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  • External Links and Useful Resources

    This section brings together links to resources outside AustLit that may be of interest or use to teachers. Contact us at austlit@uq.edu.au if you have other sites you think we should add here.

  • The Conversation : Articles Relevant for Teaching

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    From 2017, AustLit will select and republish relevant articles from The Conversation. Our selection policy is to identify articles that will help teachers and students find and read high quality and accessibly written Australian scholarship on subjects that are relevant to the Australian curriculum and study at all educational levels.

    Explore our selection here

  • The Garret Podcasts

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    The Garret is a podcast service established in 2016 celebrating the best writers writing today. The podcasts are diverse showcasing successful writers who are willing to share their insights into how to 'start, draft, complete and market their writing.'

    Writers interviewed include:

  • The ABC, The NLA, and Others

    • Learning and Teaching in Darug Country : this site was 'developed to encourage teachers and pre-service teachers working on Darug country to set their teaching of Aboriginal histories and cultures within Darug country, and to include Darug people in their planning and teaching.'
    • Respect Relationships Reconciliation: still a prototype site, Respect Relationships Reconciliation provides resources to support teacher educators delivering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education units in teacher education programs, with a particular focus on strategies for teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and on understanding and respecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to promote reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.