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Born: Established: ca. 1989 Mount Waverley, Ashwood - Mulgrave area, Melbourne South East, Melbourne, Victoria, ;
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1 29 y separately published work icon Aurealis : Australian Fantasy and Science Fiction Ben Payne (editor), Robert Hoge (editor), Stephen Higgins (editor), Stuart Mayne (editor), Stuart Mayne (editor), Stephen Higgins (editor), Dirk Strasser (editor), Keith Stevenson (editor), Michael Pryor , Stephen Higgins (editor), 1990 Mount Waverley : Chimaera Publications , Z868389 1990 periodical science fiction (145 issues)

Australia's longest-running and most successful science-fiction/fantasy magazine, Aurealis was founded in 1990 by Stephen Higgins and Dirk Strasser. Undaunted by the continued failure of similar magazines leading up to the end of the 1980s, Higgins and Strasser aimed to provide writers in those genres with the opportunity to have their works published and to help expand the readership of Australian fantasy and science fiction. Aurealis was also established as a vehicle for identifying and promoting emerging talent. The pair were able to get the magazine off the ground through the assistance of grants from the Victorian government, thus enabling them to offer payment to contributors.

Contributors to Aurealis over the years have included significant and influential Australian writers such as George Turner, Michael Pryor, Terry Dowling, Sean Williams, Greg Egan, Sean McMullen, Lucy Sussex, and Stephen Dedman (qq.v.). The reputation of the magazine was consolidated in 1995 with the inaugural Aurealis Awards for Excellence in Australian Speculative Fiction for Writers of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Higgins and Stresser announced their intention to sell Aurealis in 2001 so that they could concentrate on Chimaera Publications (the company they set up to publish Aurealis) and other projects. However, the sale was postponed indefinitely when Keith Stevenson offered to take over their editorial duties. Since 2005, the magazine has been edited by a various of editorial teams, including the pairings of Ben Payne and Robert Hoge, and of Stephen Higgins and Stuart Mayne.

In October 2011 Dirk Strasser announced in the Editorial for No.45 that Aurealis had become an epublication.

3 y separately published work icon Eclipse Dirk Strasser , Victoria : Chimaera Publications , 2014 Z1479623 2002 single work novel fantasy

'What happens if after the winter solstice, the days keep getting shorter?

And shorter?

'Until there is an eternal night?

'What happens as the darkness grows?

'And the creatures of dusk take control of the Mountain?

'And the quest for the third Book is the only hope?

'The Mountain is in its death throes as the Nazir send their wraiths to finish what the dusk-rats and grale had begun. Soon there will be no daylight to protect the Maelir and Faemir, and with each twilight there are fewer places to hide. Will the Mountain finally collapse under its own instability or will Atreu and Verlinden's descent find the words of salvation in the Lost Book of Ascension?' (Publication summary)

2 4 y separately published work icon Zenith Dirk Strasser , Mount Waverley : Chimaera Publications , 2014 Z140265 1993 single work novel fantasy
2 3 y separately published work icon Equinox Dirk Strasser , Mount Waverley : Chimaera Publications , 2014 Z462561 1996 single work novel fantasy 'The fate of the Keep and its mountain lies in the balance. The Maelir want to defend it, the Faemir to demolish it and the windriders to claim it. But unknown to them all, a dark force is trying to destroy everything'. Source: bookseller's website.
1 y separately published work icon The Crowned Skull Fergus Hume , 1908 Mount Waverley : Chimaera Publications , 2010 Z1758254 1908 single work novel science fiction What is the secret from the past that is haunting Sir Hannibal Trevick, the rich and landed father of beautiful Dericka Trevick? When John Bowring, an old mining colleague of Sir Hannibal, appears in the quiet Cornwall village, he triggers a torrent of disasters and dangers, intrigues and conspiracies, mysteries and mayhem. Through this exciting narrative course adventuresses, Cornish witches, strange prophecies, hidden identities, dastardly blackmail, insane heirs, secret marriages and murder. Stir in a touch of murky imperialist politics, rampant exploitation in the colonies and an artefact that can drive men mad, and you have the heady brew which is Fergus Hume's The Crowned Skull (Publisher blurb, Chimaera edition).
1 1 y separately published work icon Classic Australian SF 2010 Mount Waverley : Chimaera Publications , 2010 Z1755255 2010 series - publisher novel science fiction In these novels of speculative fiction, with new introductions from some of Australia's most notable writers and critics, Chimaera Publications has unearthed and reanimated a series of forgotten classics. Ranging from the 1880s to the 1930s, this selection shows the vital contribution that speculative fiction plays in Australia's literary history - an influence that continues until the present day. (Publisher blurb)
6 y separately published work icon The Shrieking Pit, Being the Mystery of the Golden Anchor Inn Arthur J. Rees , Mount Waverley : Chimaera Publications , 2010 Z1376637 1919 single work novel crime detective The sea mist drifts over a sleepy little English hamlet. There is silence. A small inn, a few houses, and there over in the distance, the remnants of an ancient forest. And a pit. But there is something else. A white clad lady, the victim of some horror in an age long past, laments her fate as she arises shrieking from the pit. If you only hear her, you may live to tell the tale. But...if you see her... The Shrieking Pit is a classic tale of theft, murder and intrigue in the traditions of...well just about every English crime writer you can imagine, but it also marks the beginning of a few traditions of its own (Publisher website, Chimaera edition)
7 7 y separately published work icon A Bid for Fortune ; Or, Dr Nikola's Vendetta Guy Boothby , Mount Waverley : Chimaera Publications , 2010 1895 single work novel crime

'With money in his pocket after making his fortune in the South Seas, Richard Hatteras has London at his feet. Running afoul of the deadly Dr Nikola, however, was the worst thing he could do. Soon, young Dick is swept up into a maelstrom of blackmail, hypnotism, deceit and murder, where his betrothed is in danger, his potential father-in-law’s reputation is on the brink of ruination, and his very sanity is at stake. What can a two-fisted adventurer do against the vast and cold intellect that is Dr Nikola?'

Source: Publisher's blurb, Chimaera edition.

2 5 y separately published work icon Vandals of the Void J. M. Walsh , Mount Waverley : Chimaera Publications , 2010 Z945494 1931 single work novel science fiction thriller A series of unexplained events in space. A confederation of planets and mysterious aliens that threaten it. An Away Team investigating a spaceship showing no signs of life. A cloaking device using sophisticated enemy technology. Sounds like an episode of Star Trek, doesn't it? The only thing is Vandals of the Void was published 35 years before the first original Star Trek episode was shown. Or is it more a precursor to Star Wars? Witness fiction's first interplanetary space war. Where did these crested invaders come from? And why were they threatening to bring destruction to the three civilised planets? In a breathless world of space pirates and disintegrator rays, Interplanetary Guard Jack Sanders discovers the unexpected during a voyage to Mars: romance with the impressive, alluring Jansca Dirka...and a war of the worlds. Vandals of the Void is space opera on a grand scale

[Source: 2012 Chimaera edition]
8 18 y separately published work icon Out of the Silence : A Romance Erle Cox , Mount Waverley : Chimaera Publications , 2010 1919 single work novel science fiction romance
— Appears in: Lost Worlds Australia : Early Australian Science Fiction 2019;

'When two amateur archaeologists in Australia uncover a hidden high-tech tomb they inadvertently awaken a millennia-old superhuman. Does the beautiful Earani mean to save humanity or destroy it?

'A country farmer uncovers remnants of an advanced civilization that contain a woman, asleep in suspended animation for two thousand years. Upon awakening the woman Earani teleports herself into the office of the Australian Prime Minister and reveals her plans to take over the world – through mind control.

'An advanced civilization from the impossibly distant past is about to be resurrected in rural Australia. What dark secrets does it hold? Is it possible for a man to deny the requests of the world's most beautiful and intelligent woman? To fight a relentless and appealing logic no matter how horrific the consequences?

'It's rare that a novel captures a country's soul. How is it possible that a novel written almost a hundred years ago can speak to us so deeply of things that disturb and torment Australians even today? Out of the Silence is the most perplexing of novels, where during the course of the story your expectations and assumptions are turned 180 degrees.'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

2 10 y separately published work icon A Week in the Future Catherine Helen Spence , Mount Waverley : Chimaera Publications , 2010 Z824264 1889 single work novel science fiction

'Emily Bethal is dying. The doctors give her two years at best. It will be two years of increasing pain and dependence. It is probably the dependence that Emily fears the most. She is independent, spirited and wilful. She has strong opinions and she knows the way the world works ... but she also knows how it should work. Is the deal worth it? Yes, she will avoid the two years of suffering and has traded it for for one week of living in the future. And the future she will see? The bright shiny wonderful and miraculous world of 1988. Yes 100 years into her own future takes her back to our recent past. See the wonders that Emily sees as she experiences a world that she just knows must exist for the betterment of all man ... and womankind.'

Source: 2010 Chimaera edition

1 y separately published work icon Aurealis Online : Australian Fantasy and Science Fiction Chimaera Publications , Mount Waverley : Chimaera Publications , 2004 Z1720687 2004 website

Aurealis Online was created in 2004 by Stephen Higgins and Dirk Strasser (Chimera Publications) as an adjunct to Aurealis magazine and in recognition of the global nature of science fiction and fantasy fandom. The site itself was designed by the magazine's long-time art director Andrew J. McKiernan.

The website's stated mission is to provide an opportunity to promote Australian writers within the worldwide speculative fiction community, while also offering a portal for news, links, and events and an archival repository.

1 3 y separately published work icon The Black Crusade Richard Harland , Mount Waverley : Chimaera Publications , 2004 Z1123227 2004 single work novel horror fantasy

This darkly comic story takes place in 1894, 'and tells of a Hungarian bank clerk, Basil Smorta, who falls hopelessly in lust with Volusia, aka 'the Australian Songbird'. He follows her across Europe in company with a group of Fundamental Darwinists led by Lord Malicide Sain. They pursue their 'Black Crusade' at first by cart and carriage, then in Ingel Brankel's Mobilator. One bizarre and gruesome adventure follows another. The Ordeal of the Five Senses in the monks' lavabo, the excruciating apotheosis of Brother Dragorian, the doting love of the Love-Vampires, the bomb-throwing police force of Orblast, the sleep-tranced villagers in Morbol Villica and the sarcophagus of the Great One, the legendary marquis himself.'

Source: Author website (Sighted 07/01/2010)

1 y separately published work icon The Aurealis Mega OZ SF Anthology Stephen Higgins (editor), Dirk Strasser (editor), Mount Waverley : Chimaera Publications , 1999 Z189396 1999 anthology short story science fiction fantasy A collectors' edition anthology comprising the contents of six issues of Aurealis : Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine (numbers 5, 6, 7, 14, 15, and 16). Also among the 38 short stories are those which made the final placings in the 1998 Aurealis Millennium Short Story Competition, along with several essays and the results of the 1998 Aurealis Awards.

The Millennium Short Story Competition contributions are: 'Redemption' (Katherine Howell), 'Enigmatic Mausoleum' (Rob Bleckly) and 'Arise You Soft Machines' (Brent Lillie).
1 y separately published work icon Aurealis : Australian Fantasy and Science Fiction : The Collectors' Edition Dirk Strasser (editor), Stephen Higgins (editor), Mount Waverley : Chimaera Publications , 1992 Z491829 1992 anthology short story interview science fiction humour