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Eunice Hanger
Eunice Hanger
(Status : Public)
  • University of Queensland Student Work, 2014

    This exhibition is the result of undergraduate research for the Research Methods course (ENGL3000) at The University of Queensland.


    This exhibition is the result of a semester long research project on the Brisbane based playwright, teacher, and critic, Eunice Hanger. It was researched and written by students of the University of Queensland's School of English, Media Studies and Art History Research Methods course (ENGL3000), Semester two, 2014: Sian Buggy, Alyce Keleher, Samantha Lee Chen-C, and Kirsten Lovett.

    AustLit is proud to host this excellent research project.

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  • Research Aims


    The aim of this project is to collaboratively design and implement an archival research project that leads to the creation of a high quality encyclopaedia article. The view is to create a digital exhibition of the life and times of Eunice Hanger, as well as a consideration of her involvement in the Twelfth Night Theatre within the digital database of AustLit.

    We strove to include photographs, a catalogue her written plays, published works, and include an interactive map of the associated Twelfth Night theatre venues. The portfolio was compiled through the use of extensive project planning using both digital and physical archives, tools and resources.

  • Research Approach

    1. Weekly Meetings

    The team held weekly meetings to decide on the direction of this project. Initial research was taken and the project was divided into a few different aspects.

    2. Annotated Bibliography

    Each member of the team developed their own annotated bibliography based on the aspects that each member was responsible for. The annotated bibliography was particularly useful in helping us identify and narrow down the materials which would be useful in creating this particular AustLit exhibition.

    3. Drafting

    With the help of the annotated bibliography, the team began to outline and draft the project in essay form. Further research was conducted to fill in the gaps that were later on discovered in the process of drafting this exhibition.

    4. Finalized AustLit Exhibition

    The team began to design the exhibition, including pictures and linking existing AustLit work into the current exhibition.

  • Research Resoures


    The existing AustLit records has helped the team identify knowledge gaps regarding Eunice Hanger and most of the research is built upon the existing work that has been published and listed on AustLit.

    Fryer Library

    The University of Queensland's Fryer Library has largely contributed to the expansion of this project. The team has used the Fryer Library extensively and the resources contributed to the bulk of the research. Items from the Fryer Library that has been used for the development of this AustLit exhibition include:

    The Eunice Hanger Collection (UQFL333)

    Perhaps one of the most used collection throughout the entire process of this research. The collection has 18 boxes containing correspondence, manuscripts and playbills that have allowed the team to gain further insight into both her personal and professional life.

    The Rhonda Felgate Collection (UQFL143)

    The Rhonda Felgate Collection was crucial to the formation of the associated Twelfth Night exhibition. It provided information into a key aspect of Hanger's life regarding the Brisbane Little Theatre movement and her association with the Twelfth Night Theatre.

    Australian playscripts : a checklist of unpublished scripts in the Hanger Collection, Fryer Library, University of Queensland

    The collection which Hanger initially curated is preserved within the Fryer Library. Currently accessible to the public, the collection holds a collection of unpublished scripts and radio plays that Hanger identified as works worth preserving. The access of this collection was key to establishing a cohesive understanding of both Hanger's role and criticisms regarding Australian literature.

    State Library of Queensland

    The State Library of Queensland's catalogue contains some journal articles written by Eunice Hanger that were available digitally, which helped identified Eunice Hanger's life as a critic. However, most of the other items on the catalogue can also be found in the Fryer Library, thus, the reliance on the State Library was less as compared to Fryer.

    University of Queensland Library

    The library holds some of Eunice Hanger's publication which allowed the team to grasp an insight of her work as a published author.

    Other digital resources


    Trove has been useful in providing a comprehensive list of Eunice Hanger's journal articles and published books. Trove has also been useful in providing some of the newspaper articles related to the subject of this project. The digitization of past newspaper is very much appreciated for the ease of finding useful resources for this project.

    UQ eSpace

    Due to copyright issues, some photographic images were not obtainable from Fryer. However, thanks to UQ eSpace, some of the photos were presented digitally online and were made available without any copyright issues.

  • Research Outcomes

    The outcome of the initial research project has largely been successful. Many of the original aims were met and the exceptional collaboration of the team was key to the success of the digital exhibition.


    1. Accomplishment in presenting an exhibition that can be preserved digitally, and explored by others in the future who are looking for information about Eunice Hanger.

    2. Effective team-work and collaboration.

    3. The ease of researching and cataloguing an individual figure.

    4. Much of Hanger's life and contributions were made in the local area of Brisbane. Therefore, the locale from which we researched Hanger was crucial to the access of information.

    5. She is a dynamic and interesting point of research as she was a prolific individual who contributed to many aspects of Australian theatre culture.

    6. Hanger wrote extensive criticisms on the nature of Australian Theatre which were crucial to our understanding of her opinions.

    7. The research was conducted by students at the University of Queensland, thereby increasing our association to Hanger who was an active figure in the University of Queensland

    8. Hanger greatly endorsed the Fryer Library and catalogued many unpublished plays within the library. She recognised the significance of the Fryer library and as a result, left much of her work to the Fryer Library which was key to the foundation of our research.


    1. Much of our research was limited to the Fryer Library, as very limited information was available from outside sources.

    2. Issues with copyright when attempting to include photos, and playbills.

    3. Audio is difficult to preserve and often deteriorates quickly. As a result, Hanger’s radio plays have not been preserved, thereby limiting our capacity to add any audio or visual components to the exhibition.

  • Acknowledgements

    Ms Kerry Kilner, lecturer of ENGL3000: Research Methods, from The University of Queensland has given the team lots of support and guidance throughout the entire progress of this project.

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