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  • Primary School Teachers: What Does AustLit Offer?

    If you're teaching at a primary school, AustLit contains a number of research datasets specifically about children's literature. The Children's Literature site is a good general starting place from which to explore AustLit's rich records on children's literature.

    You can roam at will throughout the main database. From the advanced search page, you can find records for:

    • more than 400 films aimed at children and young adults

    And more works are added to the database on a daily basis.

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      Specialised Content

      Trails, Exhibitions and Research
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      Teaching Resources in AustLit

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      Searching AustLit

  • Australian Curriculum Links

    The Gallery below includes resources from specialised areas of research that can help teachers address the three Cross-Curriculum Priorities and the seven General Capabilities objectives of the Australian Curriculum.

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