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Born: Established: Utrecht,
Western Europe, Europe,
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23 21 y separately published work icon The Dry Jane Harper , ( trans. Catalien Van Paassen et. al.agent with title De Droogte ) Netherlands : A. W. Bruna , 2017 9592721 2016 single work novel detective


'Luke Hadler turns a gun on his wife and child, then himself. The farming community of Kiewarra is facing life and death choices daily. If one of their own broke under the strain, well ...

'When Federal Police investigator Aaron Falk returns to Kiewarra for the funerals, he is loath to confront the people who rejected him twenty years earlier. But when his investigative skills are called on, the facts of the Hadler case start to make him doubt this murder-suicide charge.

'And as Falk probes deeper into the killings, old wounds are reopened. For Falk and his childhood friend Luke shared a secret ... A secret Falk thought long-buried ... A secret which Luke's death starts to bring to the surface ...' (Publication summary)

13 y separately published work icon The Fire Sermon Francesca Haig , ( trans. Joost Van Der Meer with title Vuurpreek ) Amsterdam : A. W. Bruna , 2015 8403299 2015 single work novel fantasy

'Born as twins. Raised as enemies.

'One strong Alpha twin and one mutated Omega; the only thing they share is the moment of their death.

'The Omegas live in segregation, cast out by their families as soon as their mutation becomes clear. Forced to live apart, they are ruthlessly oppressed by their Alpha counterparts.

'The Alphas are the elite. Once their weaker twin has been cast aside, they’re free to live in privilege and safety, their Omega twin far from their thoughts.

'Cass and Zach are both perfect on the outside: no missing limbs, no visible Omega mutation. But Cass has a secret: one that Zach will stop at nothing to expose.

'The potential to change the world lies in both their hands. One will have to defeat the other to see their vision of the future come to pass, but if they’re not careful both will die in the struggle for power.'

Source: Publisher's blurb (HarperCollins)

9 11 y separately published work icon The Five Greatest Warriors Matthew Reilly , ( trans. Ed Van Eeden with title Het Pact Van Paaseiland ) Utrecht : A. W. Bruna , 2011 Z1638399 2009 single work novel adventure thriller 'Jack West Jr and his loyal team are in desperate disarray: they've been separated, their mission is in tatters, and Jack was last seen plummeting down a fathomless abyss. After surviving his deadly fall, Jack must now race against his many enemies to locate and set in place the remaining pieces of The Machine before the coming Armageddon. As the world teeters on the brink of destruction, he will learn of the Five Warriors, the individuals who throughout history have been most intimately connected to his quest. Scores will be settled, fathers will fight sons, brothers will battle brothers, and Jack and his friends will soon find out exactly what the end of the world looks like...' Source: (Sighted 22/10/2009).
8 12 y separately published work icon Ice Station Matthew Reilly , ( trans. Unknown with title Ijsstation ) Utrecht : A. W. Bruna , 2002 Z88998 1998 single work novel adventure thriller science fiction

'At a remote ice station in Antarctica, a team of US scientists has made an amazing discovery. They have found something buried deep within a 100-million-year old layer of ice. Something made of METAL.'

Source: Back cover blurb.

5 y separately published work icon Diplomatic Immunity Grant Sutherland , ( trans. Rie Neehus with title Onschendbaar ) Utrecht : A. W. Bruna , 2001 Z1442957 2001 single work novel thriller Shock ripples through the UN at the stunning news: a special envoy has been found murdered in the basement. For Sam Windrush, a deputy in Legal Affairs, the death of his friend couldn't be more devastating. Years ago a personal tragedy bound the two men together, and now Sam is determined to find the killer - despite intense pressure to abandon the investigation. The murder has cast uncertainty on the outcome of a high-stakes General Assembly vote, and the last thing UN officials want is more controversy. Suddenly Sam is up against roadblocks - created by everyone from his supervisor and foreign ambassadors to his lover - and everyone has an agenda to protect. The worst is yet to come. Sam uncovers too many disturbing coincidences: security cameras turned off for maintenance, a press corps member who knows too much, the suspicious activities of the victim himself, and a hushed-up review of a special committee. Sam has a score of suspects, but each one is protected by diplomatic immunity. Each one can escape justice. In less than a week UN officials will wrest the investigation away from Sam and hand it to the NYPD. In less than a week his fourteen-year career will be on the line. And as time runs out he will face an even greater threat. Someone has found a new suspect. A suspect not protected by diplomatic immunity. The only suspect Sam wants to eliminate but cannot. (Book Jacket)
2 11 y separately published work icon Death Delights Gabrielle Lord , ( trans. Bertram Mourits with title Doodstroost ) Utrecht : A. W. Bruna , 2001 Z872920 2001 single work novel crime

'Forensic scientist Jack McCann, an ex-crime scene detective, is separated from his difficult wife and living with his 17-year-old son, Greg. He is also trying to track down his teenage daughter, Jacinta, who ran away two years ago - an event that stirred memories of an earlier tragedy, the abduction of his little sister Rosie from outside the family home in 1975.

'Reluctantly, Jack agrees to help a detective friend investigate a series of grisly pedophile murders. Then an anonymous telephone tip-off about Jacinta's whereabouts leads Jack into an intimate relationship with an enigmatic woman, a relationship that threatens not only to compromise the entire investigation, but also to bring him appallingly close to the mutilator murderer.

'As Jack uncovers the extraordinary link between the old and new crimes, he is forced to confront the destructive patterns within his own family. But before he can fully unravel the mystery, he unwittingly exposes both himself and his son to deadly danger.'

Source :

2 13 y separately published work icon Feeding the Demons Gabrielle Lord , ( trans. Martin Jansen in de Wal with title Bloedspoor ) Utrecht : A. W. Bruna , 2001 Z315575 1999 single work novel crime detective

'Gemma Lincoln wakes up one morning to find her clothes horribly slashed at the throat and crotch. Similar but increasingly sinister incidents are also reported. As the owner of a security and surveillance business, Gemma joins with the police to track down the psychopath. At the same time she is trying to prove that her father is innocent of a crime he has served 30 years in gaol for - the murder of his wife. Gemma's older sister, Kit, believes their father is guilty. As the violence escalates, Gemma discovers that the past and the present collide in a trap where she must fight for her life.' (Publication summary)

2 12 y separately published work icon The Sharp End Gabrielle Lord , ( trans. Martin Jansen in de Wal with title Vlijmscherp ) Utrecht : A. W. Bruna , 1998 Z382899 1998 single work novel crime
5 12 y separately published work icon Tooth and Claw Gabrielle Lord , ( trans. Fen Hoffstaedt with title Met Hand en Tand ) Utrecht : A. W. Bruna , 1997 Z115494 1983 single work novel crime
3 19 y separately published work icon Salt Gabrielle Lord , ( trans. Fen Hoffstaedt with title Zout ) Utrecht : A. W. Bruna , 1997 Z454922 1990 single work novel science fiction thriller 'Sando and Hedda break out of Sydney, the walled city of 2075, into an Australia decimated by civil strife, rising salt levels and unbearably hot temperatures. Their flight to this salt-encrusted otherworld forces them to face its unimaginable inhabitants, bred in a secret weapons laboratory'. Source: author's website.
4 10 y separately published work icon Fortress Gabrielle Lord , 1980 ( trans. Martin Jansen in de Wal with title Kinderspel ) Utrecht : A. W. Bruna , 1996 Z113821 1980 single work novel crime
— Appears in: Kirjavaliot : nelja lyhennettya menestysteosta 1982;
4 18 y separately published work icon Bones Gabrielle Lord , ( trans. Martin Jansen in de Wal with title Top Op Het Bot ) Utrecht : A. W. Bruna , 1996 Z539780 1995 single work novel crime thriller
3 7 y separately published work icon Jumbo Gabrielle Lord , ( trans. Martin Jansen in de Wal )expression Utrecht : A. W. Bruna , 1996 Z409610 1986 single work novel
3 22 y separately published work icon Whipping Boy Gabrielle Lord , ( trans. Martin Jansen in de Wal with title Door Merg En Been ) Utrecht : A. W. Bruna , 1996 Z285779 1992 single work novel crime
4 y separately published work icon The Last Frontier Amanda Sayle , ( trans. Mariella de Kuyper-Snel with title Larapinta ) Utrecht : A. W. Bruna , 1988 Z1392835 1986 single work novel
16 15 y separately published work icon The Ladies of Missalonghi The Courtship of Missy Wright Colleen McCullough , ( trans. Mariella de Kuyper-Snel with title Missy ) Utrecht : A. W. Bruna , 1988 Z375514 1987 single work novel
— Appears in: Tim; Ledi iz Missalongi 1993;

'The Hurlingford family have ruled the small town of Byron, nestled in the Blue Mountains, for generations. Wealthy, powerful and cruel, they get what they want, every time.

'Missy Wright lives with her widowed mother and crippled aunt in genteel poverty. Hurlingfords by birth, all three are victim to the family's rule of inheritance: the men take it all. Plain, thin and unforgivably single, it seems Missy's life is destined to be dreary.

'But then a stranger arrives in town. A divorcee from Sydney. And she opens Missy's eyes to the possibility of a happy ending.'

Source : publisher's blurb

10 10 y separately published work icon A Creed for the Third Millennium Colleen McCullough , ( trans. Unknown with title En de vrouw koos een man ) Utrecht : A. W. Bruna , 1985 Z382285 1985 single work novel
12 7 y separately published work icon An Indecent Obsession Colleen McCullough , ( trans. Unknown with title Een ander woord voor liefde ) Utrecht : A. W. Bruna , 1984 Z95298 1981 single work novel

'The Second World War has just ended and Sister Honour Langtree, a caring and conscientious Army nurse, cares for a striking mixture of five battle-broken soldiers being treated in the psychiatric care section of the hospital. To the soldiers, Honour is a precious, adored reminder of the world before war – they are as devoted to her as she is to them.

'Then Seargent Michael Wilson arrives. A damaged and decorated hero, Wilson is a man of secrets and silent pain. Honour finds herself drawn to this tortured man, and discovers a love that will ultimately lead to a violent tragedy.'

Source : publisher's blurb

16 y separately published work icon Proteus Morris West , ( trans. H. W. Hirs with title Proteus : de man die de wereld gijzelde ) Utrecht : A. W. Bruna , 1981 Z1407023 1979 single work novel

'Big John Spada is a self-made millionaire. From his headquarters in New York, he directs enterprises around the world with military precision. Privately, Spada also funds Proteus, a clandestine movement that works to free political prisoners and combat tyrants wherever they may be.

'Then news arrives from Argentina that the Buenos Aires secret police have arrested Spada's daughter Teresa, a doctor, after she performed emergency surgery on a man with gunshot wounds. They then take her husband Rodolfo whose outspoken editorials have angered the country's fascist government.

'A scheme is hatched by Proteus to rescue them, but soon the enemies of Proteus begin to target Spada himself.'

Source: Publisher's blurb (Allen & Unwin, 2017).

13 1 y separately published work icon The Big Story Morris West , ( trans. Jan van Rheenen with title Geen Bloemen voor Richard Ashley ) Utrecht : A. W. Bruna , 1980 Z528257 1957 single work novel

'Richard Ashley is a journalist who cares about the truth, and he's about to break the greatest story of his career.

'Italy's ruling clique is rotten to the core. A scandal centred around Vittorio, Duke of Orgagna, points to a web of corruption and deceit emanating from his estate in the south.

'But Ashley finds that the truth is not all it seems when he falls in love with Orgagna's wife. Everything is more complicated, more passionate, than before—and tainted by death. Suddenly Ashley's greatest story threatens to be his last.'

Source: Publisher's blurb (Allen & Unwin, 2017).