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Australian Stage and Screen (ASLT2616)
Semester 2 / 2008


A study of the development of Australian drama and film from 1788 to the present. It will examine selected plays and films within the context of: the history of theatrical and cinema performance; the influence of changing technologies and dramatic styles; cultural concerns with identity, gender and race. It will give special emphasis to the continuing links between stage and screen, in particular the ways in which plays have been adapted to film.


1500 wd essay, (mid-semester, 30%), 3000 wd take home exam, (end of semester, 70%)

Supplementary Texts

Bailey, On Our Selection

Darrell, The Sunny South

Davis, The Dreamers

Rayson, Hotle Sorrento

Graham, The Boys

Parsons, Dead Heart

Williamson, Don's Party

Lawler, Summer of the Seventeenth Doll

Nowra, The Golden Age

Prichard, Brumby Innes

The Unit includes a special study of different film versions of Steele Rudd's On Our Selection.

Other films to be discussed include:Don's Party, Cosi and Lantana. A resource book will be available.

Other Details

Levels: Undergraduate