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    This section of AustLit is devoted to materials around the biographical and bibliographical records that makes up the core of the database.

    For example, AustLit is also a rich source of curated exhibitions and trails, that lead readers through various aspects of Australian print culture. Exhibitions and trails are designed to highlight subsets of the AustLit content. They might be connected to a broader research project (such as the World War I exhibitions) or an ongoing dataset (such as the BlackWords trails), or they might be standalone (such as the silent films exhibition). They can be explored via the Exhibitions & Trails tab on the left of the screen.

    This section also includes how-to videos, which provide information on how to best navigate your way through AustLit's rich resources. More videos will be added to this section in due course, with plans to include guides to using the advanced search functions and on making the most of our BlackWords dataset.