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    JASAL is a peer-reviewed journal published online from the website of the National Library of Australia at and sent in hard copy to members of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature and institutional subscribers.

    A regular issue of JASAL is published each year, as well as an annual special issue, usually based on the annual ASAL conference. The editors welcome submissions that consider Australian literature in all its forms and in terms of its socio-political and cultural contexts. We encourage comparative studies with other literatures and are particularly interested in contributions that challenge received critical paradigms and contribute to public debate. Contributors should submit work to the editors online from the JASAL website. Submissions are considered at any time of the year.

    We ask all ASAL members to register as Readers on the JASAL website, so that we can advise you when material is published, and can call on you for peer reviewing when appropriate. We welcome offers from ASAL members who can assist with proofreading or copyediting.

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  • Editorial Addresses

    Brigitta Olubas (Editor)

    School of the Arts and Media

    The University of New South Wales

    Sydney NSW

    Tel: + 61 02 9385 2303

    Tony Simoes da Silva (Editor)

    School of English Literatures & Philosophy,

    University of Wollongong,


    Tel: +61 02 4221 5898

    Jay Daniel Thompson (Reviews Editor)

    La Trobe University

  • Management Committee: Bernadette Brennan (USyd), Philip Butterss (U Adelaide), Robert Clarke (UTas), David Gilbey (CSU), Jo Jones (Curtin), Julieanne Lamond (ANU), Susan Martin (La Trobe), Marguerite Nolan (ACU-Qld), Brigitta Olubas (UNSW), Roger Osborne (UQ), Brigid Rooney (U Syd), Meg Tasker (Ballarat).

    Editorial Advisory Committee: W.D. Ashcroft (University of New South Wales), Delys Bird (University of Western Australia), Nicholas Birns (The New School for Social Research, New York), Pat Buckridge (Griffith University), Robert Dixon (University of Sydney), Carole Ferrier (University of Queensland), Terry Goldie (York University, Toronto), Dennis Haskell (University of Western Australia), Peter Kirkpatrick (University of Sydney), Christopher Lee (University of Southern Queensland), Susan Lever (University of Sydney), Elizabeth McMahon (University of New South Wales), Susan K. Martin (La Trobe University), Lyn McCredden (Deakin University), Philip Mead (University of Western Australia), Barbara H. Milech (Curtin University of Technology), Nicole Moore (University of New South Wales – Canberra), Brigid Rooney (University of Sydney), Susan Sheridan (Flinders University), Elizabeth Webby (University of Sydney), Lydia Wevers (Wellington University, New Zealand).