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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Writers and Storytellers
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  • Teaching with BlackWords

    BlackWords helps teachers to embed Indigenous knowledge in their teaching and the classroom.

    BlackWords is an important resource for teachers and it can also be used effectively in the classroom. It gives teachers and students access to Indigenous-written and Indigenous-influenced stories in many forms and to up-to-date information on authors and their works.

    Looking for the outcomes from the first AustLit Teaching with... professional development day for teachers?

    Click here: Teaching with BlackWords



    Interviews with contemporary authors

    — and a diverse and growing set of Information trails and online exhibitions that explore connections to country and other topics

    Lesson Plans for using AustLit and BlackWords in the classroom. Lindsay Williams's Introduction to how BlackWords can help your teaching can be found here.

    Courting Blakness : a collection of resources accompanying a major art exhibition that questioned history and the power of storytelling

    — A collection of articles from The Conversation on relevant issues.

    Keep up-to-date ... visit BlackWords regularly.

  • Full Text in BlackWords

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    AustLit has a wide variety of full text content that is useful for teachers, readers, and writers, provides access to over 87,000 full text items.

    The 'Read Online' button at the top of records indicates the item is available to read immediately.

    Find more information about what is available in full text here. To learn more about searching BlackWords go to the Searching and Discovery page. Or explore our collection of discovery resources here.

    The Advanced Search form allows you to search for full text or online content by limiting your search results to items available in full text. This search result links to over 2,000 BlackWords related works with online content available.

    — Filter the search result to find, for example, to find more than 300 Poems by both Black and non-Indigenous writers works

    or more than 60 Short Stories

    — or over 25 works of Autobiography

    These search result include works with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander subject matter as well as those by Indigenous Australians.

    For guidance on embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture in teaching, read Dr Jeanine Leane’s articleTeaching with BlackWords’.

  • Tips and Tricks

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    — Find out when new information is added to AustLit and BlackWords authors you are interested by adding an email address to the "Follow" option on their AustLit record.

    — Use the Search Help Guides to get the most out of using AustLit and BlackWords.

    — Follow @AustLit on Twitter to keep up-to-date on all the news relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers and every thing else 'Aust. Lit."

  • BlackWords and the National Curriculum

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    BlackWords can help teachers embed Indigenous knowledge in their teaching practices; expanding students understanding of Australia's Black history and acknowledging the rich cultural heritage of Australia's First Nations peoples.

    For up-to-date information on the curriculum in Australian schools, check the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), a national assessment program and a national data collection and reporting program that supports twenty-first-century learning for all Australian students. ACARA’s work is carried out in collaboration with a wide-range of stakeholders, including teachers, principals, governments, State and Territory Education Authorities, independent education associations, community groups, and the general public.

    In consultation with stakeholders, ACARA has identified three overarching priorities in implementing the national curriculum across all key learning areas. These priorities are:

    — Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture

    — Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia

    — Sustainability

    For guidance on embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture in teaching, read Dr Jeanine Leane’s articleTeaching with BlackWords’.

  • Information Trails and Online Exhibitions

    The BlackWords Information Trails and Online Exhibitions a rich resource that takes you into some important topics relating to Indigenous experience and relationships to land.

    — Explore works by and about people with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritages.

    — Discover lists of works about subjects such as Sporting Heroes, Stolen Generations, Land and Identity.

  • Calendar of Historical Events : A Black Australian Timeline

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    Explore the BlackWords Calendar of Events for information on notable events, people, works and social changes that have occurred over the past 230 years.

    The BlackWords Calendar links through to works and records for people that relate to significant events and topics in our shared history.

    Covering the period from the arrival of Captain Cook in 1788 to the campaign for Constitutional Recognition.

  • What Others Recommend

    *Here is a developing list of resources, commentary, and other helpful material:

    Ellen van Neerven wrote an article on getting Indigenous texts into the classroom for ABC Splash.

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