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Born: Established: 1835 Gutersloh,
Western Europe, Europe,
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Das Kleine Buch Bertelsmann (publisher), series - publisher
Spannende Geschichten Bertelsmann (publisher), series - publisher
3 y separately published work icon Into the Night Sarah Bailey , ( trans. Astrid Arz with title Into the Night : Kriminalroman ) Munich : Bertelsmann , 2020 13556397 2018 single work novel crime thriller

'Sarah Bailey's acclaimed debut novel The Dark Lake was a bestseller around the world and Bailey's taut and suspenseful storytelling earned her fitting comparisons with Gillian Flynn and Paula Hawkins. 

'Into the Night is her stunning new crime novel featuring the troubled and brilliant Detective Sergeant Gemma Woodstock. This time Gemma finds herself lost and alone in the city, broken-hearted by the decisions she's had to make. Her new workplace is a minefield and the partner she has been assigned is uncommunicative and often hostile. When a homeless man is murdered and Gemma is put on the case, she can't help feeling a connection with the victim and the lonely and isolated life he led despite being in the middle of a bustling city.

'Then a movie star is killed in bizarre circumstances on the set of a major film shoot, and Gemma and her partner Detective Sergeant Nick Fleet have to put aside their differences to unravel the mysteries surrounding the actor's life and death. Who could commit such a brazen crime and who stands to profit from it? Far too many people, she soon discovers - and none of them can be trusted. But it's when Gemma realises that she also can't trust the people closest to her that her world starts closing in...

'Riveting suspense, incisive writing and a fascinating cast of characters make this an utterly addictive crime thriller and a stunning follow-up to The Dark Lake.' (Publication summary)

6 1 y separately published work icon The Dark Lake Sarah Bailey , ( trans. Astrid Arz with title Dark Lake Thriller ) Munich : Bertelsmann , 2018 10894695 2017 single work novel thriller

'There were a few minutes when I was alone with her in the autopsy room. I felt wild. Absent. Before I could stop myself I was leaning close to her, telling her everything. The words draining out of me as she lay there. Her long damp hair hanging off the back of the steel table. Glassy eyes fixed blindly on the ceiling. She was still so beautiful, even in death.

'Our secrets circled madly around the bright white room that morning. Rocking back and forth on my heels as I stood next to her, I knew how far in I was again, how comprehensively her death could undo me. I looked at Rosalind Ryan properly for the last time before breathing deeply, readying myself, letting her pull me back into her world, and I sank down, further and further, until I was completely, utterly under.

'A beautiful young teacher has been murdered, her body found in the lake, strewn with red roses. Local policewoman Detective Sergeant Gemma Woodstock pushes to be assigned to the case, concealing the fact that she knew the murdered woman in high school years before.

'But that's not all Gemma's trying to hide. As the investigation digs deeper into the victim's past, other secrets threaten to come to light, secrets that were supposed to remain buried. The lake holds the key to solving the murder, but it also has the power to drag Gemma down into its dark depths.

'The Dark Lake is an addictive crime thriller, a mesmerising account of one woman's descent into deceit and madness, and a stunning debut that is already causing a stir around the world.'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

13 51 y separately published work icon Truth Peter Temple , ( trans. Hans M. Herzog with title Wahrheit ) Munich : Bertelsmann , 2011 Z1594714 2009 single work novel crime thriller (taught in 2 units)

'Stephen Villani is the acting head of the Victoria Police homicide squad. But his first months on the job have not gone well: two Aboriginal teenagers shot dead in a botched operation he authorised in the provincial city of Cromarty; and, no progress on the killing of a man in front of his daughter outside a private girls' school.

Now five men are found dead in horrifying circumstances on the outskirts of the city. Villani's superiors and the media are baying for arrests. To add to his woes, some of the country's richest people are alarmed by the baffling killing of a young woman in the high-security tower where they live.

Villani, a man who has built his life around his work, begins to find the certainties of both crumbling. As the pressure mounts, he finds that he must contemplate things formerly unthinkable. Truth is a novel about murder, corruption, family, friends, honour, honesty, deceit, love, betrayal and truth.' (from Quercus website)

5 49 y separately published work icon The Lieutenant Kate Grenville , ( trans. Karina Of with title Der Sternenleser : Roman ) Munich : Bertelsmann , 2011 Z1515910 2008 single work novel historical fiction (taught in 1 units)

'Daniel Rooke, soldier and astronomer, was always an outsider. As a young lieutenant of marines he arrives in New South Wales on the First Fleet in 1788 and sees his chance. He sets up his observatory away from the main camp, and begins the scientific work that he hopes will make him famous.

'Aboriginal people soon start to visit his isolated promontory, and a child named Tagaran begins to teach him her language. With meticulous care he records their conversations. An extraordinary friendship forms, and Rooke has almost forgotten he is a soldier when a man is fatally wounded in the infant colony. The lieutenant faces a decision that will define not only who he is but the course of his entire life.

'In this profoundly moving novel Kate Grenville returns to the landscape of her much-loved bestseller The Secret River. Inspired by the notebooks of William Dawes, The Lieutenant is a compelling story about friendship and self-discovery by a writer at the peak of her powers.' (Publisher's blurb)

4 42 y separately published work icon The Idea of Perfection Kate Grenville , ( trans. Anne Rademacher with title Eine Ahnung von Vollkommenheit : Roman ) Munich : Bertelsmann , 2008 Z141413 1999 single work novel (taught in 5 units)

Set in the eccentric backwater of Karakarook, New South Wales, this is the story of Douglas Cheeseman, a shy and clumsy engineer who meets Harley Savage, a woman who is known for being rather large and abrupt. Harley Savage is a plain, rawboned woman, a part-time museum curator and quilting expert with three failed marriages and a heart condition. Douglas Cheeseman is a shy, gawky engineer with jug-handle ears, one marriage gone sour, and a crippling lack of physical courage. Seeming to be incompetent was something Douglas did to protect himself, just as having a "dangerous streak" served the same purpose for Harley. Douglas is there to pull down a quaint old bridge and Harley aims to foster heritage. They are clearly on a collision course - but when they meet they are unaware that something unexpected is going to happen. (Source: Trove)


5 7 y separately published work icon Shooting Star Peter Temple , ( trans. Hans M. Herzog with title Shooting Star : Roman ) Munich : Bertelsmann , 2008 Z10555 1999 single work novel crime

'Pat Carson’s old eyes were on me, looking for something.
‘Man is born unto trouble,’ he said.
I said, ‘As the sparks fly upwards.’
Deep lines at the corners of his mouth. ‘Know your Job. Soldier. Policeman. Haven’t been a bloody priest too, have you?’

'Anne Carson: fifteen, beautiful, wayward. Abducted.

'The rich Carsons have closed ranks and summoned Frank Calder, subject to strict instructions. This is not the first kidnapping in the Carson family and hard lessons have been learned.

'But are the two events connected? And is greed the motivation? Revenge? Or could it be something else? To find out, Frank Calder must go beyond his brief.

'And his every step into the darkness may end a girl’s life.'

Source: Publisher's blurb (Text ed.).

19 47 y separately published work icon The Broken Shore Peter Temple , ( trans. Hans Hertzog with title Kalter August ) Munich : Bertelsmann , 2007 Z1207328 2005 single work novel crime (taught in 9 units)

'Joe Cashin was different once. He moved easily then; was surer and less thoughtful. But there are consequences when you've come so close to dying. For Cashin, they included a posting away from the world of Homicide to the quiet place on the coast where he grew up. Now all he has to do is play the country cop and walk the dogs. And sometimes think about how he was before.

'Then prominent local Charles Bourgoyne is bashed and left for dead. Everything seems to point to three boys from the nearby Aboriginal community; everyone seems to want it to. But Cashin is unconvinced. And as tragedy unfolds relentlessly into tragedy, he finds himself holding onto something that might be better let go.'
Source: Publisher's website (Sighted 22/8/11)

16 184 y separately published work icon The Secret River Kate Grenville , ( trans. Karina Of et. al.agent with title Der verborgene Fluss : Roman ) Munich : Bertelsmann , 2006 Z1194031 2005 single work novel historical fiction (taught in 69 units)

'In 1806 William Thornhill, a man of quick temper and deep feelings, is transported from the slums of London to New South Wales for the term of his natural life. With his wife Sal and their children he arrives in a harsh land he cannot understand.

'But the colony can turn a convict into a free man. Eight years later Thornhill sails up the Hawkesbury to claim a hundred acres for himself.

'Aboriginal people already live on that river. And other recent arrivals - Thomas Blackwood, Smasher Sullivan and Mrs Herring - are finding their own ways to respond to them.

'Thornhill, a man neither better nor worse than most, soon has to make the most difficult choice of his life.

'Inspired by research into her own family history, Kate Grenville vividly creates the reality of settler life, its longings, dangers and dilemmas. The Secret River is a brilliantly written book, a groundbreaking story about identity, belonging and ownership.' (From the publisher's website.)

11 23 y separately published work icon Year of Wonders : A Novel of the Plague Geraldine Brooks , ( trans. Eva L. Wahser with title Das Pesttuch ) Munich : Bertelsmann , 2002 Z900724 2001 single work novel historical fiction (taught in 1 units) This historical novel is based on the true story of Eyam, the 'Plague Village,' in the rugged mountain spine of England. In 1666, a tainted bolt of cloth from London carries bubonic infection to this isolated settlement of shepherds and lead miners. A visionary young preacher convinces the villagers to seal themselves off in a deadly quarantine to prevent the spread of disease. The story is told through the eyes of eighteen-year-old Anna Frith, the vicar's maid, as she confronts the loss of her family, the disintegration of her community, and the lure of a dangerous and illicit love. As the death toll rises and people turn from prayers and herbal cures to sorcery and murderous witch-hunting, Anna emerges as an unlikely and courageous heroine in the village's desperate fight to save itself. (Source: Trove)
5 13 y separately published work icon Peeling the Onion Wendy Orr , ( trans. Ursula Schmidt-Steinbach with title Der Ernstfall oder fang an zu leben! ) Bertelsmann , 1998 Z116736 1996 single work novel young adult Athletic, popular, 'normal' Anna is badly injured in a car accident and as she slowly and painfully heals she feels the layers of her familiar self being peeled away.
19 182 y separately published work icon The Tree of Man Patrick White , ( trans. Heinrich Böll et. al.agent with title Zur Ruhe kam der Baum des Menschen nie : Roman ) Rheda-Wiedenbruck : Bertelsmann , 1998 Z470597 1955 single work novel (taught in 6 units)

'Stan Parker, with only a horse and a dog for company journeys to a remote patch of land he has inherited in the Australian hills. Once the land is cleared and a rudimentary house built, he brings his wife Amy to the wilderness. Together they face lives of joy and sorrow as they struggle against the environment.' (Publication summary)

11 28 y separately published work icon Letters from the Inside John Marsden , ( trans. Heike Brandt with title Liebe Tracey, Liebe Mandy ) Rheda-Wiedenbruck Zurich Vienna : Bertelsmann , 1997 Z193240 1991 single work novel young adult The relationship between two teenage girls who become acquainted through letters intensifies as their correspondence reveals some of the terrible problems of their lives. (Source: Trove)
2 14 y separately published work icon Cross My Heart Maureen McCarthy , ( trans. Johanna Ellsworth )expression Rheda-Wiedenbruck : Bertelsmann , 1997 Z516652 1993 single work novel young adult

'Cross My Heart is the story of a 17 year old girl from a country-family who runs away from home after deciding that she doesn’t want to marry her boyfriend as is expected of her just because she is pregnant (she was never asked about the marriage, he just asked her parents and it was excepted that she would accept the situation), and an ex-crim in his early twenties who has just got out of jail on good behaviour. Both looking for work. He offers her a lift on his bike to save her being picked up by a group of guys he knows is danger and they end up riding across half of Australia.' (Publication summary)

2 1 y separately published work icon For Destiny or Desire Angela Devine , ( trans. Eva L. Wahser with title Tempel der Begierde ) Rheda-Wiedenbruck : Bertelsmann , 1997 Z36438 1995 single work novel

'This is the story of Cleopatra, and of a love that changed history. It is a story of divided loyalties and frustrated ambition; the dilemma of a ruler who has to sacrifice her very self or sacrifice the identity of her country.' (Publication summary)

5 2 y separately published work icon The Piano : A Novel Jane Campion , Kate Pullinger , ( trans. Carina von Enzenberg with title Das Piano: Der Roman ) Rheda-Wiedenbruck Vienna : Buchgemeinschaft Donauland Bertelsmann , 1995 Z142858 1994 single work novel historical fiction Based on Jane Campion's award winning film, this novel tells the story of Ada, who with her piano and her nine-year-old, illegitimate daughter Flora, migrates to the remote bush of nineteenth century New Zealand for an arranged marriage. Mute since the age of six, Ada's piano is her voice. When her new husband exchanges it for land, Ada strikes a bargain with the new owner, the tattooed, illiterate Baines. (Libraries Australia record)
9 12 y separately published work icon Fortune's Favourites Colleen McCullough , ( trans. Helmut Dierlamm et. al.agent with title Gunstlinge der Gotter : Roman ) Munich : Bertelsmann , 1995 Z481578 1993 single work novel historical fiction

'With incomparable storytelling skill, New York Times bestselling author Colleen McCullough brings Rome alive in all her majesty—and illuminates the world of those favored by the gods at birth.

'In a time of cataclysmic upheaval, a bold new generation of Romans vied for greatness amid the disintegrating remnants of their beloved Republic. They were the chosen...and the cursed—blessed with wealth and privilege yet burdened by the dictates of destiny in a savage struggle for power that would leave countless numbers crushed and destroyed. But there was one who would tower above them all—a brilliant and beautiful boy whose ambition was unparalleled, whose love was legend, and whose glory was Rome's: a boy they would one day call "Caesar."' (Publication summary)

3 2 y separately published work icon Harem Colin Falconer , ( trans. Barbara Wolter et. al.agent with title Die Sultanin ) Rheda-Wiedenbruck : Bertelsmann , 1995 Z799743 1992 single work novel historical fiction 'Set in the worlds of the Ottoman empire in the 16th century, this book follows the fortunes of a handful of desperate characters whose destinies gradually weave together in a tapestry of passion, envy, betrayal and cruelty.' 

 (Publication summary)

4 3 y separately published work icon The Back of Beyond Barbara Bickmore , ( trans. Uschi Gnade with title Wer den Himmel berührt : Australienroman ) Rheda-Wiedenbruck : Bertelsmann , 1995 Z305303 1994 single work novel Dr. Cassandra Clarke is a survivor. Born in Australia, brought up in the United States, she fought her way through medical school -- an exclusively male domain. Now, an ill-fated love affair drives the respected physician back to her native land, to take part in one of humankind's most noble and daring experiments: The Australian Flying Doctor Service. In THE BACK OF BEYOND, Dr. Cassandra Clarke, is the first woman doctor in the AFDS. Cassandra carves out an uncertain future, risking her own life to fly to remote sheep stations to perform heroic, life-saving operations. And as her courage as a healer is tested, her heart is challenged by the passionate demands of three men -- a pilot, a doctor, and a rancher -- who will change her world forever. Set against the sweeping panorama of Australia's great wilderness -- a harsh, beautiful land of kangaroos, wild aborigines and daring immigrants who've come in search of a better future -- THE BACK OF BEYOND tells the intimate story of a woman who journeys from tragedy to triumph, from loss to breathtaking love ... as she confronts the choices every woman must make at least once in her life. (Source: author's website