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    The Rats of Tobruk was a film foray into one of Australia's most significant World War II engagements.

    Below is a collection of AustLit records relating to The Rats of Tobruk.

  • The Rats of Tobruk (1944 film)

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    Australia's only fully war-time feature, The Rats of Tobruk focuses on three friends who are cattle droving in the outback just before the outbreak of World War II. By 1941, restless Bluey Donkin, easy-going Milo Trent, and Shakespeare-quoting Englishman Peter Linton have decided to join the Australian Imperial Forces (A.I.F.) and later find themselves in North Africa fighting Rommel's army.

    After early successes against the Italian army, the Australian 9th Division finds itself besieged in Tobruk.

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  • Charles Chauvel

    A pioneering Australian filmmaker, screenwriter, and author, Charles Chauvel is noted for making such films as Forty Thousand Horsemen (1940) and Jedda in 1955. He learned his craft initially as a production assistant to Reg. 'Snowy' Baker, following to Hollywood in 1922, at his own expense, where he spent some time as a jack of all trades including working as an extra, lighting technician, publicist, and stunt double. After returning to Australia Chauvel obtained finance from Queensland businessmen and friends to produce his first films The Moth of Moonbi and Greenhide (both 1926).

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  • The Rats of Tobruk at the Internet Archive

    Sadly, this film is not available in its entirety.

    Watch the trailer for The Rats of Tobruk courtesy of the Internet Archive below.

    To see the Internet Archive's own page for The Rats of Tobruk, complete with thumbnail images of stills from the film, click here.

  • The Rats of Toobruk (trailer)

  • The Rats of Tobruk on Trove

    Explore a fraction of the riches available at Trove on The Rats of Tobruk.

  • How an Australian Film is Made

    This beautifully descriptive and illustrated piece covers the production of The Rats of Tobruk.

    The Chiel, 'How an Australian Film Is Made: Back Stage News on Production of "The Rats of Tobruk",' The Argus, 16 September 1944, p.6S.

    To view the article via Trove, click here.

  • Fighting and Smashing Their Way to Glory!

    From the Argus, 9 December 1944, p.23.

    To see the advertisement in context via Trove, click here.

  • Great Australian War Film

    A follow-up to the earlier piece by 'The Chiel' on the film's production, this piece covers the film's premiere.

    The Chiel, 'Great Australian War Film', The Argus, 8 December 1944, p.2.

    To read the article in its entirety via Trove, click here.

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