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  • Paul Sharrad: The Oxford History of the Novel in English

    Edited by Coral Ann Howells, Paul Sharrad, and Gerry Turcotte, The Oxford History of the Novel in English: Volume 12: The Novel in Australia, Canada, New Zealand & South Pacific Since 1950 is due out in April 2017. The volume contains several chapters on Australia by scholars including Margaret Harris, Elizabeth Webby, Brigid Rooney, and Peter Minter, as well as comparative surveys of postcolonial, gothic, and realism.

  • Nicholas Birns new book: 'Contemporary Australian Literature: A world not yet dead'

    This book will be available in late 2015:

  • Michael Farrell's new book 'Writing Australian Unsettlement'

  • Patrick White beyond the Grave Edited by Ian Henderson and Anouk Lang

    A thought-provoking collection compiled by Patrick White scholars that builds on renewed interest since the centenary of his birth.

  • Andrew McCann's Christos Tsiolkas and the Fiction of Critique

    The first theoretically driven monograph on Tsiolkas’s full body of work to date, offering highly innovative readings and a critical analysis of the writer’s literary success.

  • A Companion to Australian Aboriginal Literature

    The paperback edition of A Companion to Australian Aboriginal Literature has just been released in Australia.

    Boydell & Brewer has partnered with Co-op bookstores in Australia to offer ASAL members a 20% discount.

    ASAL members are asked to use coupon code AALBK20 at checkout to receive the 20% discount.The total cost of the book with discount is $33.44.

    The hard cover edition of the book (released in 2013) is over AU$100, so the paperback release makes the book much more affordable for customers.

    The companion includes chapters by a range of leading scholars including many ASAL members:

    Katrin Althans, Maryrose Casey, Danica Cerce, Stuart Cooke, Paula Anca Farca, Michael R. Griffiths, Oliver Haag, Martina Horakova, Jennifer Jones, Nicholas Jose, Andrew King, Jeanine Leane, Theodore F. Sheckels, Belinda Wheeler.

    The web link to the book on Co-op's website can be found here:

    Boydell & Brewer has also organised a range of promotional discounts for scholars in non-Australian markets (U.S., Europe, etc.) Scholars interested in those offers are asked to email Belinda directly at or

    The attached flier has additional information about the book: Offer Companion to Australian Aboriginal Literature.pdf

  • David Game's new book out on D.H.Lawrence's Australia.

    The first full-length account of D. H. Lawrence's rich engagement with a country he found both fascinating and frustrating, D. H. Lawrence's Australia focuses on the philosophical, antrhopological and literary influences that informed the utopian and regenerative visions that characterise so much of Lawrence's work.

    ASAL members are eligible for a 50% discount by entering the code ASH07 when ordering from the Routledge web address below:

  • Lucy Sussex’s new book ‘Blockbuster’ on Fergus Hume

    ASAL member, Lucy Sussex, has been announced the winner of the Historical Publication section of the Victorian Community History awards with her book on Fergus Hume's Mystery of the Hansom Cab, titled Blockbuster.