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    His Royal Highness is a slapstick Ruritanian romance, starring one of Australia's most popular stage comedians.

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  • His Royal Highness (1932 film)

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    Tommy Dodds is an accident-prone stage manager who overnight becomes the King of Betonia. However, his uncouth Australian larrikin attitude, which sees him gambling with the footmen and decreeing that his courtiers wear roller skates, scandalises the court. When the rightful heir to the throne is discovered, Tommy is forcibly removed from the palace, at which point he wakes up from what has all been a dream.

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  • George Stevenson Wallace

    Photo courtesy of Fryer Library
    from Theatre, Society and Home (May 1925)

    Comedian revue producer and writer, musician, songwriter, singer, film actor, dancer, sketch writer, artist.


    One of Australia's most popular variety and revusical comedians of the 1920s, George Wallace went on to establish an equally impressive film and radio career during the 1930s and 1940s. Although only 5'5" (1.63m) tall, Wallace was renowned for his extraordinary versatility. As a physical comedian, his particular specialities were dancing and falling down (whether as a comic boxer, a drunk, or a Wild West cowboy, for example), but he could also sing, play several instruments (including piano, guitar, saxophone, and drums), perform lightning sketches, paint stage scenery, write songs and revusical libretti, direct, and act.

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  • His Royal Highness at the Internet Archive

    For His Royal Highness, you can enjoy an unusual viewing experience: watching the contemporary trailer before you watch the film itself.

    Watch a rare contemporary trailer for His Royal Highness and the film itself courtesy of the Internet Archive below.

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  • His Royal Highness (trailer)

  • His Royal Highness (film)

  • His Royal Highness on Trove

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  • George Wallace in Australian Talkie

    From the West Australian:

    'His Royal Highness' was written to provide him with a happy medium for his whimsical tricks and clever dancing and clowning. [...] Nothing comes amiss to versatile George Wallace. Be it singing, dancing, slap-stick, skating, or dumb show, be is an expert at them all.

    (2 December 1932, p.2)

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  • Entertainment Fit For a King

    That is if he can smile.

    (From the Grenfell Record and Lachlan District Advertiser, 29 May 1933, p.3. Via Trove.)

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