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1 y separately published work icon The Dark Side Greig Beck , Sydney : Momentum Books , 2021 23417117 2021 single work novel science fiction

'Hundreds of thousands of miles away on the dark side of the moon, the Russian lunar base has self-destructed - all personnel are dead, except one. Olga Sobakin, the lone survivor, seeks refuge at the rival American base.

'Olga tells the Americans her base was attacked by a horrifying and nightmarish creature - the pattern was the same: people vanished, leaving nothing behind but shredded clothing and an unidentifiable waste product. The Americans are skeptical of her story at first, but then people begin to disappear . . .

'Back on Earth, just before the American lunar base goes completely dark, a single message is received: "Lifeform". Intercepted whisperings from Russian intelligence indicate a deadly spreading attack and a rising global threat. Escalated to priority one, there's only one team up for the task.

'Alex Hunter and his elite group of HAWCs are on a rescue mission to the desolate and darkest unknown. Who, or what, awaits them on the dark side?'

Source : publisher's blurb

1 y separately published work icon Extinction Plague Greig Beck , Sydney : Momentum Books , 2020 20435723 2020 single work novel horror thriller

'Around the world entire towns are being wiped out, a trail of boneless bodies left behind.

'Professor Matt Kearns, paleo-linguist, and a team of scientific and military specialists, rush to decipher the hidden secrets of a pair of ancient stones that prophesize the next great extinction on Earth. They soon discover that the ominous predictions are linked to a plague of unstoppable creatures that have risen from the center of the Earth.

'In a heart-pumping adventure that begins in the hold of a sunken German U-boat, Matt Kearns travels to the lost Nazi treasure tunnels in Poland and dives deep down to sunken caves below Easter Island. Matt is fighting for his life, the ones he loves, and the existence of the entire human race.' (Publication summary)

1 y separately published work icon From Hell Greig Beck , Sydney : Momentum Books , 2019 17117835 2019 single work novel science fiction

'Pompeii, present day: Archaeologist Maria Monti is working at a new dig site. Like hundreds before her she is investigating the night that Vesuvius erupted, consuming the ancient city with choking ash, scalding steam, and rivers of lava.

'But she has just unearthed something that shouldn't be there, something that makes her question everything she knows about the disappearances of that fateful event.

'Several hundred miles away Alex Hunter's family is holidaying in southern Italy when Mount Etna begins to shake, and ash begins to blanket the countryside. Figures are moving about in the smoke, hideous shapes, snatching people from the streets, and scans indicate they are being taken into the core of the erupting volcano.

'Hell is rising and Alex Hunter must gather a team of his most battle hardened HAWCs to take on an adversary from the very depths of hell. Nothing will stop him from rescuing Aimee and Joshua, not even the devil itself.'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

1 y separately published work icon The Dark Lands Greig Beck , Sydney : Momentum Books , 2019 16879387 2019 single work novel fantasy


'Valkeryn has fallen, the great king dead, and the Wolfen scattered. The monstrous Lygon and Panterran now rule. Arnold 'Arn' Singer, the youth from the past and perhaps the last human being alive on the planet, flees to the dark lands with the heir to the throne.

'He seeks answers to the missing Ancients - Arn's ancestors - mankind itself.

'But back in his time the world continues to destabilize. The time distortion the mighty Tevatron collider created is growing larger and beginning to consume everything around it. The gateway vortex must be closed, Arn holds the key, and our world and its future is at stake.

'Colonel Marion Briggs leads a team of Special Operations soldiers into the distant future world, fully armed and with one order - bring back Arn or his body. But there are more dangers in this strange and beautiful world than anyone knew. More horrors dwell in the deep jungles, below the inland seas and deep below the earth. There are things that can change the shape of two worlds, tear at sanity, and stretch friendships and loves to the limit.

'Valkeryn II - The Dark Lands is the second chapter in an epic adventure that spans worlds and time itself.' (Publication summary)

1 y separately published work icon Aurizun Amanda Bridgeman , Sydney : Momentum Books , 2019 15774977 2019 single work novel science fiction

'The battle is over, but the war is just beginning . . .

'The Zeta invasion has occurred and the world now knows the truth: that an alien threat exists. While the UNF scramble to maintain calm, the pressure mounts to finally reveal their black ops ALPHA soldiers. The only question is, who will be entrusted to lead them?

'Harris is still reeling from the devastation that occurred during Decima, and when a startling discovery is revealed, he suddenly loses the trust of the UNF. Next in line is McKinley, but still recovering from his injuries, he's struggling to accept what he has now become. Carrie, on the other hand, is the strongest she's ever been, but her linkage to Harris, and his to the Zetas, sees them forced out and treated as the enemy.

'The power they once had within the UNF is lost.

'Without a ship or a leader, and with enemies closing in on all sides, the Aurora team must fight to regroup and claw their way back from oblivion.

'Carrie, Harris and McKinley face their most explosive showdowns yet, in this action-packed instalment that will leave readers on the edge of their seats!'  (Publication summary)

1 y separately published work icon Abyss Greig Beck , Sydney : Momentum Books , 2018 20957141 2018 single work novel horror

'Cate Granger is chasing ghosts.

'The monster shark she once encountered was a remnant of the ancient world - one that had escaped an underwater lair previously sealed off for millions of years. At great cost, Cate and her allies had killed the beast.

'So, no more ghosts, no more shadows. All gone.

'Or so Cate thought.

'A research ship is sound-blasting the deep seabed looking for petroleum signatures. But in doing so they disturb something that has been hiding in the trenches for countless millennia.

'What Cate thought was dead rises from the cold depths of hell. She, Jack Monroe, a Russian billionaire and her team of marine biologists are forced once more to enter the abyssal zone of the deepest ocean trenches, to confront a creature from the Earth's distant past.'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

1 y separately published work icon The Immortality Curse Greig Beck , Sydney : Momentum Books , 2017 19889525 2017 single work novel fantasy adventure

'What would you give for eternal life?

'An impossibly old man, a family gruesomely murdered and a woman whose collection of mythological artefacts defies belief: Professor Matt Kearns knows they are connected. These ancient clues bring Matt out of his self-imposed solitude to seek the fabled Fountain of Youth.

'This brings on a perilous odyssey across deserts, oceans and into the heart of a mountain, Matt must overcome horrifying adversaries, creatures of legend, and also unravel a 5000-year-old mystery that will tear at his very sanity.

'In a hidden place, Matt finds that some gifts have a terrible price, and some are not gifts at all, but curses that can last for an eternity.'

(Source: publisher's blurb)

1 2 y separately published work icon The Wrong Door Bunty Avieson , Sydney : Momentum Books , 2016 Z1064821 2003 single work novel mystery

'It was the talk of the wake. The woman in the red dress. Everyone at the service wondered. Who was that woman?

'Pete's dead and Gwennie's life will never be the same. How could Pete, a young, fit man, leave her now? Their lives together were only just beginning. And pneumonia? It was insane, unthinkable, unbearable.

'Somehow she struggles through the funeral in a daze, and the mysterious mourner in the tight-fitting red dress barely registers in her consciousness.

'It's only later, when spotting a discrepancy in Pete's tax records, that she begins to wonder. Who was that woman?' (Publication summary)

1 4 y separately published work icon The Affair Bunty Avieson , Sydney : Momentum Books , 2016 Z982290 2002 single work novel

'In the opulent rooms of a Sydney specialist, Nina and James Wilde are waiting to learn whether the hereditary condition that killed James' father will threaten not only James, but also their much-loved son, Luke. This is just the beginning of Nina's torment. She has a secret. Memories of another time and a passionate love that should never have happened but is still just as capable of destroying everything that is most important to her. It had started so innocently. But doesn't everyone say that? ' (Publication summary)

3 1 y separately published work icon Apartment 255 Bunty Avieson , Sydney : Momentum Books , 2016 Z922571 2001 single work novel thriller

'Someone is watching her ... looks can kill

'Sarah and Ginny have been best friends since school. Then Sarah meets Tom. Her career takes off. She and Tom move into a stunning inner-city apartment.

'But Ginny has not been so lucky. She wanted Tom, but she didn't get him. She wants ... what Sarah has.

'Ginny moves into an apartment overlooking Sarah and Tom's. She starts watching them. ' (Publication summary)

1 1 y separately published work icon The Wild Colonial Girl Ann Clancy , Sydney : Momentum Books , 2016 Z94470 1996 single work novel 'Feisty, spirited and independent, Irish orphan Kate arrives in the colony of South Australia determined to make a new life for herself. Wanting the security only wealth can bring, she slips her derringer into her pocket, cracks the whip over the bullocks and sets off on a rugged outback track for the adventure of a lifetime. Her adventures take her from wild Aboriginal camps to vast sheep stations and from the rough sprawling goldfields to the glittering ballroom at the Governor's residence. Her orphan dreams of silk gowns and sumptuous dinners are finally within her grasp. What she doesn't count on is love ...' (Publisher's blurb)
1 y separately published work icon Rebel Girl Ann Clancy , Sydney : Momentum Books , 2016 Z504044 1999 single work novel historical fiction romance
1 y separately published work icon The King’s City Nina D’Aleo , Sydney : Momentum Books , 2016 9609907 2016 single work novel science fiction fantasy

'‘He is coming. All is lost. All is dust and darkness.’

'The rising shadow of the Indemeus X covers Scorpia City, and in that shadow, a serial killer moves without a trace. The city is in lockdown while the Trackers search for answers, and hope of saving Aquais dwindles with every passing hour.

'Facing the loss of one of their own, the team opens a portal into a ruined, savage land. There Eli will pit himself against a demon king to rescue a man known as the Almighty. If he fails, all will be lost.

'In another world, kingdoms are at war and a prince struggles with a difficult truth. He is haunted by the past, stalked by a witch, and watched over by a warrior with a dark secret, who will fight to save his life.

'In pursuit of their separate salvations, their powers will be taken and their love tested and broken. In truth lies power, but to find the truth they must risk everything.' (Publication summary)

1 y separately published work icon Bloodsworn : Omnibus Edition Adina West , Sydney : Momentum Books , 2016 9328787 2016 selected work novella
1 y separately published work icon Bloodsworn : Episode 5 Adina West , Sydney : Momentum Books , 2016 9328728 2016 single work novella fantasy

'It's open war between the Families of Power and the Tabérin. Two ancient races, witch and vampire, are locked in a deadly battle, and Kat Chanter, descendant of both warring bloodlines, is the only hope for peace …

'An imprudent daytrip to the Italian city of Trieste goes badly wrong when Kat and her witch companions linger past dusk. They're discovered by Directorate agents, and barely escape with their lives.

'Kat's grandmother is not so lucky. Kat receives word her Napa compound has been attacked by the Vodas's forces, and Imara is only just clinging to life.

There's mounting evidence that the Vodas has revived a barbaric feudal practice, and is building an elite force of bloodsworn soldiers, loyal till death, fuelled by a seemingly endless supply of the Directorate's prized "old blood". He seems unbeatable ... unless, of course, they can find a way to cut off his blood supply at its source.' (Publication summary)

1 y separately published work icon The Princess S. A. Gordon , Sydney : Momentum Books , 2016 9327460 2016 single work novel romance

'All play and no work means Princess Margaret may never grow up.

'Princess Margaret lives a charmed life. Her older sister, Queen Alexandra, has all the care and all the responsibility in the land; her brother, Prince David, is busy with his young family and royal duties. Margaret's life seems like one perpetual holiday with her boyfriend, Hal.

'But when Queen Alix asks her sister to take on more work, and Hal suddenly decides he doesn't want to be a member of the royal family, Margaret finds herself in an unfamiliar place: alone and with a full-time job. She's not sure she likes it – but she's also not sure she has a choice. She knows that she doesn't want to be alone forever. The trouble, though, is that Margaret isn't really sure who she is any more – so how can she possibly know who the right man for her would be?

'A sexy, contemporary romance for fans of Bella Andre and Melissa Foster.' (Publication summary)

1 y separately published work icon The Bloody Quarrel Duncan Lay , Sydney : Momentum Books , 2016 9327398 2016 selected work novel

'The prince is dead.

'Fooled by the treacherous King Aidan, Fallon has shot down the one man he trusted to save his beloved nation of Gaelland. And yet, when the King could grind Fallon underfoot, he draws the simple farmer and fighter closer, making a hero of him.

'Embroiled in plots beyond his comprehension and weighted with the guilt of the prince's murder, Fallon must tread carefully if he is to accomplish the task that first brought him to the cursed capital: rescue his wife, Bridgit, and the rest of his village from Kottermani slavery. If he and his hopelessly ensnared men can survive, they may yet find redemption.

'Meanwhile, across the ocean, Bridgit is rallying those around her to spring an escape. But who can be trusted? The ever-present danger of traitors and liars among the slaves, and even among her fellow Gaelish, is poison to her plans.

'With an ocean between them and fouler nightmares looming, Fallon and Bridgit will be driven to their very limits to escape their prisons, find each other, and bring justice to Gaelland.'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

1 y separately published work icon Dark Devotion Lauren Dawes , Sydney : Momentum Books , 2016 9327327 2016 single work novel fantasy

'Beneath Rhys's skin lies a legendary and feared beast. Rhys is tormented by his daily struggle to contain the ruthless, cold-blooded creature sharing his body. But when his best friend Galen disappears, Rhys's careful restraint and self-control are finally broken. Fueled with a desire to find Galen, Rhys strikes an unlikely alliance with the only god who knows the truth about his dark past.

'Taer has found her revenge, yet she's still not happy. There's something missing from her life, but still she fights what her heart is telling her. It's only when the incredibly infuriating and dangerously sexy Aubrey goes missing that she can admit her true feelings for him. Taer's racing against time to rescue Aubrey, but when will she finally allow him into her heart?' (Publication summary)

1 y separately published work icon Life Support Nicki Edwards , Sydney : Momentum Books , 2016 9325700 2016 single work novel romance

'When emergency nurse Emma Chirnside's husband dies unexpectedly, she finds herself tangled in lies and secrets. The last thing she expected to receive from him was a heritage listed mansion in her home town of Birrangulla, but with her in-laws causing chaos, she flees to the country, hoping to rebuild her life. Fleeing, it turns out, creates new complications. The estate manager is none other than her teenage crush Tom Henderson.

'Tom hasn't thought about Emma since high school. They'd always been friendly – like Emma, Tom knows how it feels to care for a sick mother from a young age – but as far as Tom was aware, they were nothing more than friends. He had no idea of Emma's feelings for him, or the way he'd once broken her heart.

'When their worlds collide again, Emma realizes the depth of her feelings for Tom, and wonders if she's been given another chance to find true love. But Tom has demons of his own.

'Will Tom's secrets drive them apart and break her heart again? Or will they both get their happy ever after?

'A sweet medical romance set in the outback of Australia, perfect for fans of Fiona McArthur and Melanie Milburne.' (Publication summary)

1 y separately published work icon Making Priscilla Al Clark , Sydney : Momentum Books , 2016 9325637 2016 single work autobiography

'Al Clark, producer of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, describes in hilarious detail the follies of the movie business, how this outrageous and enduring film came to be made, how it could so easily have gone wrong, and how it became the international phenomenon it remains over two decades later.

'One of the most successful Australian films of all time, it is now also a stage musical which has been performed in a dozen countries – and on one cruise ship.' (Publication summary)