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  • The Story of the Kelly Gang on AustLit

    The Story of the Kelly Gang is the first of many Australian films to feature Ned and his comrades, and the world's first full-length film.

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  • The Story of the Kelly Gang

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    Screen cap (Ned Kelly's last stand at Glenrowan)

    'The picture is an exceedingly interesting one right from the opening scene, where Constable Fitzpatrick arrives with a warrant for the arrest of Dan Kelly, then to the police camp, which is captured by the Kellys, the sticking-up of Younghusband's station, robbing the bank at Euroa, destroying the railway line, and finally to the capture of Ned Kelly in his suit of armour.'

    [Source: 'The Story of the Kelly Gang', The Register, 29 December 1906, p.4.]

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  • More Australian than Aristotelian

    This analysis of The Story of the Kelly Gang, Thunderbolt, and The Squatter's Daughter considers early Australian films in the light of American cowboy films, arguing that 'it is the contention of this paper that these relations are the result of certain cultural coincidences between Australia and the Western United States rather than the outcome of direct influence of the one upon the other. Viewed in this light, “the American cinema par excellence” can perhaps be more reasonably understood as the epitome of a global cinema – not an original myth of nationhood, but a story of no-place retold everywhere and at all times, even in terra nullius itself.

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  • The Story of the Kelly Gang at the Internet Archive

    With twenty minutes of footage remaining, this is an attempt to create a coherent narrative from the fragments of Australia's first film.

    Watch The Story of the Kelly Gang courtesy of the Internet Archive below.

    To see the Internet Archive's own page for The Story of the Kelly Gang, including thumbnail images of stills from the film, click here.

  • The Story of the Kelly Gang

  • The Story of the Kelly Gang on Trove

    Explore a fraction of the riches available at Trove on The Story of the Kelly Gang.

  • Commencing Christmas Night

    This advertisement for The Story of the Kelly Gang ran in the Advertiser (Adelaide) on 19 December 1906.

    To see the advertisement in context, visit Trove.

    Advertiser, 19 December 1906, p.2 (via Trove)
  • 'A Series of Realistic Biograph Pictures'

    '[A] series of realistic biograph pictures depicting stirring incidents in the career of the notorious Kelly gang of Victorian bushrangers': what higher praise could any film hope for?

    None, in this 1906 review from the Adelaide Advertiser.

    Read the entire review via Trove.

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