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Cirrus Staff Manual
A Guide to Setting Up Courses and Assessment for Course Coordinators
(Status : Public)
Coordinated by Cirrus
  • Downloading Assignments as PDFs

  • Cirrus has an integrated PDF generation button, where students can turn their assessment items into a PDF. This PDF is entirely compatible with both the plagiarism checkers and marking rubrics in Turnitin.

    For submitting work, students can download their work as a PDF, and upload it to Turnitin as they would any other assignment. The PDF preserves formatting and images, although the PDFs do not exactly replicate the online appearance, and interactivity (such as audio or video) is lost in transition.

    Course convenors and tutors can apply pre-existing marking rubrics to the assessment item via Turnitin, as well as making use of the plagiarism checkers.

    The PDF generator is designed to meet requirements for university assessment to be submitted via Turnitin. We recommend that students are encouraged to see the online version of their assignment as the 'true' version, and the PDF as an additional step in the submission process.

  • Access to PDFs

    Only the student themselves, course staff, and Cirrus staff can download unpublished student exhibitions as a PDF.

    If a student's exhibition is published on AustLit, then all AustLit members are able to download the exhibition. Published exhibitions cannot be downloaded by anyone but AustLit members.

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