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  • Secondary School Teachers: What Does AustLit Offer?

    If you're teaching Australian texts at a high school, AustLit is an excellent source of biographical and (particularly) bibliographical information on the Australian texts included in high-school syllabi.

    From anyone of our work records, you can find

    • accurate bibliographical information.
    • lists of secondary resources, some online.
    • links to library holdings.
    • information on the work's subjects and setting.

    AustLit, in short, allows you to map your route through the vast, amorphous landscape of Australian writing.

    See also the The Anthology of Criticism designed to support the teaching of Australian literature at both secondary and tertiary levels. The Anthology contains 75 full text scholarly articles on authors and their works, and selective bibliographies on each included author to assist with the discovery of other relevant, authoritative, secondary material for teaching and study.

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      Teaching Resources in AustLit

      Lesson Plans, Reading Australia, and more
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  • Australian Curriculum Links

    The Gallery below includes resources from specialised areas of research that can help teachers address the three Cross-Curriculum Priorities and the seven General Capabilities objectives of the Australian Curriculum.

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