chris Anastassiades , Sam Carroll , Max Dann , Tim Gooding , Helen MacWhirter , Angela Webber , Steve Wright , Adam Bowen , Shirley Pierce , Johanna Pigott , Angela Webber , ( dir. Pino Amenta et. al. )agent Australia : Australian Children's Television Foundation , 2006-2007 Z1844380 2006-2007 series - publisher film/TV children's fantasy

Mortified follows the trevails of eleven-year-old Taylor Fry, as she copes with the general embarrassment of having parents, as well as being annoyed by her sister, jealous of her neighbour, and completely oblivious to her best friend's crush on her. The program inserts some fantasy elements into the otherwise straight comedy-drama by having Taylor speak directly to the camera, using elaborate fantasy sequences to explore her daydreams, and showing her over-active imagination as bringing seemingly inanimate objects to life.

Mortified was the last major work of television producer and screenwriter Angela Webber before her early death in 2007.

1 4 form y separately published work icon H2O : Just Add Water Chris Anastassiades , John Armstrong , Sam Carroll , Philip Dalkin , Max Dann , Kirsty Fisher , Joss King , Susan MacGillicuddy , Anthony Morris , Chris Roache , Samantha Strauss , Robert Armin , Simon Butters , Deb Cox , Caroline O'Meara , Jo Watson , ( dir. Colin Budds et. al. )agent Victoria : Jonathan M. Shiff Productions , 2006-2010 Z1844067 2006-2010 series - publisher film/TV fantasy children's young adult

Three young girls accidentally stumble on a tidepool on a secret island; when bathed in moonlight, the tidepool transforms them into mermaids, with great powers over water--but also a tendency to sprout a tail whenever they come into contact with water.

The original three mermaids--Emma, Cleo, and Rikki--separate at the end of season two, when the actress playing Emma left the show. In season three, another character, Bella, is added: Bella had become a mermaid in an unrelated incident some years earlier.

The mermaids also face various antagonists, ranging from rivals (e.g., the antagonist for season two, Charlotte, who manages to obtain similar powers from the moon pool) to those who wish to exploit the mermaids for their own profit.

As with Jonathan M. Shiff's other productions, the program is aimed largely at young teen audiences.

1 form y separately published work icon Holly's Heroes David Phillips , Sam Carroll , Meaghan Smith , John Reeves , Alix Beane , George Tosi , ( dir. Pino Amenta et. al. )agent Australia New Zealand : Gibson Group Nine Network , 2005 Z1881838 2005 series - publisher film/TV

An Australian-New Zealand co-production.

'When 14-year-old New Zealander Holly McKenzie arrives in the Australian seaside town of Woolich, her dreams of playing basketball with the RAMS, one of the best junior basketball teams in the district, are quickly shattered. Determined to prove her ability, Holly forms her own team—the OUTLAWS. With basketball as a backdrop, Holly's Heroes is a funny and light hearted exploration of being the new kid on the block, the importance of friendship, the value of teamwork, first love, and the rewards that come from participation and the simple love of sport. Holly learns that the feeling of belonging she achieves with her team is far more important than simply winning.'

Source: Publisher's blurb.