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Twelfth Night Theatre production of 'A House is Built,' Albert Hall, Brisbane, 1949.
Twelfth Night Theatre
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  • The Role of Women

    The domination of women was an important aspect of Brisbane Little Theatre during the mid-twentieth century. Women were commonly in the leading positions, including Barbara Sisley at the Repertory Society and Jean Trundle at the Brisbane Amateur Theatre (Radbourne 224). Although, it should be recognised that Rhoda Felgate and the Twelfth Night Theatre “established its right to be considered the most enterprising of the three larger groups” (Covell 12). Women were also more successful than men on the stage of amateur theatre because this form of recreation interested more women than men. As a result, when a male actor began to perform with outstanding ability, they were quickly sought by professional companies (Anthony 79). Another reason for this female subculture was war. Many of these little theatre companies were established between the two world wars. This is indicative of the increased opportunities being offered to women. During World War II, Brisbane’s audiences had been dominated by women, given the depleted male population caused by the enlistment of countless men. Twelfth Night also frequently represented British standards of dress and behaviour in their productions, which drew in an audience comprised of socially elite women (Anthony 81).

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