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Catriona McKenzie Catriona McKenzie i(A33769 works by)
Born: Established: Sydney, New South Wales, ;
Gender: Female
Heritage: Aboriginal ; Aboriginal Kurnai
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1 form y separately published work icon Bad Mothers Rachel Lang , Gavin Strawhan , Timothy Lee , Sarah Walker , Phil Lloyd , ( dir. Geoff Bennett et. al. )agent Australia : Jungleboys , 2019 16563211 2019 series - publisher film/TV

'Bad Mothers is a fresh ensemble drama about four very different friends negotiating the perils and joys of being a modern mum: from parties to play dates, hangovers to homework, mishaps to murder.'

Source: Screen Australia.

1 form y separately published work icon Nowhere Boys : The Battle for Negative Space David Hannam , Marieke Hardy , Beth King , Craig Irvin , Jason Christou , Jessica Brookman , ( dir. Nicholas Verso et. al. )agent Australia : Matchbox Pictures , 2018 15374813 2018 series - publisher film/TV science fiction fantasy children's

'In the final series, the Nowhere Boys are back more powerful than ever and with an unlikely new member. But the new-year brings their most dangerous threat yet – an enemy capable of destroying the entire multiverse.'

Source: Program blurb.

1 2 form y separately published work icon Wrong Kind of Black Nick Musgrove , Boori Pryor , ( dir. Catriona McKenzie ) Australia : Princess Pictures Youthworx Productions , 2018 14128979 2018 series - publisher film/TV

'From the cops and the crocs of 1960s Palm Island to the blood-spattered dance floors of Melbourne in the '70s, Wrong Kind of Black is the personal story of Boori Monty Pryor (Clarence Ryan, in a career-making performance) and his brother Paul (Aaron McGrath). This four part high end digital drama comedy series brings a rare perspective to a tumultuous era in Australia’s history, one that resonates just as strongly today.

'At the height of the ‘70s disco inferno, Monty is Melbourne’s hottest DJ. Dubbed ‘The Black Superman’, Monty spins tunes at the Albion Charles Hotel where he and younger brother Paul rub shoulders with a motley crew of Russian mobsters and Aussie yobbos alike. The ‘fro and the flares seem like worlds away from Monty’s childhood on remote Palm Island – but beneath the surface, not much has changed. Aboriginal culture is still not welcome in white society, and the price of its preservation can be deadly. As tensions escalate and trouble keeps finding the two brothers, Monty decides that enough is enough and takes his future into his own hands.

'Although the Wrong Kind of Black takes us back to the 1960s and '70s, this personal account is as much the story of Indigenous Australia today as it was back then. It is a story of extremes – heartbreak and triumph, unconditional love and blind hatred, innocence and wisdom, black and white – always told with great humour and an enduring sense of hope.'

Source: ACMI ( (Sighted: 29/6/2018)

1 form y separately published work icon Stolen Catriona McKenzie , Patricia Cornelius , ( dir. Catriona McKenzie ) Australia : Arenamedia Pty Ltd , 2018 13197830 2018 single work film/TV

'Stolen is a mystery that unravels in reverse chronological order, solving the interpersonal battle between two characters that resonates with a whole nation.'

Source: Screen Australia funding approvals.

1 form y separately published work icon Harrow Stephen M. Irwin , Leigh McGrath , Stephen M. Irwin , Leigh McGrath , Lucas Taylor , ( dir. Kate Dennis et. al. )agent Queensland : Hoodlum Entertainment Australian Broadcasting Corporation , 2018 11573362 2018 series - publisher film/TV crime

'Ioan Gruffudd stars as brilliant forensic pathologist Dr Daniel Harrow in this major new 10-part Australian crime drama. He investigates the apparent suicide of a young woman whose grieving father suspects she was murdered.' (Production summary)

1 3 form y separately published work icon Tidelands Stephen M. Irwin , Leigh McGrath , Nathan Mayfield , Tracey Robertson , ( dir. Toa Fraser et. al. )agent Australia : Netflix , 2018 11196652 2018 series - publisher film/TV fantasy mystery

'Announced in May 2017, Tidelands follows a former criminal who returns home to the small town of Orphelin Bay. When a fisherman's body washes ashore, she must uncover the secrets of the town, whose inhabitants include the strange, dangerous, half-Siren, half-human Tidelanders.'

1 4 form y separately published work icon Kiki and Kitty Nakkiah Lui , ( dir. Catriona McKenzie ) 2017 Darlinghurst : Porchlight Films , 2017 11982213 2017 series - publisher film/TV humour

'The adventures of a young, black woman in a big, white world, where her vagina is a big black woman and her best friend.' (Production summary)

1 2 form y separately published work icon The Warriors Jon Bell , Tracey Rigney , Tony Briggs , Tony Briggs , Robert Connolly , ( dir. Adrian Wills et. al. )agent Victoria : Arenamedia Pty Ltd Australian Broadcasting Corporation , 2017 10234405 2017 series - publisher film/TV humour

'THE WARRIORS is set in the world of Australian Rules Football. It explores the elite world of professional sport through the eyes of two new recruits - plucked from obscurity to fame and fortune - and two established players as they are thrown together in a share house in Melbourne.'

Source: ABC media release ( (Sighted: 11/10/2016)

1 form y separately published work icon Min Min Catriona McKenzie , 2013 7586719 2013 single work film/TV

'When the Warners travel from the city to the bush for a new life, they find themselves increasingly surrounded by beautiful lights, an amazing natural phenomena... that is trying to kill them. When their youngest daughter disappears into the bush they have to solve the puzzle if they hope to see her again and make it out alive.'

1 52 form y separately published work icon Redfern Now Jon Bell , Adrian Wills , Steven McGregor , Danielle Maclean , Michelle Blanchard , Wayne Blair , ( dir. Catriona McKenzie et. al. )agent Australia : ABC Television Screen Australia Blackfella Films , 2012-2013 Z1750518 2012 series - publisher film/TV

Redfern Now is 'the first contemporary TV drama series written, directed and produced by Indigenous Australians.'

Source: ABC Television website.

1 17 form y separately published work icon Satellite Boy Catriona McKenzie , ( dir. Catriona McKenzie ) Australia : Satellite Films , 2012 Z1907870 2012 single work film/TV 'Pete (Cameron Wallaby) lives with his grandfather (David Gulpilil) on the site of an abandoned outdoor cinema in a remote area of Western Australia. His grandfather tries to teach him skills - hunting, tracking but Pete just wants his Mother to return. Though he misses her terribly, Pete manages to make the most of his situation, putting up with his grandfather's stories and tearing around the countryside on his homemade bike with his best friend, the energetic smart-mouth Kalmain (Joseph Pedley). This happy existence is suddenly shattered when news arrives that the cinema has been purchased by a mining company, and is slated for demolition. Panicked that his mother will not be able to find him when she returns, Pete convinces Kalmain that they can persuade the new owners to keep the cinema intact if they can just get a face-to-face meeting with them in the city. Kalmain has his own rather urgent reasons for wanting to leave town, so the two friends set out. When Pete and Kalmain get lost in the desert starving, thirsty, and miles from anywhere, Pete discovers that the skills and knowledge imparted in his grandfather's stories take on real meaning. Pete is forced to look at the decision he's made and decide who he wants to be.' (Satellite Boy website)
1 12 form y separately published work icon The Gods of Wheat Street Jon Bell , Lois Randall , Jon Bell , ( dir. Catriona McKenzie et. al. )agent 2012 Australia : ABC Television , 2014 Z1875098 2012 series - publisher film/TV

'The central character in the series is Odin Freeburn, who promised his dying mother 20 years ago he would keep the family together. Now, he has one brother in jail, another brother in love with the daughter of the family enemy and his wife has run away to the city, leaving him to raise their two daughters.

His employer has just died, his sister-in-law is in love with him and the spirit of his mother Eden has come back to tell him how to do it all so much better and protect the important destiny of the Freeburn line.'

(Source: Koori Mail 2012:27)

1 form y separately published work icon My Place : Series Two Alice Addison , John Alsop , Blake Ayshford , Nicholas Parsons , Greg Waters , Dallas Winmar , Tony Briggs , Wayne Blair , ( dir. Rachel Ward et. al. )agent 2011 8891899 2011 single work film/TV

The story of one place on earth told by the children who live there from 1878 to before white settlement. The second part of MY PLACE, the series is based on the Nadia Wheatley/ Donna Rawlins book. (Source: Screen Australia website)

1 3 form y separately published work icon Dance Academy Samantha Strauss , Joanna Werner , ABC Television (publisher), Greg Waters , David Hannam , Sam Carroll , Liz Doran , Sarah Lambert , Alicia Walsh , Emily Ballou , Kirsty Fisher , Josh Mapleston , Keith Thompson , Max Dann , David Ogilvy , Michael Miller , Samantha Strauss , Deborah Parsons , Matt Ford , Ellie Beaumont , Roger Monk , Shanti Gudgeon , Melina Marchetta , Holly Phillips , Courtney Wise , ( dir. Ian Watson et. al. )agent 2010 Australia Melbourne : ABC Television Werner Film Productions , 2010- Z1732091 2010 series - publisher film/TV children's

A co-Australian and German television series, Dance Academy revolves around Tara Webster, a young woman who has grown up on property in outback Australia all the while dreaming of becoming a dancer. When she makes it into the National Academy of Dance, Tara realises that her life is about to change forever. As the series progresses, she also comes to realise that she is not alone in this journey.

1 form y separately published work icon Rescue Special Ops Michaeley O'Brien , Sarah Smith , Dave Warner , Jeff Truman , Chris Hawkshaw , Liz Doran , David Ogilvy , Tim Dylan Lee , Sam Meikle , Giula Sandler , Fin Edquist , Cath Collins , John Ridley , Fiona Kelly , Andrew Kelly , ( dir. Peter Andrikidis et. al. )agent Sydney : Southern Star Entertainment Nine Network , 2009-2011 7293469 2009 series - publisher film/TV adventure

'Dean Gallagher, 34, and Chase, 26, are brothers. Competitive alpha males, they argue over everything, agree on nothing, but defend each other from outsiders no matter what. They’re members of Rescue Special Ops. Experienced paramedics in peak physical condition, they're skilled in abseiling, rock climbing, surf and sea rescue, 4WD driving and fire brigade procedures. They're the first to be called in for any natural or man-made disaster, salvage or rescue operation.'

Source: Screen Australia.

1 form y separately published work icon 1948 Jen Alice Addison , ( dir. Catriona McKenzie ) Australia : Little Leaf Pictures ABC Television , 2009 Z1718970 2009 single work film/TV children's

'Jen's dad died in the war. Now her mum has a new friend Wal, who definitely doesn't match up in Jen's eyes to her handsome, war hero dad. Handsome is important. Jen's girlfriends give Wal a rating of 3 out of 10, maybe 4 with his shiny new car. When her mother announces that she is going to marry Wal, Jen is horrified. She tries her best to undermine him but before she can find a way to get this toad out of her house, Wal does something surprisingly heroic. And funny. Funny is important.' (ABC website)

1 8 form y separately published work icon My Place Alice Addison , Beth Armstrong , Blake Ayshford , Nicholas Parsons , Jacquelin Perske , Leah Purcell , Tim Pye , Greg Waters , Brendan Cowell , Gina Roncoli , John Alsop , Samantha Lang , Wayne Blair , Dallas Winmar , Tony Briggs , ( dir. Shawn Seet et. al. )agent Australia : Little Leaf Pictures Matchbox Pictures ABC Television , 2009-2011 Z1649817 2009-2011 series - publisher film/TV children's historical fiction My Place, based on the award-winning book My Place by Nadia Wheatley and Donna Rawlins, is a thirteen-part drama series that tells the story of one house in South Sydney through the experiences of the children who live there over a 130-year period. My Place aims to show that everyone is part of history and that every place has a story.
1 form y separately published work icon My Place Series One Alice Addison , Beth Armstrong , Blake Ayshford , Nicholas Parsons , Jacquelin Perske , Leah Purcell , Tim Pye , Greg Waters , ( dir. Jessica Hobbs et. al. )agent 2009 8891658 2009 single work film/TV

'My Place, the much loved Australian children's classic, tells the story of the children who live in one place over 130 years. In Volume One, meet Laura who's struggling to own up to her actions. It's 2008 and the Prime Minister is trying to do the same with her mob. Mohammed is into cricket, when he can't join the boys' team he ends up on the girls' side and they're a force to be reckoned with. ' (Source: TROVE)

1 form y separately published work icon It's a Long Way Home Kelly Lefever , ( dir. Catriona McKenzie ) Australia : Media World Pictures , 2007 Z1544292 2007 single work film/TV

'New ALS Lawyer Drew Ellis is young, black, arrogant, good looking and in need of a decent serving of street credibility on his CV before he moves off on his fast-track to Canberra. As far as he's concerned, Broome and the Kimberley, is just the place to do it. Armed with a largely cushy white upbringing, a sexy car, and a sense of adventure, Drew makes his way to his new home, only to discover he may not know as much as he thought he did.

'His car is derailed by a camel, his arrogance is curtailed by a stint in the cop shop, and his sense of self-worth is slowly eroded by his right hand man - court liaison Sam. For Sam is a proud, complex and angry man. A man who serves his people 24/7 and he has Drew pegged right from day one. If Drew wants to come to the Kimberley to get his 'degree in Aboriginality', then Sam is only too happy to help, to a point.

'The heat, the flies and the intense workload of a sausage-factory court system offer Drew little respite. He may have been able to talk-the-talk when he arrived, but he's finding it increasingly hard to walk-the-walk. Drew fails to understand the nuances of cases, fails to argue to the best of his ability and he doesn't even know enough to stay out of 'women's places'. He's a man with no culture, no country and no language that count in the Kimberley. Still, Drew keeps a brave face on when he speaks to his wife, and tries not to notice that Bella, Clerk of Courts, is a very attractive young Aboriginal woman indeed.

'Eventually finding his feet a little, Drew comes to like and rely on his new-found friends: Peter, the Magistrate; Bella, Clerk of Courts; Ellie, Legal Aid Lawyer; Archie the Journo and his Aboriginal lover, Clarry (Bella's cousin). Even Sam and Drew have their shared moments.

'But when he must defend Debbie Pope against a heavy drug charge, things become more complicated. Drew is sure that Debbie's father-in-law has some undue influence over the woman but Harry Pope is a respected Elder who sits on the bench with Peter. No amount of cajoling can get Debbie to speak out against him. Nor can Drew risk getting Peter's back up any further. Drew loses the fight - and the resulting scene of wrenching Debbie from her children is an emotional one.

'Back in Broome everyone is shell shocked... most of all Drew. His expectations, turned upside down by his first tour of duty, make Drew realise that he has a lot to learn in his new environment and that he's a long way from home.'

Source: SBS Television website,
Sighted: 19/11/2008

2 6 form y separately published work icon The Circuit Beck Cole , Kelly Lefever , Mitch Torres , Dot West , ( dir. Richard Frankland et. al. )agent Australia : Media World Pictures , 2007 Z1405020 2007 single work film/TV

'The Circuit is set in the Kimberley region of North Western Australia. It is a place of two seasons; the wet and the dusty dry. Known for its beauty, vastness and hardship, this region is a land rich in history for its traditional owners, but now sits within the confines of white ownership and white law. This is the home of The Circuit, the Magistrate's Court, which visits far-flung communities several days a month, bringing conveyor-belt justice dealt swiftly and fairly. Working between two worlds and juggling white law with traditional lore, means that justice can be a slippery beast.'

Source: SBS website,
Sighted: 09/07/2007