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Born: Established: 1981 ; Died: Ceased: 2003
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1 form y separately published work icon Wild Kat John Armstrong , Coral Drouyn , Ron Elliott , Marieke Hardy , Peter Neale , Alicia Walsh , Paul Douglas Barron , David Ogilvy , ( dir. Steve Peddie et. al. )agent Perth : Barron Entertainment , 2001 Z1849072 2001 series - publisher film/TV children's young adult science fiction

When fifteen-year-old Katrina moves to Perth to live with her mother, a veterinary scientist at the local zoo, she begins acting oddly. Realising she can 'mind-meld' with Garang, the zoo's ferocious female tiger, she finds her senses of smell, hearing, and sight improving, including her night vision. Upset and bewildered by his sister's odd behaviour, her eleven-year-old brother Jamie teams up with the youngest daughter of the zoo manager to try and solve the mystery. But not everyone's intentions are honorable, as one of the zoo's scientists plans to manipulate the genetic quirk that Kat and the tiger share, hoping to use it to recreate extinct species.

1 form y separately published work icon Chuck Finn James Beard , John Coulter , Ysabelle Dean , Coral Drouyn , Roger Dunn , Ron Elliott , Annie Fox , Peter Hepworth , Simon Hopkinson , Neil Luxmoore , Victoria Osbourne , David Phillips , Mark Poole , Sheila Sibley , Geraldine Mellet , Vincent Gil , Faye Grant-Williams , Brendan Luno , ( dir. Pino Amenta et. al. )agent Perth : Barron Entertainment , 1999-2000 Z1849145 1999-2000 series - publisher film/TV children's fantasy

Chuck Finn follows Charles 'Chuck' Finn, a Canadian boy whose parents move from Toronto to the Australian country town of Tingalla. At first, he longs desperately to return to Toronto, but he soon finds the decommissioned and derelict paddle steamer the Tingalla Rose. Soon, he and his friends--some of whom are ghostly, rather than mortal--are enchanted by the possibility of getting the Tingalla Rose running again and seduced by life on the Murray River.

Unfortunately for Chuck Finn, Barron Entertainment declared bankruptcy during the production of season two. A truncated season of six episodes was completed and released, but the production was abandoned at that point.

1 form y separately published work icon Fast Tracks Ron Elliott , Simon Hopkinson , Peter A. Kinloch , Christine McCourt , Geraldine Mellet , Greg Millin , John Rapsey , James Beard , Ysabelle Dean , Julie Monton , Alicia Walsh , Sarah Smith , ( dir. Arnie Custo et. al. )agent Western Australia : Barron Entertainment , 1998-1999 7393099 1998 series - publisher film/TV young adult

A teen drama set in a school divided between mainstream high-school students and students with the potential to compete in sports at an Olympic level.

The two series had distinct storylines.

Series one:

The first day at any new school is always tough but when your schoolmates can run 100 metres in 11 seconds, clear 1.8 metres in the highjump and include the national junior champions in ten Olympic have to be a winner. (Via Screen Australia)

Series two:

The second series follows the fortunes of the soccer team as they strive for a place in the league play-offs. The team's problems on the field are complicated by problems off the field as allegiances and alliances between the kids (divided into Book Worms and Sports Freaks) shift and develop. (Via Screen Australia)

1 form y separately published work icon Driven Crazy Keith Aberdein , Angela Webber , Gina Roncoli , John Rapsey , Christine McCourt , Rick Maier , Graeme Koetsveld , Paul Jennings , Jo Horsburgh , Jutta Goetze , Peter Gawler , Matt Ford , John Coulter , John Armstrong , Meg Mappin , ( dir. Michael Carson et. al. )agent Australia : Barron Entertainment , 1998 Z1892001 1998 series - publisher film/TV fantasy children's

'Based on the stories of Paul Jennings, DRIVEN CRAZY follows the adventures of the Bourke family as they travel around Australia in their old Chevy wagon.'

Source: Screen Australia.

1 form y separately published work icon Kings in Grass Castles Tony Morphett , ( dir. John Woods ) Western Australia : Barron Entertainment Channel 7 , 1998 7828762 1998 series - publisher film/TV historical fiction

A mini-series based on Mary Durack's biography of the same name.

1 form y separately published work icon Misery Guts Mary Morris , ( dir. Brendan Maher et. al. )agent Australia : Barron Entertainment Steel Stem Poppy Productions , 1998 7445797 1998 series - publisher film/TV children's

'Keith is the only son of Vin and Marge Shipley. They live above a fish 'n' chips shop in South London and things are tough. Keith's parents are misery gutses and he is convinced that the only way for the family to regain its former happiness is for him to make his parents smile again. Keith embarks on a mission to cheer his parents up. He buys a brilliantly coloured tropical fish from Australia, where the sun shines all the time, the sea is full of fish and coconuts just fall into your hands. When all his efforts to cheer his parents up fail spectacularly, Keith decides he must somehow get his parents to Australia. People couldn't be unhappy in a paradise where fish sparkle like rainbows and it's sunny and warm all the time. Or could they?'

Source: Australian Television Information Archive

1 form y separately published work icon The Gift John Coulter , Piers Hobson , Barbara Bishop , Jenny Lewis , Ysabelle Dean , Annie Fox , Ron Elliott , David Ogilvy , Ingle Knight , Philip Jeng Kane , Nine Network , Victoria Osbourne , Geraldine Mellet , Annie Beach , David Ogilvy , ( dir. Mark DeFriest et. al. )agent Perth : Barron Entertainment , 1997 Z1851732 1997 series - publisher film/TV children's fantasy

The gift has the power to grant you anything you desire, but once you realise what it does, you must pass it on.

1 form y separately published work icon The Devil Game Inferno Michael Carson , Julie Monton , ( dir. Michael Carson ) Australia : Barron Entertainment Seven Network , 1997 6050811 1997 single work film/TV crime detective thriller

'Frankie Smith is an undercover cop, a very good one. Still, Frankie spends so much of her life being someone else that the one person she hardly knows is herself. When Frankie goes in for a new brief, she is taken aback to find they want someone to go undercover into her sister's home town. Not only haven't they talked in eight years, heroin is being brought in by the local trawlers and Frankie's brother-in-law is a suspect.'

Source: Screen Australia. (Sighted: 13/6/2013)

2 form y separately published work icon Sweat John Rapsey , Matt Ford , Rick Maier , Christine McCourt , Peter Gawler , Pim Hendrix , Robyn Sinclair , Karin Altmann , Gina Roncoli , Grant Fraser , David Phillips , Daniel Krige , Neville Brown , Jo Horsburgh , Gary Heary , John Chamberlain , May Harrison , Jo Merle , John Rapsey , ABC Television (publisher), ( dir. Steve Jodrell et. al. )agent Cottesloe Australia : Barron Entertainment ABC Television , 1996 Z845018 1996 series - publisher film/TV young adult

A drama series set in a sports academy. The various stories target issues of interest to teens. The young athletes' loves, disappointments, families, schools, and rivalries are seen in sharp contrast to the tremendous pressures and unique demands of the international sporting world.

1 form y separately published work icon Heat Natural Justice : Heat Leon Saunders , ( dir. Scott Hartford-Davis ) Western Australia : Barron Entertainment , 1996 7257296 1996 single work film/TV crime

'An idealistic solicitor heads to the bush after a disillusioning encounter with the legal system. In a small country town she witnesses an incident between police and two local Aborigines, and reluctantly becomes embroiled in a fight for justice.'

Source: Screen Australia. (Sighted: 16/4/2014)

1 form y separately published work icon Singapore Sling : Midnight Orchid Asian Connection : Midnight Orchid David Phillips , ( dir. Geoffrey Nottage ) Australia : Barron Entertainment Nine Network , 1995 6093908 1995 single work film/TV crime thriller

'Stamford and Carla attend the wedding of a longtime friend of Stamford's, Lee Cheng. When the wedding toast is drunk, chaos ensues when an entire table of guests is poisoned. Only four, including Stamford, survive. The six victims are a mixed bunch, from a major industrialist to a gossip columnist. How can you find the murderer when you don't even know who the target was? Stamford works his way through the false leads and learns much about the underside of the lives of the rich and famous before he uncovers the bizarre truth.'

Source: Australian Television Information Archive. (Sighted: 27/6/2013)

1 form y separately published work icon Singapore Sling : Old Flames Asian Connection : Old Flames Peter Schreck , ( dir. Michael Carson ) Australia : Barron Entertainment Nine Network , 1995 6093794 1995 single work film/TV crime thriller

'A famous film director and his crew arrive in town for two weeks of location filming. Stamford is overjoyed to find the leading lady, Francis "Frankie" Lane, is an old flame of his from his stringer days in Cambodia. When the leading man is killed in an apparent stunt-gone-wrong, Stamford's suspicion is aroused. Unfortunately, no-one else suspects murder but him. As he quietly delves into the lives of the film unit, his investigation begins to point firmly in the direction of Frankie and Stamford finds that the 'good old days' are best left in the past.'

Source: Australian Television Information Archive. (Sighted: 27/6/2013)

1 form y separately published work icon Singapore Sling : Road to Mandalay Asian Connection : Road to Mandalay Keith Aberdein , ( dir. John Laing ) Australia : Barron Entertainment Nine Network , 1995 6093694 1995 single work film/TV crime thriller

'Stamford is approached by an old underworld figure now going straight, Y.C. Kung, to find the murderers of his daughter and only grandson. But when his close friend, Internet operative Konrad Woolff, is killed during one of their investigations, Y.C.'s case must take second place. However, finding himself also on someone's hit list, it is not long before Stamford suspects a link between all three murders and finds himself caught up in the scramble for economic power in the New Chinese Hong Kong of post-1997.'

Source: Australian Television Information Archive. (Sighted: 27/6/2013)

1 y separately published work icon A Work of Art Nicholas Flanagan , Cottesloe : Barron Entertainment , 1994 Z842722 1994 single work drama children's
1 y separately published work icon Singapore Sling Asian Connection Australia : Multimedia Entertainment Barron Entertainment , 1993-1995 6093328 1993 series - publisher thriller crime

A series of telemovies about a private investigator working in Singapore.

2 form y separately published work icon Ship to Shore John Rapsey , Glenda Hambly , Mary Morris , Everett de Roche , Jon Stephens , John Cundill , Judi McCrossin , David Phillips , Craig Wilkins , Geoffrey Nottage , Barbara Bishop , David Marsh , Peter A. Kinloch , Lynn Bayonas , Patrick Edgeworth , Sheila Sibley , Graham Foreman , Anthony Ellis , Stephen Measday , Ysabelle Dean , Nicholas Flanagan , Ron Elliott , Alison Nisselle , Trevor Todd , Sarah Smith , Philip Jeng Kane , ABC Television (publisher), Nine Network (publisher), ( dir. Karl Zwicky et. al. )agent Perth Australia : Barron Entertainment ABC Television Nine Network , 1993-1996 Z845012 1993 series - publisher film/TV children's adventure

Children's adventure television series about children who live on fictional Circe Island, a fishing community and communications base off the coast of Western Australia. The first series featured episodes in which the children outwitted adults, particularly the character Hermes Endakis. The series later emphasised environmental issues, particularly in the second series, where the children try to stop a big corporation from destroying their island.

1 form y separately published work icon Singapore Sling Robert Marchand , ( dir. Robert Marchand ) Australia : Barron Entertainment Multimedia Entertainment Nine Network , 1993 6093494 1993 single work film/TV crime thriller

' A scruffy detective, on the trail of fake perfume makers, meets a past lover on the trail of medicine counterfeiters. Together, they expose the people behind the bogus, deadly drugs.'

Source: National Film and Sound Archive. (Sighted: 27/6/2013)

1 form y separately published work icon Tracks of Glory Tony Morphett , ( dir. Marcus Cole ) South Australia : Barron Entertainment Paragon Entertainment Corporation , 1992 7211617 1992 series - publisher film/TV historical fiction

'In 1902 Australia was staging the richest cycling events in the world. When black American athlete, 'Major' Taylor, arrives to compete he has to confront not only the White Australia Policy but the prejudices of the other competitors - his own countrymen.'

Source: Screen Australia.

1 form y separately published work icon Clowning Around Tony Cavanaugh , John Coulter , Shane Brennan , ( dir. George Whaley ) Western Australia : Barron Entertainment , 1991-1993 Z1900833 1991-1993 series - publisher film/TV

Two series tracing the ambitions of Sim, who longs to be a clown.

In series one:

'Fifteen-year-old Sim wants to be a clown. His third set of foster parents think he's as nutty as an Australian fruit cake. So he runs away, joins an outback rodeo, then a travelling circus. He is taught the art of clowning by a former clown, Anatole, an iron-willed Frenchman who is no longer able to perform. When Anatole returns to Paris, Sim follows, and is finally given the chance to perform at the famous Winter Circus'.

In series two:

'Sim is now a clown at the Winter Circus in Paris. Ambitious and determined to become a great clown, Sim becomes intrigued with the 'modern' circus routines pioneered by Circus Oz and Cirque du Soleil. When Sim suddenly inherits a share in the Rathnow Circus back in Australia, he has a chance to create his own 'suitcase' style of circus that is unique to his own character and experience.'

Source: Screen Australia. (Sighted: 13/11/2012)

2 11 form y separately published work icon Blackfellas Day of the Dog James Ricketson , Cottesloe : Barron Entertainment , 1991 11650254 1991 single work film/TV Nineteen years old and on parole, all Doug Dooligan wants to do is get on with his life away from the influence of his best friend Floyd 'Pretty Boy' Davis. Floyd, a charming conman and petty thief, has other ideas. He thinks Doug's decision to go straight is a rejection of his Nyoongah lifestyle in favour of white fella values. Edith, Doug's white mother, reminds Doug that she is his people too. He is faced with the daunting tasks of reconciling the opposing expectations of two cultures, family and friends.