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  • Accessing AustLit


    Staff and students of almost all Australian universities can access AustLit automatically by going to our web address (we recognise IP addresses). If you have trouble accessing AustLit on or off campus, try searching your library catalogue for AustLit and click through the sign-in procedure. If your university is not a subscriber, ask them to support your studies by subscribing.

    Primary and Secondary Schools

    Rich educational content is available for schools. Subscribe to enable full school-wide access both on- and off-site. We are very happy to negotiate generous consortia discounts for school associations. Please contact us for details.


    Check your local library to see if they subscribe. If your local library does not subscribe to AustLit, please contact us for access details. Individual subscriptions are available.


    If you are seeking access on behalf of your organisation, please email us with the details of your requirements, and we will forward access details to you.

    Email us today to ask for a free trial:

  • AustLit Video Guides and Tutorials

    In order to help you best navigate and use the AustLit database, AustLit is producing a series of video guides and slideshow tutorials, available below.

  • —Reading an AustLit Agent Record : A Slideshow Tutorial

  • —Finding Full Text on AustLit: A Slideshow Tutorial

  • —Using BlackWords: A Slideshow Tutorial

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