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Twelfth Night Theatre production of 'A House is Built,' Albert Hall, Brisbane, 1949.
Twelfth Night Theatre
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  • British Theatrical Traditions

    The Twelfth Night Theatre’s performance texts were heavily dependent on the high standard of plays being performed in England at the time (Healy 104). According to Anthony, "early Australian amateur theatre companies tended to mirror the theatrical processes of England" (ii). Likewise, Twelfth Night had solid grounds in the British theatrical tradition. Rhoda Felgate made many trips to England to study the trends on the stage overseas. Her first trip overseas was just three years after she established Twelfth Night, in 1939 (Batchelor 11). This trip took her to London where she took a post-graduate course in phonetics and observed types of stage work (“Rhoda Felgate Here Sunday” 6). According to Coleman, she wanted to gain “behind the scenes” glimpses of London’s dramatic world, particularly from the producing angle (15). She also witnessed performances of leading plays and secured rights for many of these with the idea of local production (Radbourne 225). This experience was therefore very helpful to her as a producer in Australia (“Rhoda Felgate Here Sunday” 6). The Brisbane audience had typically not seen these plays before Felgate arranged production (Anthony 2).

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